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The Global Local

The Global Local - 'To Eat Well is to Live Well!'

‘To Eat Well is to Live Well!’

The Global Local is a quality Cafe with a modern lay-out like no other. Starting out in the suburbs of South Australia as Eire Cafe we have grown into something special that we are ready to share with everyone else. At The Global Local we specialise in gourmet Pies and French desserts that will make you feel like you are in the heart of Europe. We offer a café feel without the need for a Chef.

The Global Local business is the brainchild of Stephen Lowery and Zoi Kokoti who have a solid history in the café industry having established three of their own cafés before The Global Local. Together they have a proven track record having successfully opened and sold three cafes with high yielding profits in their first four years of being in business. Due to their success and strong work ethic, they have also been commissioned to open four other cafes taking them from inception to grand opening

They consistently provide their customers with impeccable service by demonstrating warmth, graciousness, efficiency, knowledge, professionalism and integrity in their work. They create and maintain a business that is comprehensive and exceptional in its attention to every detail of operation.

The Global Local - 'To Eat Well is to Live Well!'
Today’s customers are socially savvy so as well as having the freshest and most flavoursome food available we also have the most photogenic for all our customers to upload to their social media accounts.The Global Local provides a diverse range of award winning gourmet pies, which Stephen has spent the past four years perfecting, as well as carefully sourced desserts from France which most of have received a Michelin star rating. The knowledge both Stephen and Zoi have acquired running their own cafes have allowed them to design a menu that is concise, consistent and profitable for any franchise.
The Global Local - 'To Eat Well is to Live Well!'
As a Global Local Franchise, you must possess a strong commitment to learning the system and working with it. You must be able to make your own business decisions, in a framework that reduces some of the risks of small business ownership while carrying the potential to increase the rewards.All prospective candidates do not require any formal qualifications however we do expect you to be receptive, focused and success driven. Other essential qualities that we require are outstanding, personal and professional presentation skills as well as strong organizational and leadership. It is also important for Franchisees to have a strong passion for the café industry and a keen business acumen alongside the ability and desire to share a vision and create something special.

With Stephen Lowery as Managing Director of The Global Local he is focused on seeing the café roll out from inception to grand opening of the franchise development, this will include but not limited to;

* Franchise Induction
* Training & Support
* Franchisee Conferences
* Franchise Business Development & Expansion
* Strategic Planning
* Site Sourcing, Selection & Negotiation
* Store Fit Out/Design/Setup
* Special Project Management
* Product Sourcing
* Menu Development

The Global Local - 'To Eat Well is to Live Well!'
The most important ingredient for our success is YOU! The Global Local was created from a passion which is why we are after passionate Franchisees that are dedicated to seeing our company’s vision and passion turn into a very successful franchised business. As a Franchisee, you can expect;

* Proven business systems
* Complete turnkey operation
* Contemporary store design & fit out
* Exclusive territory
* Comprehensive initial training
* Opening assistance
* Ongoing mentoring and support
* Marketing & advertising assistance
* Corporate website listing
* Groovy uniforms
* And a whole lot more!

The Global Local - 'To Eat Well is to Live Well!'
Whether or not your experience in the hospitality industry is limited, our ongoing support and training will assist you in opening a cafe you will be proud of. We have a win/win attitude, so your success is ours.

“We aim to take the difficulty out of the everyday running of your business for maximum profit and minimum stress”
The investment required may range from $150,000 to $300,000 (+GST) depending on your existing set up, most of which is financeable.

Franchise Application

If you are interested in learning more about The Global Local Franchise, call FRANCHISE CENTRAL on 1300 558 278 


End of financial year obligations for franchisors

End of financial year obligations for franchisors 

A new financial year has begun. Franchisors – make sure you understand your end of financial year obligations under the Franchising Code. 

The Franchising Code requires franchisors to disclose certain information to their franchisees, both before they enter the system and during the life of the agreement. The start of a new financial year is a key time for disclosure, as it is when you will need to update your disclosure document and provide information about your marketing fund.


Updating your disclosure document

The Code requires you to maintain a disclosure document. You must update your disclosure document annually to reflect any changes that occurred in the last financial year. For franchisors who run their business on the standard financial year, you have until 31 October to do this. If you operate on a different financial year, the same obligations will apply but they must be completed within four months of the end of your financial year. Important aspects to update include:

  • any information that has changed in the past year e.g. associates or officers of the franchisor, litigation commenced or finished, or changes to intellectual property
  • financial details of the franchisor, including a statement of solvency by the franchisor’s director/s
  • details of existing franchisees, and those who have left the system within the last three years.

Any documents which you use to support claims made in the disclosure document must be kept for at least six years.



You don’t have to update your disclosure document if you entered into only one franchise agreement (or none) during the last financial year, and you don’t intend to enter into a franchise agreement during this new financial year.


Preparing your marketing fund documents

If your franchisees contribute to a marketing or other cooperative fund, you must prepare a financial statement outlining the fund’s income and expenses for the past financial year. This statement must include meaningful information about sources of income and items of expenditure. It must also be audited by a registered company auditor.

The statement and auditor’s report must be prepared within four months of the end of your financial year. And the franchisees that contribute to the fund must receive a copy of the statement and the auditor’s report within 30 days of their preparation.

Penalties can apply for failure to do this. In May 2017, Domino’s Pizza Enterprises Ltd paid two infringement notices (totalling $18 000) in relation to concerns it had failed to provide franchisees with an annual marketing fund financial statement and an auditor’s report within the allowed time limit under the Code.


You don’t have to have the marketing fund audited if 75 per cent of franchisees who contribute to the fund vote against undertaking an audit. This agreement must be made by 30 September (i.e. within three months after the end of the financial year).


The ACCC’s role

The ACCC regulates compliance with the Franchising Code. We conduct regular checks to assess franchisors’ compliance with the Code. If we find a franchisor is not meeting their obligations under the Code we may issue infringement notices, accept undertakings that the business will not engage in the conduct for a period, or commence court proceedings.

Go to our website for more information or submit an online enquiry to receive general advice about your obligations under the Code.

More information

Our website:

Make an enquiry or a report:

Franchisor compliance manual:

Prospective franchisee education:
When dealing with prospective franchisees, encourage them to complete Griffith University’s free ‘Buying a Franchise’ online education program. It will help them to understand what’s involved with franchising. The program can be accessed at www.accc.gov.au/ccaeducation


Need help updating your Disclosure Document and/or Franchise System Documentation?


If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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MoneyQuest appoints Franchise Central to fastrack franchise expansion throughout Australia

MoneyQuest appoints Franchise Central to fastrack franchise expansion throughout Australia

Franchise Central has recently joined forces with MoneyQuest to fastrack franchise expansion throughout Australia. “MoneyQuest is the franchise of choice for high calibre mortgage brokers and offers a smarter way to build your own profitable and successful mortgage broking franchised business,” says Franchise Central‘s senior franchise consultant Nick James.

Led by an industry-elite management team that is committed to franchisee success, MoneyQuest specifically seek individuals of a similar grain – ie: passionate people who want to grow a successful business.

“This is the ideal business ownership vehicle if you want to work with dynamic professionals that speak your language and genuinely care about your business growth”, says Nick James.

Mortgage broking is a people business built on trust. MoneyQuest’s most successful brokers have exceptional people skills and also get a kick out of helping their clients achieve their dream of home ownership. Contrary to popular belief, MoneyQuest franchisees don’t need to be a mathematician or have a banking or finance background either – existing MoneyQuest franchise owners come from all walks of life including career backgrounds such as sales, the public service and parents returning to the workforce after a break to start a family. MoneyQuest franchisees enjoy the freedom of being their own boss with the flexibility and benefits of choosing their own hours and growing a business they can call their own with all the support they need to be successful.

And it’s not just about offering home loan services – the MoneyQuest franchise has multiple revenue streams including Motor Vehicle Finance and Insurance, Vehicle Comparison and Purchase Services, Debt Protection and Insurances to name a few.

“We at Franchise Central are very excited to be working with MoneyQuest and invite people oriented dynamic individuals with the ability to invest $20K to own and build a successful finance lending business offering a substantial income and renewable revenue stream that is backed by a successful team and support structure. A MoneyQuest franchise is also ideal for women that seek the opportunity to be part of successful business ownership that offers flexibility around family and home. In any case, all MoneyQuest franchisees have access to professional development opportunities and ongoing training to ensure they are licensed, accredited and trained with the required skills and knowledge to service their clients professionally”, said Nick James.

If you would like to know more or enquire about a MoneyQuest franchise, CLICK HERE.

Thinking of franchising your business? Normally $1100 + GST, Franchise Central is offering a

If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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Discover a smarter way to build your own profitable and successful mortgage broking franchised business with MoneyQuest


Mortgage brokers help home buyers find the right home loan for their needs. This could involve negotiating a good deal with lenders, completing the required paperwork and also providing expertise, advice and guidance throughout the home buying process.

With over 53% of all home loans in Australia provided by mortgage brokers, you are looking at entering the industry and becoming a MoneyQuest mortgage broker at the right time.

This growing trend is a clear indication that home buyers are turning to mortgage brokers as their trusted advisers to help them achieve the exciting and important milestone of home ownership.



As a MoneyQuest mortgage broker you have readily available a wide range of products and services to offer your clients.

MoneyQuest franchise owners compare many lenders to get their clients the right home loan. They do all the running around and paperwork for their clients at no cost because they are paid by the lenders.

The MoneyQuest franchise has multiple revenue streams – it not offers home loan services to its clients, it also offers:

  • Motor Vehicle Finance and Insurance
  • Vehicle Comparison and Purchase Services
  • Debt Protection
  • Insurances – General, Home and Contents
  • Vendor Advocacy
  • Buyers Advocacy
  • Property Management
  • Auction Bidding Service


A Stimulating and Supportive Culture

MoneyQuest is led by an industry-elite management team that is committed to your success. We specifically seek out individuals of a similar grain: passionate people who want to grow a successful business.

So if you want to work with dynamic professionals that speak your language and genuinely care about your business growth, MoneyQuest is the place for you.


A Multisource Lead Flow

At MoneyQuest, we know that lead generation is a challenge for every business owner – no matter how hungry you are for success.

That’s why we work hard to build your pipeline via our active lead generation platforms: the long-standing ratesonline.com.au website, the MoneyQuest website and social media platforms, and our growing online partner network.


Best-of-breed Technology Platform

Intuitive and intelligent, the MoneyQuest mortgage broker dashboard will become the backbone of your franchise.

Our technology gives you a complete picture of your business in real-time, including your financial performance and key business statistics. You’ll also be able to download all the marketing materials you need – such as business cards, custom stationery and email templates – at the click of a button.


