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Retail Concepts


Franchise Central can assist you with a complete design and image solution for your business. We have sourced the right architectural/interior designers who are concept orientated in the design and planning of architectural interior space, and other three dimensional environments.

The conceptual orientation is strongly motivated by a marketing/strategic approach, the intention of which is to help businesses to position and differentiate themselves effectively. This is done by research, marketing and branding, leading to totally integrated concepts. The ultimate aim is to obtain superior profitability and hence a good return on investment.

Cost effective, yet innovative, space planning solutions are used in the attainment of this aim, which go beyond aesthetic considerations. Measurement techniques are used to evaluate concepts which help to demystify and objectify the process.

The objective of the retailer is to house, display and sell, products and services and realize a return on investment.

A Retail Concept needs to be: Innovative | Practical | Cost Effective

  • Research: what is required to operate successfully in the future and not on historical practices. Not whimsical.
  • Strategy: who is the customer and why would they choose to shop at a particular store? Need to look at consumer behaviour and communications to create a USP.
  • For this you need: distinctive products and/or services. Strong brand identity.
  • Communicate: through the 3-Dimensional Environment, the nature and purpose of the business. Not just a look but a complete experience.
  • Through Signage: information, identification, education and direction.
  • Through Fixturing & Merchandising: allow goods and services to be presented in such a manner so as to increase the average consumer transaction.
  • Flexibility: allow for ongoing change in type and amount of product/services.
  • Feedback: continually monitor the concept by critique and feed back from staff and the market place. Test and measure performance. Adjust and modify.
  • Training: staff need to be trained and re-trained in an ongoing basis.


Identify the target market . Review current demographic, economic, competitive factors, shopping patterns and purchasing characteristics of consumer pertaining to particular market and business.

  • Analyse the product offering. 
  • Define specific needs of the consumer.
  • Cater for their needs by the right product assortment mix.
  • Create the right supportive image (ie – three dimensional environment) by visual merchandising, branding, consistency and other design parameters. 
  • Provide training assistance where required in terms of use of the concept. 
  • Refine concept by critique and feedback. 

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