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"After diligent research in sourcing the right people to franchise my business, I chose Franchise Central to develop the My Cube franchise system and documentation. In the initial meetings and discussions with both Nick and Mary, I immediately found that they presented very experienced and professional in the business of franchising. From the very onset and throughout the course, they were readily available, very approachable and direct with both consulting and advice. Franchise Central understands the dynamics of a business looking to expand and grow without forsaking the personal touch of taking into account the business owners individual requirements. In my view, the team behind the Franchise Central name has a proven track record in being consistently innovative, forward thinking and industrious in the franchising arena. If you are looking to franchise your business and/or expand through recruiting franchisees, Franchise Central gets the job done!"

Stanley Hsu
My Cube

" We were first hesitant in franchising our business but Nick from Franchise Central was able to explain the benefits of expanding through franchising and we don't regret making the decision to go ahead with Franchise Central.

Once the franchise development and documentation was completed, Nick has done a great job in assisting Smile Bar with the Recruitment of several franchises.

Franchise Central has a strong network that is invaluable for all your franchising requirements. The service support is excellent and they are always willing to help with advice. Great team – we highly recommend Franchise Central to any business looking to franchise and expand."

David Lamhout
Smile Bar

" I first came across Franchise Central on Google search and realised that they had worked with a few clients of theirs that I knew. I rang these clients to ask what they thought of Franchise Central and not only did I get very good responses but they highly recommended using Franchise Central.

So when I rang up Franchise Central to ask the question of why I should franchise my business, they asked all the relevant questions and answered any questions I had thought about going down the franchising path. Then a pleasant man came out to see me at my office.

I was surprised at Nick James’ professionalism and how he conducted himself – I knew that I had found the right people to help me develop my business into a franchise system.

Franchise Central maintained a consistent level of professionalism throughout the course – I highly recommend Franchise Central for anybody who is thinking of franchising their business – I do not think you can find a more helpful company in achieving your franchising requirements and goals."

Steve Konstantinou
AMA Alloy Motor Accessories
Franchising International

"Nothing Succeeds like Success! The very reason I beat a path back to Franchise Central!

For Social Media Business Boosters and Propel Apps, Web listing and EDM Blasts provided by Franchise Central result in the most successful conversion rates of all external advertising - the inquiries we receive are quality not quantity.

I see a logical explanation, experience! Mary and Nick offer trusted industry experience, their creativity, ideas, help and know-how is based upon many years of proven success."

Max Collins
Franchising International Pty Ltd

"I am really glad that I chose Franchise Central as the franchise consultancy to sell my business, as it left me free to continue working while they looked after the details of selling. Nick made the whole process of selling my franchise business so much easier. I would recommend him to anyone who needs a truly qualified franchise consultant to sell their franchise. I could not have done it without his expert knowledge and professional process during the whole transaction."

John Woolley
Top Snap (Former Franchisee)
ACE Body Corporate Management

"In my opinion, you won’t find anybody as good as Franchise Central. I say Franchise Central because in my opinion, there aren't many good sales and marketing people out there - Franchise Central offers everything that a Franchisor is looking for."

Stephen Raff
Ace Body Corporate Management
Vulcano Gelato

"From the very first meeting with Mary and Nick, we knew we were in the right hands. The team at Franchise Central are highly professional, results driven and a joy to work with. They made it their business to create a synergistic relationship from the very start – the best part is that they actually believe in our business and continue to perform beyond the call of duty to far exceed our expectations. Initially they worked closely with us to provide an excellent franchise system documentation package. We look forward to a long and mutually fruitful association with the team at Franchise Central in expanding the Vulcano Gelato franchise network nationally and internationally. If you are looking to franchise your business or require assistance in expanding your franchise network, we highly recommend Franchise Central without hesitation."

Josephine Colombo & Gino Maniaci
Vulcano Gelato
Danoz Directions

“I would recommend using Mary, Nick and the team at Franchise Central anytime and believe they offered a good professional service with the expansion of Danoz Directions. Even today, I still get calls from Mary and Nick to find out how my family and I are - that is service that money cannot buy. It is about relationships and friendships something which is rare in business and something that Franchise Central offers.”

Michael Amler
Danoz Directions
Black & White Home Services

“I am glad I met and worked with the Franchise Central team, as they contributed to my success. I granted my first franchise in 2000 and in just a few years granted over 260 franchises. To this day I know that Mary and Nick are only a phone call away for advice.”

Robert Simpson
Black & White Home Services
Wendy's Music

“Franchise Central is an affordable and encouraging consultancy. They were able to cover all the areas for us as new franchisors. I have found Franchise Central always ready to assist with advice and able to offer a full range of services.”

Wendy Brentall
Wendy's Music

"Mary and Nick have a sound knowledge of the industry. They are very professional and caring, with an attitude of excellence to service and detail. They are fun to work with and took the headache out of franchising. We would highly recommend their services to prospective business owners, considering franchising their business.”

Jan & Ross Sutherland
Dial A Concierge & Dial A Wife
The Poultry Place

"Since meeting with Nick, from that first encounter I knew that Franchise Central could produce the goods that I needed to develop our franchise system. The Franchise Central team as a whole has been so supportive in every aspect of this great system through establishment, creative design, multimedia solutions, marketing, internal development, positive attitude, involvement and some great advice.”

Dave Clark
The Poultry Place
Sweet Explosions

“The team at Franchise Central has provided us with the support required to get our business off the ground and market our brand in the most productive and professional way possible.”

Tony Diana
Sweet Explosion
Subject To Finance

"I’ve always found Mary and Nick from Franchise Central extremely professional and trustworthy. They have been fabulous and instrumental for the success of several of my clients. Having worked closely with the team at Franchise Central since 2000 – I can honestly say that they are innovative, provide exceptional service, have a genuine interest in the success of both Franchisors and Franchisees and can tailor a franchise to your needs and experience as well as ensure you are involved in the right coaching and mentoring principles. Whether you are looking to franchise your business and/or recruit Franchisees, I highly recommend Franchise Central."

Jim Genes
Subject To Finance


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