Marketing Support for the Digital Age

Marketing in today’s digital age is a minefield. But as a franchise owner, you can’t afford to bury your head in the sand or rely on yesterday’s tools to get ahead.

At MoneyQuest, we invest heavily in your marketing success. From social media training and support to an onsite film studio at your disposal, we constantly find new ways to help you break through the clutter and keep your clients engaged.


Superior Training and Professional Development

MoneyQuest has designed the most comprehensive professional and personal development programs in the industry, which includes:

  • A self-paced online and video-based training academy
  • Business coaching and professional development workshops
  • Industry seminars and conferences
  • Team building events



Mortgage broking is a people business built on trust. MoneyQuest’s most successful brokers have exceptional people skills and also get a kick out of helping their clients achieve their dream of home ownership. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a whiz at maths or have a banking background.

In fact, MoneyQuest franchise owners come from all walks of life. They include a range of career backgrounds such as sales, the public service and parents returning to the workforce after a break to start a family to name a few.

Whatever your background, when you join MoneyQuest you will enjoy the freedom of being your own boss, the benefits of choosing your own hours and growing a business you can call your own with all the support you need to be successful.

You will also have access to professional development opportunities and ongoing training to ensure you are licensed, accredited and trained with the required skills and knowledge to service your clients professionally.

– Price On Application –

Franchise Application

If you are interested in learning more about the MONEYQUEST Franchise, contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL on 1300 558 278 and/or submit the enquiry form below.

Send an enquiry to MoneyQuest



Consumers emerge as the winner from the retail wars

Consumers emerge as the winner from the retail wars

Disruption forcing retailers to innovate and focus on customers.

Sydney, 23 May 2017 – Colliers International’s latest Research and Forecast Report finds that the consumer is set to benefit the most in the Australian retail sector, as disruption drives down prices and bricks and mortar retailers focus their efforts on customer experience and service.

The highly anticipated entrance of Amazon along with the entrance of other offshore retailers such as TK Maxx and JD Sport, mean there is more choice available than ever before for Australians.

“The Australian retail sector is undergoing immense change and disruption, forcing retailers and landlords to refine their strategies and align better to consumer preferences,” said Daniel Lees, Research Director at Colliers International.

“New platforms such as Amazon Marketplace will provide more depth to the current online offering available to Australian consumers, while also delivering end to end online sales infrastructure that was previously out of reach for many small to medium-sized domestic retailers.”

“The Australian consumer remains quite healthy, which explains why so many offshore retailers have been executing entry strategies over the past few years. We have a high income population which is concentrated within a relatively small number of capital cities and that population is growing. Internet penetration is also high, and many Australians are well travelled with a strong appetite to adopt global brands and fashion.”

The wealth effect delivered through the housing market has created a strong spending environment, and the range of products available means consumers have never been more tempted to purchase.

While the battle between online and stores will effect Australian retail, unlike the US, which has seen major store and mall closures, Australia is well placed to integrate disruptors into society.

“Compared to their American counterparts, Australian landlords realise that they cannot compete with online retail on price alone and have therefore invested heavily in experiences and place making to create an experience for consumers available exclusively in-store,” said Michael Bate, Head of Retail at Colliers International.

“Australian landlords are also exceptionally good at developing an engaging tenancy mix and creating environments where retailers can reach optimal performance.”

“We’re now starting to see some of the best tenancy mixes we’ve ever seen in Australia. Landlords are seeing new opportunities to capture shopper attention with increased food and beverage options and providing unique instore and in centre experiences.”

Although retail sales figures have been trending lower over the past three years, much of this can be explained through supermarket wars, turnaround strategies within department stores and corporate failures within the household goods sector.

Sentiment levels have been remarkably resilient in the wake of several recent geopolitical events and the composition of the labour market has been improving in recent data releases. Price increases of major items such as food and fuel have also been subdued.

“Although there is perceived general shift in the market towards online retailing, there are certain sectors of the market where a physical retail presence is and always will be essential,” said Julian Demetrovics, Director of Retail Tenant Advisory at Colliers International.

“Retailers who specialize in the higher end of the market, particularly in food, fashion and jewelry are now spending more time and capital on their fit outs to focus on maximizing the customer experience.”

“Landlords are creating individual retail precincts which emphasise the experience of shopping, not relying primarily the brands and products themselves to attract customers to their centers”

From an investment perspective, retail remains an attractive asset class, with transaction volumes only restricted by market stock levels. 

Sydney CBD

According to Colliers, the average Sydney CBD gross face rents are forecast to increase to 1.9% to $10,966 per sqm by the first quarter of 2018. Sydney CBD retail floor space supply will peak at almost 80,000 sqm in 2020 due to the refurbishment of Harbourside Shopping Centre.

The Sydney CBD office market is in the midst of a significant development phase that commenced with Barangaroo in 2015 and will continue out to 2021 and beyond with projects from Brookfield, AMP and Lendlease. As these projects reach completion, it is clear that the standard of retail on offer is being improved, with Sydney consumers reaping the rewards in the form of laneway activation, new brands and more sophisticated dining experiences.

Melbourne CBD

In Melbourne, offshore purchaser interest continues to strengthen, with tenant demand for central locations driving up prime face rents with limited prime grade support volumes. Changing demands of the consumer in the fashion world has seen a shift particularly in choice towards casual sportswear. The rise in popularity of active wear has not only put pressure on retailers to create a segment of sport apparel but struck as a game changer in the footwear industry. 

Brisbane CBD

In Brisbane, prime grade high street retail gross face rents head northward, placing the Brisbane CBD as the third most expensive region across Australia. Improved business conditions, strong population growth and record tourism numbers are assisting retail trade turnover across the South East. Strong population growth along with increased tourism numbers is driving rents in Brisbane’s CBD and assisting retail trade within the city’s centre.


South Australia has seen sustained growth in retail sales, with vacancy on Rundle Mall falling. Sales activity is primarily driven by private investors. Retail sales have primarily been driven by strong growth in Café and restaurants, Food and other retail categories.


Major centres in Perth are undertaking works to reposition assets, with CBD rents adjusting as demand softens. Over the next decade Perth’s retail sectors landscape could look distinctly different than it does today. The creation of ‘destination’ complexes by larger shopping centres poses significant risks to less significant centres.



Colliers International Group Inc. (NASDAQ and TSX: CIGI) is an industry leading global real estate services company with more than 16,000 skilled professionals operating in 66 countries. With an enterprising culture and significant employee ownership, Colliers professionals provide a full range of services to real estate occupiers, owners and investors worldwide. Services include strategic advice and execution for property sales, leasing and finance; global corporate solutions; property, facility and project management; workplace solutions; appraisal, valuation and tax consulting; customized research; and thought leadership consulting.

Colliers professionals think differently, share great ideas and offer thoughtful and innovative advice that help clients accelerate their success. Colliers has been ranked among the top 100 outsourcing firms by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals’ Global Outsourcing for 11 consecutive years, more than any other real estate services firm.

Founded in Australia in 1976, Colliers International is the largest locally formed real estate services firm with professionals worldwide.  Find out more at http://www.colliers.com.au/.

Thinking of franchising your business? Normally $1100 + GST, Franchise Central is offering a

If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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Pizza giant Domino’s makes history as the first franchisor to pay penalties for alleged Franchising Code breach

Pizza giant Domino’s makes history as the first franchisor to pay penalties for alleged Franchising Code breach

Domino’s Pizza is the first company to pay penalties (totalling $18,000) for alleged non-compliance with the Franchising Code of Conduct.

Following the issue of two infringement notices by the ACCC, Domino’s has paid penalties totalling $18,000. The ACCC issued the infringement notices because it believed that Domino’s had failed to comply with the requirement in the Franchising Code of Conduct to provide franchisees with both an annual marketing fund financial statement and an auditor’s report within the time limits prescribed under the Code.

“These are the first penalties for non-compliance with the Franchising Code,” ACCC Deputy Chair Dr Michael Schaper said.

“Marketing fund contributions are often a significant expense and franchisors need to provide timely and accurate disclosure of the fund’s activities.”

“Ensuring small businesses receive the protection of industry codes is an enforcement priority for the ACCC,” Dr Schaper said.

If franchisees are required to contribute to a marketing fund, the Code requires a franchisor to prepare an annual financial statement to franchisees, disclosing the fund’s receipts and expenses, and to give a copy of the financial statement to franchisees by no later than four months after the end of the financial year.

The Code also requires the fund to be audited (unless 75 per cent of franchisees agree the franchisor does not have to comply with this requirement) and for the auditor’s report to be provided to franchisees within 30 days of the report being prepared.

Domino’s confirmed to the ACCC that it had provided the 2015-16 marketing fund financial statement and auditor’s report to its franchisees in late February 2017, which for both documents was outside the timeframes prescribed by the Code.

A Domino’s spokesperson said in a statement:

“Domino’s AdFund was independently audited in 2016, which confirmed all expenditure was appropriate and meeting the requirements of the Franchising Code of Conduct.

“However we accept we did not provide a copy of this audit report on time to our franchisees, or the required financial statements in previous years – this was an oversight. 

“Domino’s apologises to our franchisees for this honest mistake, and will ensure an annual audit report and financial statement are distributed to franchisees as required by the Code each year going forward.”

The ACCC can issue an infringement notice where it has reasonable grounds to believe a person has contravened certain requirements of the Franchising Code. The payment of a penalty specified in an infringement notice is not an admission of a contravention of the Code.


On 1 January 2015, the Franchising Code of Conduct was updated to introduce court-imposed civil penalties for non-compliance with certain provisions of the Code, including those provisions requiring franchisors to provide franchisees with copies of marketing fund statements and reports.

The ACCC can also issue infringement notices in respect of alleged breaches of these provisions. The current amount for each infringement notice for an alleged breach of the Franchising Code is fixed at $9000 for a body corporate.

Further information https://www.accc.gov.au/business/industry-codes/franchising-code-of-conduct

Need to update your franchise documentation? Franchise Central can help with a cost competitive quote!  


If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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Franchise Central cements exclusive partnership with Franchise Global India

Franchise Central cements exclusive partnership with Franchise Global India

Franchise Central’s Senior Franchise Consultant, Nick James recently met with Franchise Global India’s Chairman Mr Guaurav Marya in Sydney to cement the partnership fostering Franchise Global India reach into Australia as well as Franchise Central’s serviceability in India for local brands that seek franchise expansion abroad.

“Clearly India is a growing alliance and interest to Australian Franchisors wishing to further expand their brand into India and Australia accessing Quality Master Franchisees &/or Franchisees who have available funds to invest and are English speaking. Our partnership with Franchise Global India makes it possible to expand with confidence – especially into a market that that is booming and bursting at the seams with Franchise opportunities for quality investors with money to invest,” says Nick James.

