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All the systems in the world are no good if they aren’t implemented! We can help your business achieve FAME

This Franchisee Program is called FAME – for its Franchisee Action, Motivation & Energy.

With this Program, the first stage is for Franchise Central and it’s team to work with your Franchisor to develop a 12-month Business Coaching and Implementation Program for Franchisees, designed to ensure that all of the Franchisor systems will be implemented and maintained.

Incorporated into the program is accountability, implementation, motivation and support that is tailored to include every one of the systems developed for the Franchisee.

And then that Program can be offered to Franchisees to keep on track and stick to the systems through the crucial first 12 months, the time when the success of the business is made or lost, and beyond.

So as a Franchisor, you can be reassured in the knowledge and satisfaction that your Franchisees are working your systems – without having to dedicate huge amounts of your time to supporting them.

Because let’s face it, your job is to grow, by adding more Franchisees to your system.

As a Franchisee, you will know that your success is given the biggest boost by sticking to those successful systems.

Imagine that you have the coaching support and additional tools and resources, to make sure that you were implementing and following all of the systems your Franchisor has developed for you – would your chances of success be improved?

Of course they would!

For more information, contact Franchise Central on 1300 558 278 or email us at franchise@franchisecentral.com.au



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