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Real Estate


Franchise Central can assist you in developing the right Franchise Real Estate (FRE) Strategy for your franchise business. Sourcing the best site is fundamental to your success in a highly competitive retailing environment. Ensuring the negotiation of the best real estate terms is important for any business.

Through our alliance network Franchise Central can assist you with the following corporate real estate services:

  • Real Estate Strategy Development
  • Network Planning
  • Site Identification and Assessment
  • Negotiation and Advocacy
  • Portfolio Management

Real Estate Strategy Development
Development of a Franchise Real Estate Strategy is fundamental to identifying and securing the right location for your business, and the management of this often difficult process.

Network Planning
A Network Plan is a blueprint for the future growth and direction of your retail/franchise business. Through our alliance partners, Franchise Central will assist you in the development of a Network Plan that will establish the ideal locations for your future business operations to maximise sales and minimise impact on existing sites.

Site Identification and Assessment
Securing the right location for your business is essential to its success now and in the future – the end of a lease is too long to wait to fix a mistake in site selection. Both in retail and commercial businesses the right site will maximise sales, enhance staff performance and help to minimise the risk of your business failing.

Negotiation and Advocacy
In a highly competitive environment negotiating a ‘fair market’ real estate contract can be extremely challenging. With Franchise Central you can engage an independent expert FRE executive to assist you in achieving the best commercial outcome for your business.

Portfolio Management
Professional management of your business’s corporate real estate portfolio is essential to ensure continuity of operations, correct administration of legal and franchise documentation and negotiation of fair-market lease conditions. Through the use of the LeaseEagle system the management of your FRE portfolio will be first class.

With extensive contacts in all major commercial property markets we can identify the right locations for your business and then negotiate the best commercial terms for your leasehold/freehold property.

Whether for a single retail shop or commercial office or a store roll-out across the country, Franchise Central can provide you with the independent expertise and resources to achieve the best real estate outcomes for your business.

For more information, contact Franchise Central on 1300 558 278 or email us at franchise@franchisecentral.com.au



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