If the amount of shopping centres currently being built to fill with business is any indication, the demand in India is never more evident than now – according to Nick James, “It’s greater than anywhere else in the world at the moment!”

“As business people and Franchisors, it would be irresponsible to ignore this opportunity and at least not enquire to see how we at Franchise Central can be part of it in some way,” says Nick James.”

Franchise Central looks forward to sharing details and options available with any Franchisor that wants to explore this opportunity and launch their brand into India with quick and quality results.

If you are interested in expanding your Franchise Brand into India via Master franchises and want to do it properly and professionally with the largest and strongest team in franchising on the ground in various cities in India, speak with Franchise Central’s senior Franchise Consultant Nick James for specific details and packages that may suit your requirements.

Along with Franchise Central’s proven track record of success over the past 25 years in expanding franchisor businesses internationally, joining forces with Franchise Central’s team in India puts a franchisor in the best possible position to source and seek the best qualified Investors to purchase Master Franchise opportunities for their country throughout India.

Looking to expand into India’s BOOMING franchise market? With over 25 years in franchise expansion experience in the national and international arena, Franchise Central’s Nick James would be happy to discuss your options! 


If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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Serious about granting Master Franchises in India?

Serious about granting Master Franchises in India?

Franchise Central has expanded its wings with its partners into India – seeking Master Franchisees for Australian Franchisor businesses .

If you are interested in expanding your Franchise Brand into India via Master franchises and want to do it properly and professionally with the largest and strongest team in franchising on the ground in various cities in India, speak with Franchise Central’s senior Franchise Consultant Nick James for specific details and packages that may suit your requirements.

“India is one of the worlds fastest growing Franchising sector (if not number 1). More new shopping centres are being built there each year than anywhere else in the world, and the local market needs them filled with great franchise opportunities. The demand to satisfy this growth is outrageously powerful,” says Nick James.

Along with Franchise Central’s proven track record of success over the past 25 years in expanding franchisor businesses internationally, joining forces with Franchise Central’s team in India puts a franchisor in the best possible position to source and seek the best qualified Investors to purchase Master Franchise opportunities for their country throughout India.

“By joining our team, a franchisor will also benefit by putting themselves in the front seat to receiving enquiries from India seeking Franchises into Australia as well – a win win for Aussie Franchisors,” says Nick James.

Looking to expand into India’s BOOMING franchise market? With over 25 years in franchise expansion experience in the national and international arena, Franchise Central’s Nick James would be happy to discuss your options! 


If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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According to a 2014 report by Global Industry Analysts, Inc. the global market for Private Tutoring is forecast to reach US$196 billion by 2020.

In Australia, private tutoring has become one of the most widely adopted learning methodologies with the aim of enhancing a student’s overall academic performance.

In fact, according to a 2016 report by IBISWorld, Australia’s tutoring industry is now worth AU$6 billion a year as more students seek assistance in boosting grades and ultimately, career aspirations. Primarily attributed to the inability of the standard education system to address the unique needs of each student, demand for the private tutoring continues to grow, fostered by an increasingly competitive school environment.

Many Australian schools that offer Scholarships or Select Entry programs use an entrance exam, and in some cases, reports, NAPLAN results and teacher recommendations as part of their selection process. With entrance examinations becoming a critical factor for gaining admission into many top schools and competitiveness across the educational sector at an all-time high, students and their families are more willing than ever to invest money and time in tutoring in order to gain an edge.

With parents trying to give their children a vital edge in education – and entry into the nation’s top performing schools – we have seen a huge increase in the number of private tutors teaching students after hours and on weekends.


The Commonwealth Government’s Jobs Outlook data indicates that the Private Tutors and Teachers employment market has grown by over 43 per cent in the past 10 years and is expected to continue to grow ‘very strongly’ to 2020.

The question begs, what parent doesn’t want their children to receive a superior education? We are only too aware that it is a crucial, if not vital key to personal growth and advancement. Good quality education can make a significant difference in the lives of our children.

Being able to contribute to developing our children’s education, confidence, self esteem and ultimately expanding their minds can indeed prove worthwhile and gratifying.

With these factors driving demand, the BRAINWORKS franchise is a unique opportunity that exists for investors looking for a burgeoning venture, without the costly overheads.

Here is your opportunity to help students achieve their potential and enjoy the benefits of business success with one of Australia’s most innovative and forward thinking educators in the private tutoring and student development services industry.


BRAINWORKS is a very exciting and dynamic franchise opportunity where you will have the ability, resources and proven system to make a difference in the lives of children.

BRAINWORKS is the role model for private tuition excellence – we achieve this by sharing one universal vision and that is to actually help primary and secondary aged children achieve their true potential. Our mission is fundamentally is driven by preparing students for ultimate success.

BRAINWORKS is all about meeting student needs and focuses on primary and secondary aged children keen to accelerate learning and development as well as in preparation for scholarship and selective entry placement into preferred schools.

The BRAINWORKS Franchise is a service based business specialising in the procurement, sale, management and provision of specific and tailored Mathematics and English programs using the BRAINWORKS curricula and methods in the private tutoring services industry.

Based on cultivating and encouraging improvement, the BRAINWORKS philosophy is all about making a difference, meeting student learning needs and helping students achieve their potential.

The foundation of BRAINWORKS is built on one to one tuition in a small group environment to deliver lessons. BRAINWORKS tutors spend one on one time with each student and then allocate independent tasks giving the student time to apply their new knowledge to the task set. The BRAINWORKS tutor monitors the student at all times and can see exactly what the student is completing whilst providing immediate assistance.


The BRAINWORKS franchise was developed out of the desire to meet demand, expand the brand and business as well as share in the success – here for your consideration is a business which:

  • is prestigious, professional and visionary;
  • has a huge recession proof market;
  • has growth potential and is relatively easy to operate with flexible operating hours;
  • with application can become a financial success;
  • has strong student retention, referral and repeat services.

BRAINWORKS is responsible for training, support and franchise development and expansion of the Franchisee network throughout Australia – our aim is to strengthen the BRAINWORKS position nationally.

Franchise Benefits…

  • Exclusive Territory
  • Simple Office Setup
  • Low Overheads
  • Initial & Ongoing Training & Support
  • Group Marketing Strategies
  • Proven System
  • Proprietary Curricula & Programs
  • High Growth Industry
  • Flexible Hours
  • Rewarding Lifestyle
  • and much more!

The BRAINWORKS franchised business is all about running your own private tuition business that provides you with brand recognition, proven systems as well as access to initial and ongoing training and support.

BRAINWORKS franchises are simple to operate and require very little set-up and ongoing infrastructure. Existing operations indicate that a sole-trader in his/her first year can earn a very attractive income and with steady expansion and the employment of others, move swiftly to indeed develop into a very lucrative business operation.

Do you see yourself as the ‘Principal’ of your own private tutoring BRAINWORKS franchise managing your teachers and earning over $100K pa for a 40 week year? Perhaps you would like to earn an extra $45 on top of what you are already doing? Part-time to Full-time earnings can range from $45K to over $100K pa as a BRAINWORKS franchisee!

Discover how you can become part of an innovative, professional and reputable name in private tutoring and reap the rewards of ‘giving back’ to the future of Australia whilst at the same time, earning an attractive income in your very own quality lifestyle business. 

– Price On Application –

Franchise Application

If you are interested in learning more about the BRAINWORKS Franchise, contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL on 1300 558 278 and/or submit the enquiry form below.

Send an enquiry to Brainworks



SMILE BAR franchise ramps up the dazzle

Smile Bar franchise ramps up the dazzle

CONGRATULATIONS on the successful sale of the Smile Bar franchisor business. Franchise Central’s Nick James (centre) farewells original franchisors Yoav Landau and David Lamhout.

After successfully establishing and expanding the Smile Bar brand and franchised business system in Australia, the dynamic duo are returning to their homeland France.

The new franchisors will settle in over the coming weeks and will launch with an aggressive plan to expand the Smile Bar dazzling franchise opportunity throughout Australia and abroad.

In true entrepreneurial spirit, Smile Bar will continue to lead the way in innovation by providing peroxide free, safe, painless and cost effective in-chair teeth-whitening that produces up to 12 shades whiter results with zero sensitivity.

Smile Bar kiosk style stores are typically situated in very convenient shopping centre locations where customers are able to take a load off, sit back, chill for a short spell and minutes later, leave feeling like a superstar flashing a brighter, whiter, sexier smile”, says Nick James.

This unique level of in-store experience is backed up with compelling special offers, gift certificates as well as online sales where customers can book appointments and/or purchase products.

The Smile Bar Franchise opportunity presents as a super simple, low cost, high return business offering the confident entrepreneur the option of a single or multi-unit Kiosk franchised store operation.

“With new Franchisor owners on board, Smile Bar will continue to reap the rewards of good business planning, contemporary store design and a superior teeth-whitening offering. The business is designed to allow franchisee owners to operate multiple stores at several locations with minimal supervision and to maintain profitability at the same time. Stay tuned and watch this space”, concluded Nick James.

Looking for a franchise opportunity? With over 25 years in franchising Australia’s best franchise brands, Franchise Central’s Nick James would be happy to discuss your options and/or point you in the right direction! 


If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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With over 20 stores established in WA and ready for national expansion, Pastacup is redefining the fast food industry by bringing healthy, tasty, handmade goodness to its consistently growing and loyal Pastacup customers.

All Pastacup pasta is made fresh, by hand, everyday, the old fashioned way using 100% durum wheat and eggs whilst the sauces are meticulously put together following traditional, tried and tested authentic recipes.

It’s all very smart and very simple – and the brainchild of dynamic and driven entrepreneurs Stuart Bernstein and partner Siri Solumsmoen who are determined to make Pastacup a real player in the fast food landscape Australia wide and beyond.

“From the onset we sourced state-of-the-art Italian pasta-making equipment and then spent hours and hours testing recipes… we just knew we were onto something…”
– Stuart Bernstein –

Finding the right type of takeaway cup was also a crucial factor of the chain’s convenience factor along with the matter of educating customers that pasta could be a lunch item as well as a standard dinner option.

The Pastacup business was designed to be franchisable from the start, creating a systemised and proven way of producing each type of pasta, each type of sauce, and how to fit out the store. This means that whether the Pastacup customer chose fusilli with the cutely named Angry Sausage sauce (tomatoes, Italian sausage, capsicum, olives and chilli) in Currambine or cannelloni with spinach and ricotta in Busselton, it all tastes the same – consistency is, after all, the standard by which successful fast food outlets live or die.



Pastacup is the only multi-outlet business in the pasta space that actually hand makes the product in front of the customers in every store, every day.

Most other restaurants and take-out pasta shops use packet pasta that bears little difference to the pasta cooked at home. Pastacup have industrial pasta making machinery in the front of every store and as such are able to produce a product that:

a)  is truly unique;
b)  is healthier;
c)  allows unlimited amounts of variety; and,
d) creates an incredible in-store theatrical experience.

In addition, while many other pasta stores have capitulated and started to sell pizza, Pastacup remains true to its ideal of becoming known as the pasta experts.

Each Pastacup store reflects a comforting, earthy vibe, with each type of pasta displayed in rustic boxes in front of the kitchen. The cooks enjoy putting on a show and ‘grow’ the pasta with pizzazz before the customer’s using state-of-the-art Italian pasta-making equipment, while making sauces to order.

Pastacup finds that the pasta shapes all have different personalities, that they hold the sauces differently. With over 23 ‘characters’ aptly named on the menu, it’s a fun theatrical experience for customers to watch their creation being hand made before the very eyes!



Along with diverse and delectable bites and dishes, Pastacup’s menu is sure to impress even the most discerning of pasta connoisseurs.

It’s a simple process – Pastacup customers choose their pasta, sauce and size of cup they’d like to take it away in. Sauces fall into the ‘Tomatoey’, ‘Creamy’ and ‘Bit of Both’ categories. There are other combos and dishes to choose from including risottos, a killer parmigiana and lasagne just like Nonna makes.

Even if customers can’t find a sauce that tickles their fancy, it’s possible to ask for something bespoke – after all everything’s hand made to order which also means there’s very little waste.

Pastacup doesn’t forsake vegetarians either – many of the sauces are ‘vegie’! And again thanks to the flexibility of putting together their own sauce variations, all discerning tastebuds and/or diet requirements can be tailored to suit even the fussiest child or friend in tow!



Indeed, Pastacup is a growing tribe of passionate pastafarians enthusiastically shaping the future by hand. Using the freshest ingredients, Pastacup is redefining fast food by bringing healthy, tasty, handmade goodness from the stove to the cup to the loyal mouths of our multitudes of customers.

Pastacup is beautifully positioned to take advantage of the growing premium healthy market – the Pastacup primary goals are to ‘own’ this space, along with ‘owning’ the take out pasta market.

Pastacup understands that marketing is king and consistently measures, monitors and revises all marketing efforts and strategies with the customer preference in main focus and constantly explores new and different avenues to reach the Pastacup customer alongside carefully chosen and proven successful marketing strategies.

Each Franchisee undertakes the Pastacup Training which incorporates a strong ‘hands-on’ focus rather than classroom training. The 6 week training program covers the entire business operations of owning and operating a Pastacup franchised business – Pastacup makes sure each Franchisee is good to go, go, go from the moment the door opens!

“We believe the future is made by hand”
– Siri Solumsmoen –

Pastacup is looking to take the Pastacup franchisee network forward to the next level and are considering applicants that will bring a level of enthusiasm energy, drive and love to the Pastacup overall business. Essentially, Pastacup franchisees must reflect the style and feel of the Pastacup fresh, vibrant, healthy and modern brand.

Here’s a franchise opportunity with a refreshingly old-fashioned view of the march of progress from a business with a classic favourite at its heart. With over 20 established stores, Pastacup is a growing family with a view to expand the brand around Australia and internationally.

– Price On Application –


Franchise Application

If you are interested in learning more about the PASTACUP Franchise or Master Franchise, contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL on 1300 558 278 and/or submit the enquiry form below.

Send an enquiry to Pastacup



Financing My Franchise

Financing My Franchise

The path to financing your franchise may not be easy but if you know what lenders are looking for, you are well on your way.

Okay, so you’ve read the literature, with due diligence, considered the statistics on success, and know that a franchise is how you want to get into business.  But!  Before you sign on the dotted line, answer this question:  Where will you get the money to finance the franchise, royalty fees, inventory and working capital?

For some, investing in a franchise is the beginning of a long and prosperous road to financial security.  For many, dreams and a strong worth ethic won’t open the doors to a franchise when you lack capital.

In fact, finance can be the only intimidating obstacle between you and your dream of opening a successful franchise.  The very word is enough to send prospective franchisees screaming into the night.  Don’t panic.  If you know lenders’ secrets it may be easier to obtain that elusive finance.

Finding money for that coffee franchise is harder than finding a mortgage for your house.  You can however improve your chances by knowing your options, understanding how the lending process works and knowing what questions to ask.

The Lending Process

It’s important to recognise that financiers sort prospective franchisees into two groups:

(1) Existing and Skilled Operators

This group consists largely of individuals who already have significant hands-on business experience and are looking to purchase an existing, moneymaking franchise. Lenders evaluate such opportunities in the same way they assess non-franchise businesses.  They look at objective measures of the business’s health, such as its cash flow, growth rate and profitability.  They then try to assess, based on your resume and financial history, whether you are likely to keep the franchise on course.  If you and the franchise have good records, you can almost count on banks to court you.  Nothing makes a lender happier than a proven cash flow and customer base! 

(2) Start-Ups

This group has little or no entrepreneurial track record and is looking to establish a new franchise business, from scratch, in an unknown location, or both.  These situations are much more difficult for lenders to evaluate and thus are considered high-risk. Many banks want nothing to do with them, and virtually all others will require the borrower to put up collateral, preferably shares or real estate, to the value of at least the full amount of the loan.

There it is in a nutshell.  You are now fully aware of the process that traditional lenders go through when assessing your application.

Useful Hints and Tips for Seeking Finance

Before you race out to see a lender, here are some tips to put you on the right track to getting your franchise financed:

Your Personal Resources

Conduct an assessment of your own resources before you sign up for a franchise.  First, prepare a personal financial statement (on a spreadsheet or by using your personal accounting software).  You’ll use it over and over as you line up your financing.  Also make copies of your tax returns for the past two years – the lender providing the finance will want to see them.

Your Accountant

If you don’t have an accountant, it’s time to get one.  Ask for references from friends and family, and find an experienced one who has handled small businesses.  Arrange a preliminary interview, discuss your plans and show the accountant your personal financial statement, the investment estimates from the franchisor and the earnings claim information.  Talk to your accountant about how you can calculate a cash-flow picture of the business, your planning and how much financing you need.  Ask the accountant to recommend a banker, whom he or she has dealt with.  Accountants usually have great contacts for their clients.

The Bank, Finance Broker or Specialty Franchise Lenders

It’s fair to say that every small business needs a solid banking relationship.  Even if you don’t get finance from your local bank, you’ll need to build a day-to-day service relationship.  The place to start is the bank where you do your personal banking. Talk to a banker about your plans and explore their programs.

Vendor Financing

While it is more of a common scenario in the United States, we are increasingly seeing this form of finance being used in Australia. Vendor financing is where franchisors may offer some form of financial assistance to franchisees to help start the business.  There are two very different kinds of vendor finance.  One is direct financing of franchisees by franchisors; the other is indirect, where third parties are actually providing the finance.

Traditional Lenders

Before you meet with a lender, make sure you are aware of the different loans available.

Looking at these alternatives allows you to compare the interest rates, application and settlement fees for each loan and the lending ratio.  This will give you a fair idea of what loan is right for you before you even visit your mortgage broker or bank.

There are important differences that set commercial and residential loans apart. Generally speaking, the maximum value lent for most commercial loans is around 65%-70%, while for residential it is usually around 80%-90%.  Another difference is the terms of commercial loans, which are considerably shorter than residential loans, with the average term being around 10 years.

Banks will usually lend money to franchisees in one of two ways:

1.   Through a commercial based loan that uses the borrower’s residential property as security for the loan.

2.   Through a commercial based loan that uses the borrower’s franchise as security for the loan. Using the franchise as security for the loan is considered more risk by the lenders, and as such, the interest rates will be higher.

However, it is important to note that, unless you fall into the ‘existing and skilled operator’, category you may not be able to obtain finance from a traditional lender. Don’t despair!  There is another option – non-conforming loans, commonly known as ‘low doc’ finance.

Low Doc Loans

Low Doc loans (standing for ‘low documentation’) are usually for those who are self-employed, those who have poor credit history or others who simply don’t qualify for a mainstream home, personal or business loan.

For those who fall into the above criteria, they now have a way to secure a loan without having to completely verify their income.  Only recently has it become more common for start-up businesses or franchises to use this type of finance.  If you have residential security available to you, then a low doc loan may be a viable option if you cannot secure funding from a traditional lender.

Some franchisees use residential low doc loans as a way to fund their franchise.  The interest rate depends on the amount of information that the borrower supplies and the amount of equity in their existing assets.

A higher interest rate may come with the low doc loan.  Before signing up for a low doc loan, borrowers should be cautious – there are often deferred establishment fees, or exit fees, that may not make switching to a traditional lender down the track a viable proposition.

For example, one lender charges three months’ interest on the outstanding balance of the loan if you discharge it within the first or second year.  This is something to be aware of, especially since sizeable charges may be buried in the small print.

Fact and Figures

What is the average start up cost?

The total average start up cost is $85,000, however as retail units require more infrastructure they average $200,000, as compared to the service industry franchises which average $50,000.

What up-front fees are charged?

Most franchisors charge an initial fee that averages $40,000.

Finance for the Life of Your Franchise

When people make the decision to buy a franchise, they often only consider immediate start-up costs.  Don’t forget that if you are starting up a new franchise, a lot of money often goes out of the business before it starts coming back in.  You need to consider finance that covers insurance, rent, wages inventory purchases and general working capital requirements. It is essential to have available finance for day-to-day running of the business (working capital) and short-term finance.

Day To Day Finance/Working Capital

Managing cash flow fluctuations can be difficult even for established franchises. An overdraft might be a good option.  With no fixed repayment schedule and variable interest rates, you can enjoy more flexibility in managing your day-to-day finances.  For cheaper working capital, a commercial card might be better, and it is also a convenient payment tool.

Debtor finance is another tool that franchisees can use.  This gives you access to funds on the strength of business credit sales.  So, instead of waiting for your debtors to pay within your normal trading terms (generally 30-90 days), you can have cash in hand faster.  This helps accelerate cash flow and puts you in a far better position to manage your accounts.

Short-Term Finance

Just as you need to consider your day-to-day finance, you also need to consider short to medium term finance.  This type of finance does depend on the franchise and the owner.  A specified lending term suits some, while others may prefer an on-going, more flexible arrangement.  If the franchise owner requires flexibility in repayments and the capacity to pay principle and interest at different times according to cash flow, a fully drawn advance might be the solution.  This also allows the owner to borrow at a fixed or variable rate.

Some franchise owners know exactly how much they need, and for how long.  In this case, an interest-only loan – where you pay a fixed rate through the term, and principle only at the end – might appeal to some owners for the control it provides.

Leasing – To Free Up Working Capital

For some franchises, leasing plant and equipment is one way of freeing up working capital for the business.  A commercial leasing arrangement is particularly useful where the business has a number of electronic goods – allowing the franchise to get its hands on the latest, most effective technology with no upfront deposit or capital outlay.

Where To From Here?

For sorting out the larger financing decisions, discussing your options with a mortgage broker or bank is always best.  This way they will be able to walk you through the different options available and help to determine which form of finance best suits the needs of your particular franchise.

Do the research, plan thoroughly, and arm yourself with everything you need to know to give yourself the best chance of finding finance for your franchise.

In the meantime, need more information, assistance and/or guidance on where to get the best support for your specific requirements? With over 25 years in franchising Australia’s best franchise brands, Franchise Central’s Nick James would be happy to talk with you and point you in the right direction! 


If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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The heat is on! Along with the hottest fashions labels and design concepts from across the world taking Australia by storm, our thirst for new ideas and directions undoubtedly always leads to the adoption of the sexiest trends exported from international markets. In fact, there is one industry direction that has never looked more attractive to the Australian business market, and that is franchising.

FRANCHISING – your questions answered!

Franchising can be a wonderful thing we’ve all heard the statistics, seen the success stories, read about the innovators, and watched as small organisations have become international heavyweights. Franchising is indeed a most powerful tool, and it provides those wishing to own their own business, a helping hand to guide them through what is essentially, a steep learning curve.

The modern, full business format franchise boom, as we know it today, began after the Second World War. The greatest benefit offered was that it could command the same market recognition and economies of scale as the large competitors simply by uniting many small businesses within one chain. Coca Cola, McDonalds, KFC and Hertz are some of the better known examples of long established franchise chains.  In fact, McDonalds itself is probably one of the greatest demonstrations of how a simple product, the hamburger, can be developed into an enormous business empire. Today, you can buy a McDonalds hamburger almost anywhere in the world. That SUCCESS has been achieved through FRANCHISING!

In Australia, the franchising industry continues to grow. Changing lifestyles and consumer demands have allowed many new franchise groups to grow and prosper. Franchising has a presence in nearly every Australian industry. And yet, the concept of franchising is simple. The Franchisee has the opportunity to sell proven products or services while enjoying the benefits offered by experienced management whose income is, in turn, dependent upon the success of individual Franchisees. Although the Franchisor supplies the Franchisee with the know-how and brand identification on a continuing basis, the Franchisee also enjoys the right to profit. In this way, franchising offers the Franchisor an opportunity to expand its market through motivated individuals.

Why do people choose franchising? Simple … because IT WORKS.

Leading the field is knowing what’s out there … Recognised nationally and internationally, Franchise Central has provided many of Australia’s leading franchise groups with franchise Development, Recruitment, Management, Finance solutions and more – many of these systems which have been nurtured from conception, to becoming National and International franchise successes. Similarly, the team at Franchise Central has also assisted and advised thousands of people in becoming successful owner/operators of successful and proven franchises.

Indeed, Franchise Central offers a wide range of tailored franchise consultancy services providing clients with total franchise solutions. We bring to the table a proven track record of specialised professional services developed over many years and can assist clients to design, develop and prepare their franchise system & documentation package ready to launch into the franchise market.

Depending on client requirements, Franchise Central also offer professional services on a contract (temporary and/or ongoing) or on an ad hoc basis.

Essentially, Franchise Central divide their approach to franchising into five stages – these are:

  1. Franchise Assessment & Franchise Development Feasibility Study
  2. Franchise Development & Franchise Setup
  3. Franchisee Marketing, Recruitment & Expansion
  4. Franchise Finance to Franchisors & Franchisees
  5. Franchise Management

Franchise Central’s strength is derived in the ability to FOCUS and work closely with clients and their respective requirements. The team has a strong local knowledge and representation throughout Australia for clients, thereby giving clients an immediate response and acting for all their expansion needs under one collaborated system and banner.

Thinking of FRANCHISING MY business?

The management team at Franchise Central work closely and effectively in developing and educating new and existing clients. Of course there are many issues to consider when franchising your business. Franchise Central can examine and determine whether your business is viable for franchising and will guide you through the labyrinth providing you with the positives and negatives that may impact your business before embarking on the franchising alternative. Once your objectives are set and clear for the franchise system, Franchise Central can prepare the complete system and structure, including commercially realistic and legally binding agreements, for you to effectively build a better business system and develop a strong and profitable network of franchise operators.

Are you ready to GROW YOUR BUSINESS?

If your business is profitable and well presented, you should consider the franchising alternative and experience for yourself, how your business concept can grow into a well-recognised franchise group.

With over 25 Years experience, national and international knowledge, and a passion for success are the hallmarks of a winner. The team behind Franchise Central are recognised as Australian industry leaders in the sector of franchising with the proven ability and professionalism to help you bring your goals into realisation.

Normally $1100 + GST, take advantage of
Franchise Central’s 


If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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Franchise Business Through the Eyes of a Franchise Consultant

Franchise Business Through the Eyes of a Franchise Consultant

The franchising industry has undergone major changes aimed at setting and regulating industry standards.  Franchise Central’s senior franchise consultant, Nick James asks the question: “Have these changes worked? And just who is watching us …”

Franchising can be a wonderful thing – we’ve all heard the statistics, seen the success stories, read about the innovators, watched small organisations become international heavyweights.  It is a powerful tool and provides those wishing to start up their own business a helping hand to guide them through what is essentially a steep learning curve. For instance, groups like McDonalds, Dominoes, Hairhouse Warehouse, The Coffee Club and Fastway Couriers could never replicate the growth they have already achieved, and indeed, continue to achieve if franchising was not chosen as the method of expansion.

However, franchising does have a dark side. You don’t hear much about the franchise concepts that do not succeed.  You don’t hear much about the disgruntled franchisees who have lost time and money, through investing into a scheme that was nothing more than a half-baked idea. Potential franchisees demand two things – safety and security.  They need to know what kind of group they are considering joining, how long they have operated, where they operate, what the background of the company directors is, where they plan to take the group strategically,  and finally, what kind of support they will receive.  In short, franchisees need and have the right to know that the group they are joining is ethical and reputable.

Enter the Federal Government’s Department of Workplace Relations and Small Business. On the 1st July 1998, the federal government enacted the Franchising Code of Conduct, and in doing so acknowledged that franchising was an integral part of the Australian economy. This was the final stage of a series of events that took over seven years to reach some sort of conclusion and present day standards in the franchising arena.

Since then, the Franchising Code of Conduct has undergone changes and continues to keep a close eye on the franchising industry on a whole. Essentially, it marks the changes in Australian franchising industry participants and the Commonwealth Government’s approach to problems which have beset the franchising industry allowing franchisees and franchisors to work together to set and regulate industry standards.

The question begs, has it?  Have the complex disclosure requirements and dispute resolution procedures really been of benefit? Whilst one could be snide and say that the lawyers have been the real winners, the truth is that the Franchising Code of Conduct has restricted the entry of sub-standard operators and improved the reputation of franchising. The cost involved with compliance – a process that often involves the work of lawyers, accountants and advisers – is one entry barrier. For a potential franchisor to invest that much time, effort and money is a strong sign that they have real faith in their ideas and systems.

Basically, the Franchising Code of Conduct offers some protection for participants. Many franchisors have stated that the code is too detailed, and question just why they are forced to disclose such details as any prior breaches of a franchise agreement, contravention of the Competition and Consumer Act 2010, contravention of the Corporations Act 2001, misconduct, dishonesty, criminal record, bankruptcy and insolvency.

Many franchisors argued that the costs associated would hinder the growth of the industry and scare off potential franchisees. Scare off franchisees; it seems odd that some franchisors are worried that through providing details that outline the integrity of their business they would scare potential investors. If the system they are promoting is so good, so noble and honest, then the Disclosure Document would do nothing but back up the claims they make through advertising and promotional materials.

I believe that in general the majority of franchisors are doing their best to comply, which shows that the industry in general is doing its best to be ethical and honest. No doubt some will be investigated and subsequently charged by the ACCC, but this is not a bad thing.

It is good to get rid of the dodgy systems and the conmen, the people who sell their businesses off the back of an industry that has defied economical trends and cycles and remained a strong, solid way of doing business for a long time. It is good to shake the advisers and lawyers who try and find every loophole, every possible emotive word or phrase to evoke a feeling of confidence in the prospective franchisee.

Although the trend for franchising is normally expected in countries like the United States or Europe, here in Australia these kind of business directions are typically adopted with a little more caution. Business owners now have the understanding that franchising really does work and there are numerous examples of quality franchises in operation around Australia.

Due to the high level of franchising publicity within international markets, Australia has well and truly tapped into this market frenzy and this style of business operation. Getting started in business franchising has never been as simple as it is today, and the variety of franchise offerings is growing constantly. If you are considering growing your business without the pain of additional stores, inventory, staff responsibilities and capital injection, franchising is the ideal method of further expansion.

Business owners of today can be assured that Australia has well and truly adopted the strictest standards and regulations for business franchising in the world. Conforming to these standards, a reputable Franchise Consultancy will ensure the path you take is the correct choice for your business. The secret is finding the right franchise and the right Franchise Consultant. Look for people who are willing to help – patient, kind and understanding.  Buying a business, any business, is a big step.  You must take your time, shop around and always do your due diligence.  All the hard work and research will be more than worth it when you find yourself in charge of your future, and most importantly, happy!

Thinking of franchising your business? Normally $1100 + GST, Franchise Central is offering a 


If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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What Is Required for Successful Franchising?

What Is Required for Successful Franchising?

Make a success of franchising

Did you know franchising is a big industry in Australia – directly employing over 460,000 people and generating an estimated $144 billion in turnover each year? If you’re thinking about buying into a franchise, read our helpful tips before you decide.

What is a franchise?

A franchise is an agreement that gives a person (the franchisee) the right to market a product or service using the trademark or trade name of another business (the franchisor). Some successful Australian franchise businesses include The Coffee Club, Subway, Dominos and Smilebar.

Franchise opportunities for small businesses exist across a range of industries, so if you’re keen to open a small business in your field but don’t want to go it alone then a franchise may be for you.

The franchise model

There are different types of franchise models, but the most common is the business format franchise. This is the model generally adopted by small businesses. This franchise model has established systems in place for how to run the business that are standardised across all stores. For example, this may include management systems, store layout, branding, uniforms, and how goods and services are sold.

The benefits of working with a business format franchise include being able to open a business with a brand that is already established and having support from a head office that oversees company marketing initiatives.

This differs to the experience of independent small business owners who generally have more freedom but also more responsibility.

What to look for and consider

When it comes to choosing a franchise you won’t be short for options with some 1180 franchise systems available in Australia. Here are some key considerations for reviewing franchises include:

  • Your budget
  • Your skills and interests – will you enjoy working in the business?
  • Does the franchise model complement your lifestyle and obligations?
  • The demand in the market for the product or service
  • The state of the market, its longevity and its potential to grow. For example, a printing franchise may not sustain long-term growth if it doesn’t offer other related services such as design or web development.
  • How competitive or saturated is the market for that product or service?
  • The history, reputation and financial success of the franchise.
  • How much training and support is offered.

How to become a successful franchisee

Once you’ve chosen a franchise whose business philosophy aligns with your own, embrace the franchisee experience. Ask questions and connect with the support networks offered by your franchisor. Use all the training opportunities made available to you. Set goals and keep learning. Hire well and create a workplace culture that will attract and retain good staff. Connect with fellow franchisees so you have a support network of like-minded business owners who you can share experiences and get advice from.

Work hard but remember to give yourself some time out so you stay fresh and focused. The most successful franchisor/franchisee relationships are those that centre on shared goals, communication and mutual understanding.

Once you start your franchise, Franchise Central can help you maintain and grow upon your success – just like we have helped so many other Franchisees and Franchisors over our 25 year history as Australia’s leading franchise business development and expansion specialists.

Common feedback we receive…

“Franchise Central understands my business, and they are very easy to deal with. I know that if I have a problem, they will work with me to solve it.”

With a proven track record of success since 1991, Franchise Central aims to provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of a business/franchise – we understand speed is vital when it comes to small business cash flow and we aim to move as fast as our customers do by looking at their business, not their assets.

If you are looking to grow your franchise business or start a second one


If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
CLICK HERE to contact Franchise Central or call us on 1300 558 278.


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Growing My Business – Money Talks

Growing My Business – Money Talks

Secure a loan without putting your home or business on the line…

Getting an unsecured loan is not impossible. Many small business owners still perceive loans as being a bit of a dark art – believing that they need to put their assets or property on the line to get any financial assistance. Thanks to online lending, this isn’t quite the case anymore. Here’s what you need to know to get up to speed with today’s borrowing requirements.

What is an unsecured loan?

An unsecured loan is when the health of a business is used to determine creditworthiness, without the business owner needing to secure the loan by putting up an asset as security. Larger banks tend not to offer these as the arduous paperwork, low returns and higher risks involved don’t make it worthwhile. Many small business owners find themselves having to use an asset to secure a loan, or being declined.

What is asset-based borrowing?

Asset-based borrowing is when a business owner borrows against the value of an asset they own to secure a loan. In essence it’s a way of securing new financing by using the value of what you already have. The asset is usually a personal asset like the family home or a commercial property, or a business asset like a truck or piece of equipment. The vast majority of lenders, especially the big banks, tend to secure loans against an asset. If you have trouble paying back the loan then your asset may be sold by the lender.

How did online lending change the market?

Franchise Central is proud to be part of a big shift in business lending. As a whole, the online lending industry has turned the process of borrowing on its head by making opportunities available to small business owners in need of funding to grow. Speed, Flexibility & Personal Service is the key differences between a big bank and an agile online business lender like Franchise Central.

Why is this good for a small business owner?

1.   An online business loan is typically available much faster.

The entire application process can take place online, from start to finish, and takes less than ten minutes. Due to the smart lending platform we use at Franchise Central – we offer fast response times

We can often provide a decision within one hour, if the client has chosen to use our advanced bank verification system to instantly verify bank information online.

2.   The amount you can borrow is not dependent on the value of an asset.

If you are going down the path of a secured loan, you can typically borrow a set percent of the value of the asset. However, if your business has a healthy turnover you may qualify for a higher loan amount using an unsecured loan.  Franchise Central offers unsecured loans from $5,000 to $500,000 and measures the health of the business to determine creditworthiness.

3.   You can build a good credit record with timely payments

If your payment history is exemplary and your lender reports it to the relevant credit bureaus, then your timely payments can help build a better credit profile.

A Success Story…

“We went down this path when we were expanding the business via franchising. Some of the traditional finance options weren’t available to us. Not having many assets and a couple of young directors, the big banks were not very favourable whereas Franchise Central were very easy to deal with and helped us grow. 

“Definitely some of the features which suit our business model are the smaller daily repayments. Instead of getting a big bill shock at the end of the month – or even fortnightly – having the weekly repayments come out, you don’t even notice it. A small proportion of the daily takings go to the lender and you don’t even feel it come out of your bank account,” says Franchisor David.

By not using any of the clients own funds, they were able to access $35,000 Unsecured funds to franchise their business; and, at the end of the 1st year with 3 franchise sales was able to earn a gross return of $102,750. The benefit in money terms way exceeded the cost of $12,250 to earn $102,750. The client repays the loan and the cost of the loan in the 1st year and keeps a substantial profit also having established its franchise system bringing with it many other benefits including royalties, buying power, marketing, brand value and more!

With a proven track record of success over the past 25 years, Franchise Central aims to provide solutions tailored to the specific needs of a business/franchise – we understand speed is vital when it comes to small business cash flow and we aim to move as fast as our customers do by looking at their business, not their assets.


to find out if we are the right option for you!

If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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How to Grow My Small Business Locally

How to Grow My Small Business Locally

If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to growing your business locally, here are a few simple, cheap and effective ways to help grow your customer base in your local community.

Print it

Whether it’s putting an advert in the local newspaper or doing a leaflet drop in and around your neighbourhood, some paid local marketing can help new customers find you. Make sure your marketing materials look professional – include your business name, contact and website details, trading hours and a clear concise description of the value you offer to customers.

Don’t forget to carefully proofread ads or mail outs before they go to print. While the initial printing can be a big investment, letterbox drops are a time-tested way to increase visibility. Distribute yourself by walking around in the evening, a few streets at a time, or pay your kids or local teenagers to distribute them. If your flyers are undated, you can keep using them for a long time.

Become a part of the community

Get to know your local community better by becoming an active part of it! Do this by joining the Chamber of Commerce or local business associations. Sponsor a community group, charity or a sporting team. For example, if you run a beauty salon, sponsor a women’s soccer team and offer post game discounts to team members. If you’re a butchery, sponsor a kid’s soccer team and run a regular sausage sizzle after the game to showcase your products. Attend or have a stall at community events – school fetes or street parties are a great opportunity to do this. Make donations – whether it’s goods, services, money or time – to local fundraisers and initiatives. Get to know those around you, increase brand awareness and grow your network.

Reward regular customers

Build relationships with your current customers – they’re the lifeblood of your business. Learn about them and where they live and work. Think of ways to say thanks and reward your regulars. For example, if you run a cafe offer customers free coffee on their birthday, or create a loyalty card where for every 10 coffees bought, customers get one free. There are also apps that make it easy for your customers to order ahead and beat the queue like new app Hey You.

Advertise on social media

Social media is an easy way to market your business online. List your business on Facebook if you haven’t already. Many people use it as a search engine and you need to be found here as well as on the interweb. Facebook offers some highly targeted advertising opportunities that can be used cost-effectively, and it’s easy to measure whether they’re working.

For example, you can create ads and specifically target your own local area. You can be very specific with the type of customer you target, so really get to know your customers before you set parameters. Some of the parameters you can set about who to Facebook will show your ad to include: age, gender, location, interests, behaviours and the types of devices used (mobile, desktop or tablet). So if you own a women’s fashion boutique targeting working mothers aged 30-45, you can create ads designed to reach these specific women in and near your local area, without wasting your money showing your ad to everyone.

Another handy option Facebook offers is Local Awareness where you can target people located within a certain distance from your business. These ad campaigns are designed to reach users who live in or are visiting your area. Your ad will appear in their Facebook feed and give them the option to learn more, get directions or message and call your business.

Think big business

Are there larger businesses and organisations – such as schools, councils and companies –close to your business? Look at ways your business could cater for them through corporate deals or packages. Whether it’s a discount for groups or an introductory deal for first time visitors, it could be a way to attract new business and gain some larger accounts or sales. For example, if you are a gym you could offer local businesses a discount to sign up all their staff.

Partner with other local businesses

Why not approach neighbouring businesses to create a trader referral network? You could help each other out. For example, if you’re a drycleaner or tailor you could offer a discount to customers who shop at neighbouring clothing stores and are referred to you. Or if you’re a restaurant that hosts weddings and other special occasions you could refer them on to the local florist and bottle shop and vice-versa.

Local marketing is an easy and cost-effective way to establish and grow your business. Trial different mediums and see what works for your business best.

If you would like to invest in GROWING YOUR BUSINESS, contact Franchise Central for an obligation free chat on how we can make all this happen for you.

If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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Should I Franchise My Business?

Should I franchise my business?

Franchising Vs Going It Alone

One of the prime advantages franchising has over going it alone is that a franchisor is afforded the ability to expand its business without having to provide all the capital or employ others to achieve that expansion. Indeed, the primary barrier to expansion faced by today’s business person is capital. Franchising is a method of business expansion that minimises the risk of debt and/or the cost of equity as it is the franchisee that provides the initial investment at entry level allowing a franchisor to expand its business with minimal capital expenditure.

For franchisees, the risk of starting a business from scratch is reduced because the franchisor has already tested the water with the business concept via pilot schemes and an established system.  Franchisees also benefit from the Franchisor’s experience along with bulk buying power and discounts in acquiring goods and services. It is also often easier for a franchisee to gain finance from a bank if they a part of an established franchise system.

Statistically, franchised businesses tend to perform better than non-franchised businesses. However, not all businesses are suitable for franchising. Before choosing franchising, an astute business owner must realistically assess whether their concept, style of business and their personal and professional goals are suitable. For instance, can the business be replicated and successfully carried on by others? If you realise that your business concept has been successful primarily because of your own abilities, presence and drive, then perhaps franchising is not for you.

Franchising needs to have a proven system in place.  An important thing to consider is resources. Do you have enough manpower, financial backing and infrastructure to offer the recruitment, training, marketing support and ongoing provision of goods and/or services that a strong franchise system requires? All these can place an exhausting demand on financial resources, so be careful to expand at a rate which your resources can withstand. This is where sound expert advice is paramount.

The process of franchising

Franchising is a relatively flexible format, and just about any type of business can be franchised, provided it meets some basic characteristics. This is where franchise feasibility can be very helpful in helping any business owner deciding whether to take the franchising road to expansion.

When a company makes a decision to franchise, it must first develop a sound plan for expansion that takes into consideration the numerous issues confronting a new franchisor such as speed of growth, territorial development, support services, staffing, and fee structure, to name a few.  Larger companies need to address more complex issues such as channel conflict, anti-trust, and resource allocation issues. Obviously, this entire plan needs to be subjected to rigorous financial analysis and scrutiny to fine-tune the strategy for growth.

The franchisor then needs the proper legal documentation. At a minimum, the franchisor will need a franchise agreement, disclosure document and, depending on where franchises are being granted, state registrations.

Quality control for a new franchisor involves the development of highly developed systems and documentation. Generally, this translates into the development of an operations manual containing not only the systems used by the business, but also the checklists, policies, procedures, and tactics that will allow these systems to be uniformly enforced.

Finally, the new franchisor must develop the ability to market and sell franchises. This requires knowledge of how to attract the prospective buyer and the necessary marketing materials that will help make the sale. The franchise sales process is highly regulated and therefore, the franchisor must also be educated in proper sales, disclosure, and compliance techniques.

Every new franchisor quickly learns that regardless of how the franchisee makes money, the franchisor has two roles in life – selling franchises and servicing franchisees. Of the two, ensuring the success of the franchisee is the most important.

Properly structured, franchising can allow small companies to more effectively compete with much larger competitors. It can also allow large companies to gain the advantages of highly motivated site/area management while reducing overheads. As such, franchising is an option that more and more companies should explore.

If you are considering franchising your business, Franchise Central is offering a FREE FRANCHISE FEASIBILITY (normally $1100 + GST).

If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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Franchise Central takes a bite out of the ‘Big Apple’ at the recent International Franchise Expo

Franchise Central  takes a bite out of the ‘Big Apple’ at the recent International Franchise Expo

While visiting the recent International Franchise Expo​ in New York, NY, Franchise Central​’s senior franchise consultant Nick James took the opportunity to represent many of Australia’s leading brands seeking expansion into the US Market.

Nick James

“The interest was very encouraging and we look forward to some exciting results with new partners in this market”, said Nick James.

‘Should I franchise my business?’

If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers! CLICK HERE to contact Franchise Central or call us on 1300 558 278. 


Survey Launched For 2016 Franchising Australia Report – Participate Now!

Survey Launched For 2016 Franchising Australia Report – Participate Now!

The biennial survey of franchising in Australia, which provides the basis for the sector’s definitive benchmarking report, has now been launched. 

Pictured (from left): Bruce Billson, Lorelle Frazer and Damien Paull

Australian franchisors are strongly encouraged to participate in the survey so that it provides the most accurate insight possible into the state of the country’s diverse franchising sector.

The 2016 Franchising Australia Report will mark the 10th instalment of this invaluable resource – the only longitudinal, university-backed study of its kind on Australian franchising.

The Franchising Australia Report is undertaken by Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence and supported by the Franchise Council of Australia. It dates back to 1998 and has been updated every two years since.

Centre Director Professor Lorelle Frazer has led the Franchising Australia Report research since its inception and says the depth of experience, knowledge, data collection and analysis that goes into each report ensures its unrivalled standing in the Australian franchise sector.

“The biennial Franchising Australia surveys are recognised by the Australian Government as the benchmark for identifying the country’s franchise population and a huge amount of systematic research goes into the publishing of each report,” Professor Frazer said.

“It is exciting that this year will mark the 10th biennial instalment of the Franchising Australia Report, and we are proud that the report continues to grow and mature along with the sector which it represents.

“It is a leading resource for the sector and its data plays an important role in influencing the policy advocacy and development, innovation and support that will shape the future direction of franchising in Australia.”

The latest Franchising Australia Report from 2014 identified a total of 1,160 franchisors and 79,000 franchise units in Australia. Total sales turnover for the franchising sector was estimated at $144 billion, with more than 460,000 people directly employed in franchising.

Professor Frazer said the dynamic franchising sector crosses over many industries and comprises businesses of all shapes and sizes, which together are a major contributor to the Australian economy. She said it is essential for the future of the sector that as many franchisors as possible participate in the survey for this year’s Franchising Australia Report.

“Data collection is at the heart of the report backed by a robust research methodology and analysis that ensures we paint the most accurate picture of exactly what is happening in franchising in Australia today, including the key trends, challenges and opportunities for the sector and all those operating in it,” she said.

Only those who respond to the survey will gain access to the report in 2016. As an added incentive, survey respondents will also receive access to the full recordings of the presentations from this month’s Franchise Management Forum.

“Franchising is a robust, vibrant and exciting part of the economy,” said Mr Bruce Billson, Executive Chairman of the Franchising Council of Australia (FCA).

“At the heart of the franchising system is innovation along with an entrepreneurial spirit which can produce rapid change. This survey is an integral part of understanding the changes to this important part of the economic landscape.”

“The ability to turn data into insights and action is essential in business today, especially in an area as dynamic as the franchising sector,” said Damian Paull, the FCA Chief Executive Officer.

“In order to remain relevant and assist our FCA members, it is vital that we gain a clearer understanding of the changes, trends and issues that have emerged over the last two years.”

“We would strongly encourage our members to complete the survey and take advantage of any early insights, not immediately available to the broader industry.”

To participate in the survey for the 2016 Franchising Australia Report access it here.

‘Should I franchise my business?’

If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers! CLICK HERE to contact Franchise Central or call us on 1300 558 278. 


Under Wraps revamps menu, set for national growth

Under Wraps revamps menu, set for national growth

By Noha Shasheed – republished from franchisebusiness.com.au 

Family-owned healthy food franchise Under Wraps has revamped its breakfast and beverage menu, and is set for solid national growth. 

Wayne Stapleton, CEO and owner, said the new breakfast menu taps into changing dietary requirements whilst keeping in line with the brand’s commitment to using fresh local ingredients.

“We’ve tried to go with the trends,” he explained.

The breakfast menu is now bursting with Paleo and vegan choices, and fresh supplements are added to juices and smoothies.

And the healthy food franchise is braced for expansion nationally, in both metropolitan and regional areas.

“Our goal is to open four new franchises by the end of the year, a dozen next year, and 40 in the next five years,” said Stapleton.

Under Wraps offers three models: the kiosk, shopping mall, and café franchise. The initial investment cost of a franchise ranges from $100,000- $300,000 depending on the model, and includes intensive training, 24/7 support from head office, as well as marketing.

Like the sound of healthy fast food? FIND OUT MORE about the UNDER WRAPS franchise opportunity.

‘Should I franchise my business?’

If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers! CLICK HERE to contact Franchise Central or call us on 1300 558 278. 


Workplace Relations update – Fair Work Commission increases minimum wages by 2.4%

Workplace Relations update – Fair Work Commission increases minimum wages by 2.4%

The Fair Work Commission’s minimum wage panel decision on 31 May 2016 increased award minimum wages by 2.4%.

The decision lifts the federal weekly minimum wage from $17.29 per hour ($656.90 per week) to $17.70 per hour ($672.70 per week).

The increase to minimum wages will take effect from the first full pay period commencing on or after Friday, 1 July 2016.

All employers, including businesses who are party to a registered agreement (e.g. certified agreement, collective agreement, enterprise agreement, AWA or ITEA), must ensure that employees’ base rates of pay meet or exceed new minimum rates of pay.

CLICK HERE to contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL for more details.


New look Pacific Fair Shopping Centre welcomes Smile Bar

New look Pacific Fair Shopping Centre welcomes Smile Bar

Another Smile Bar store opens in the new look Pacific Fair Shopping Centre on QLD’s Gold Coast… 


About the Smile Bar Franchise …

Located in shopping centres, Smile Bar Kiosks offer a distinct look and feel. Currently reaping the rewards of good business planning, store design and a superior teeth-whitening offering, a Smile Bar franchise business provides a relatively low cost, high turnover and very simple retail operation, making it an ideal platform for an owner and/or operator or the multi-unit investor… FIND OUT MORE about the SMILE BAR franchise opportunity.

What Smile Bar says about Franchise Central

” We were first hesitant in franchising our business but Nick from Franchise Central was able to explain the benefits of expanding through franchising and we don’t regret making the decision to go ahead with Franchise Central.

Once the franchise development and documentation was completed, Nick has done a great job in assisting Smile Bar with the Recruitment of several franchises.

Franchise Central has a strong network that is invaluable for all your franchising requirements. The service support is excellent and they are always willing to help with advice. Great team – we highly recommend Franchise Central to any business looking to franchise and expand.”
David Lam (Smile Bar Franchisor).

‘Should I franchise my business?’

If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers! CLICK HERE to contact Franchise Central or call us on 1300 558 278. 


Is an UNSECURED LOAN worth it?

Is an UNSECURED LOAN worth it?***

If getting a loan from your traditional lending channels in not an option for you, then a Franchise Central finance product maybe the way for you to go!

Nick James Franchise Central

Nick James from Franchise Central (Finance) says unsecured lending is more expensive than secured lending for obvious reasons.

“At the end of the day the benefit of the loan must outweigh the cost of the loan otherwise it won’t make sense.

“You must be clear and ask yourself; ‘What will the benefit derived be worth to you in the short or medium term?’

“To see if the unsecured loan is right for you, try and put a money value on the benefit you will derive from the loan. In other words, how much money will the loan make for you over the next few months or year? You will then be in a position to see if the unsecured loan is worth it.

“With Franchise Central finance products, each loan and rate is tailored to your specific situation – try us and let’s see if we can help you achieve your financial goals”, says Nick James.

Are you looking for finance to help in the setup, management and/or expansion of a new or existing franchise/business?

Franchise Central may be able to help you move forward whether you want to:

  • Buy a franchise/business
  • Franchise your business
  • Open a new or additional site/store
  • Purchase new and/or additional stock
  • Renovate and/or update your business fitout
  • Purchase additional/new plant & equipment
  • Employ and/or train more staff
  • Marketing and advertising
  • Increase your working capital
  • Start new contracts or jobs
  • Pay GST &/or TAX bills
  • Operational expenses
  • Settle an unforeseen contingency
  • Get FINANCE for ANY other PURPOSE

Recent scenarios where Franchise Central was able to provide the best solution…

Here are some examples where we have been able to assist clients recently with unsecured loans and their gross profits after repaying the loan and cost of the loan:

By not using any of the clients own funds, they were able to access $35,000 Unsecured funds to franchise their business; and, at the end of the 1st year with 3 franchise sales was able to earn a gross return of $102,750. The benefit in money terms way exceeded the cost of $12,250 to earn $102,750. The client repays the loan and the cost of the loan in the 1st year and keeps a substantial profit also having established its franchise system bringing with it many other benefits including royalties, buying power, marketing, brand value and more!

Client was able to take advantage of increased sales volume generated by a radio advertising campaign that returned a gross profit to the client of $60,750 after repaying the loan and the cost of the loan in 6 months.

The client discovered its wholesale supplier needed to offload a line of products and was discounting the stock. We were able to assist our client within 48hrs to have access to the required funds to buy all the stock at a substantial savings and sell it over the following months. This was a twofold financial benefit for our client. Firstly, the savings on the actual cost of the stock by being able to buy the lot at a reduced cost; and, secondly, the gross profit on selling the stock over the coming quarter as per normal trading. All done for a net return of $32,065 in 3 months after repaying the loan and cost of the loan – nice!

The client was able to buy out a competitor in a shopping centre that the client wanted a franchise site in. He invested some of the money to clean up and convert the existing business, got their brand in the shopping centre, site is earning $$$ from day one and then sell as a going concern at a profit that will continue to earn royalties. A win-win for everyone!

CLICK HERE to contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL for more details.


Fibonacci Coffee

 Fibonacci Coffee


Founded by Boaz Keeda in 1999 and later by his brothers Noam and Haggai Keeda, Fibonacci Coffee initially started as a coffee-cart-hire service which rapidly transformed to a lucrative espresso bar operation.

Being part of the industry and witnessing how the ‘rules of the game’ form and affect people’s lives, the Keeda brothers embarked on a journey to change the coffee industry from the inside.

In 2009, Tal Avni joined forces with the Keeda brothers to establish the group operation and business model that is now known as ‘Fibonacci Coffee’.

Today, Fibonacci Coffee has well established the ability to create a vibrant and lively atmosphere in any location. With growing patronage, Fibonacci Coffee is recognised as a market leader amongst coffee companies and boutique espresso bars in Sydney, Australia.

Now you can start your own Fibonacci Coffee franchised business or re-brand your existing business and reap the rewards. Fibonacci Coffee offers multiple platforms to choose from – the Kiosk (bar), the In-Line (full kitchen) and Licensed Café/Bar. Depending on the model chosen, the entry point can range from $150K – $650K.

The Fibonacci Coffee Franchise


Systemised Turn Key Operation

You will be provided with the Fibonacci Coffee Operational Manual/s and the required Training & Tools that will improve your daily operations by keeping you abreast of how to reduce expenses and wastage and effectively, increase profitability.

Extensive Training

Whether or not you are a complete newbie to the industry, Fibonacci Coffee provides you with extensive training in all aspects of running and managing your very own Fibonacci Coffee franchised business.

After all, Franchising is about ‘being in business for yourself, but not by yourself’!

With proven systems and operational standards in place, the Fibonacci Coffee extensive initial and ongoing training ensures that with application, you are in the best position to go about your business minus the common costly mistakes of ineffective time management and wastage.

On-going Support (Training, Mentoring, Marketing and R&D)

You are not alone – the Fibonacci Coffee management team is ever present to answer any questions you may have and help guide you as and when you are faced with challenges.

No Royalties or Licensing / Franchising/ Marketing Fees

Yes, it’s true! You get to keep more of your hard earned money while still enjoying all the benefits and advantages of being part of the Fibonacci Coffee Franchisee network! Traditionally, other like franchises incur very high fees.

Benefit from other Locations Experience

Whether it is a new product service, or procedures, as a Fibonacci Coffee Franchisee you avail yourself to the benefits of learning from both the success and failure of other cafés of the past that tried to do what you are about to do.

Group Buying Power = Volume Discounts

Being part of the Fibonacci Coffee Franchisee network means you get to benefit from group buying power and enjoy discounts others cannot access as individual cafés. Effectively, this means stronger profit margins!

Marketing Support

Fibonacci Coffee has systematised and effective marketing strategies in place to show you what it takes to make your Fibonacci Coffee franchised business successful. All the promotions and strategies are laid out and designed to maximise the return on your investment.

Promotional Tools

As part of the package, you get professionally designed Flyers, Business Cards, Loyalty cards etc. – Fibonacci Coffee saves you the time and money from the customary bulk buying and design outlay price.

Exit Strategy

Branding brings with it recognition. Being part of the Fibonacci Coffee Franchisee network brings with it the potential to increase the value of your Fibonacci Coffee franchised business and make it easier to sell.

Growth Opportunities

After you run one Fibonacci Coffee franchised business, you might just find that you wish to expand and open more locations. Our team will be able to assist you with finding and evaluating a new location along with the setup and training required.

Flexible Product Mix

With a variety of approved suppliers Fibonacci Coffee Franchisees have the peace of mind of knowing that Fibonacci Coffee have done their homework and checked these suppliers out. Fibonacci Coffee ensures that each of our approved suppliers comply with the Fibonacci Coffee quality standards and price policies.

As a Fibonacci Coffee Franchisee, you can even add your own ‘signature dishes’ and/or introduce a supplier yourself – if Fibonacci Coffee approves the supplier, the whole group benefits – at Fibonacci Coffee it’s a one for all and all for one philosophy!

Brand Recognition

With a strong demand for Fibonacci Coffee product and service offering, it is easier to lean on and benefit from a winning brand. The more Fibonacci Coffee grows, the more you will benefit from greater buying power and the shared experience of more Fibonacci Coffee franchised businesses.

Fibonacci Coffee

Fibonacci Coffee


Along with diverse and delectable bites and dishes, our signature Fibonacci Coffee blends are PREMIUM ‘A’ GRADE and sure to impress even the most discerning of coffee connoisseurs.

Fibonacci PERFETTO Blend
Pure, Flawless, Complete…

A strong and well-rounded coffee that shows off a diverse range of premium origins, seasonally adjusted to ensure fresh crop, consistent flavour and quality. As espresso it is full-bodied, earthy with a clove like spice and has rich and toasty aroma. In milk it is wholesome, with Brazil nut flavour and strong cocoa finish.

Fibonacci VALIDO Blend
Strong, Effectual, Sound…

A rich spicy aroma that is reminiscent of star anise or a field of sweet molasses grasses. In the cup is another very full bodied coffee with notes of dark honey and rich smooth dark chocolate. In the milk is a strong yet smooth coffee where the dark chocolate balances out with the milk to create the taste of milk chocolate and a lingering caramel toffee finish.

 Fibonacci Coffee


The Fibonacci Coffee vision is focussed and driven towards expanding the operations Australia wide and the world by providing aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life with a first rate franchise business in the Espresso Café/Bar arena.

In light of rapid expansion and easing the entry into the Fibonacci Coffee franchised business, Fibonacci Coffee offers a low initial entry outlay to enter into the business with payment plan options to best suit entrepreneur minded individuals seeking to reap the rewards of being part of the Fibonacci Coffee group and a lucrative Espresso Café/Bar franchise like no other – JOIN US IN THE JOURNEY!

– Price On Application –

Fibonacci Coffee Franchise Enquiry

Franchise Application

If you are interested in learning more about the FIBONACCI COFFEE Franchise, contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL on 1300 558 278 and/or submit the enquiry form below.

Send an enquiry to Fibonacci Coffee



Clark Rubber

 Clark Rubber - Retail Icon


The Clark Rubber story began in 1946 when two men, Charlesworth and Clark formed a partnership to establish Clark Matting and Rubber. The business grew quickly, and in 1951 was listed on the Australian Stock Exchange. In 1961, the name was changed to Clark Rubber Stores.

In 1982, Clark Rubber was bought by the Adsteam Group, which continued to operate the business until 1994. At this point, the Clark Rubber name and logo were sold to Vita Pacific, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Pacific Dunlop, and the network of stores was closed down.

It was at this time that Chris Malcolm, a veteran of Australian retailing, stepped in. After lengthy negotiations, Chris licensed the Clark Rubber brand from Vita Pacific. Deciding that the franchise model was the best way to grow an already-strong brand, the first Clark Rubber store re-opened in Nunawading, Victoria in 1995.

By 1998, the 50th store had opened and Clark Rubber was once again one of the best recognised brands in Australian retail. In 2000, Chris Malcolm bought the Clark Rubber brand from Pacific Dunlop.

The store network continued to grow, and in 2003 Clark Rubber was recognised as the Franchise Council of Australia’s Franchisor of the Year in the ‘Entry Capital Over $200,000’ category. In the same year, Chris Malcolm was inducted into the Franchise Council of Australia’s ‘Hall of Fame. Three years later, Clark Rubber was awarded the Franchise Council of Australia’s highest honour, Franchisor of the Year.

Clark Rubber - The Rubber Experts, Australia's Local Pool Shop, The Home of Foam


The Clark Rubber brand is well known, its stores are bright and vibrant, and its customer base is broad.  Combined with a unique mix of products across the key categories of pools, foam and rubber this means that Clark Rubber stands alone in the Australian retail market.

Clark Rubber customers can choose from a range of different shaped and sized pools plus pumps, filters, chemicals and pool accessories. Pool water testing is also offered, and Clark Rubber franchisees operate a pool van from their stores, providing their customers with an onsite pool care service.

Clark Rubber is the largest retail suppliers of cut foam in Australia, and offers an in-store foam cutting service. Rubber is also a huge part of the business and Clark Rubber carries one of Australia’s largest retail selections of rubber products.

Great service is another key differentiator, and is at the core of the Clark Rubber customer experience. Franchisees and their teams are dedicated to helping their customers find the products that they need and the solutions to their problems. 


Clark Rubber franchisees enjoy the combined stock buying power that only comes from being part of a large national network of stores. A dedicated merchandise team works closely with suppliers to build product ranges across the key categories of pools, foam and rubber that best meet the needs of customers. In addition, the merchandise team sources products, develops promotional offers and negotiates trading terms and pricing.

Marketing and advertising are key to the ongoing success of any retail business. Clark Rubber invests millions of dollars each year into customer research, brand development and national retail advertising campaigns across multiple channels to drive customer traffic into its franchisees’ stores.

The national marketing team also works closely with all Clark Rubber franchisees to develop and execute effective local area marketing activities that support national campaigns at local store level.


Clark Rubber Franchisees benefit from a proven, best practice retail system. It not only provides franchisees with the knowledge and skills they need, but ensures they have tangible business tools to help them run a successful business.

Franchisees are supported every step of the way, whether they are taking over an existing store or starting up in a new location. The Clark Rubber support team can provide assistance in the areas of site selection, lease negotiation, store development in-store merchandising.

While new Clark Rubber franchisees benefit from a comprehensive initial training program, ongoing training and development for both franchisees and their teams is also a core focus. Covering product, customer service, selling skills and compliance topics, training is delivered through a combination of individual, group and online programs.

Clark Rubber also provides franchisees with the IT infrastructure required to manage every aspect of their business including, stock control, rostering, point-of-sale and financial reporting. There’s also a help desk to help out with any IT and system related issues.

 Clark Rubber - National Strength, Local Support


In addition to the extensive national support team, all Clark Rubber franchisees benefit from the ongoing relationship with a dedicated Regional Sales Manager. The Regional Sales Managers spend the majority of their time in stores, working with franchisees to implement Clark Rubber standards and provide regular feedback on all aspects of store performance. Their primary focus is to identify opportunities for franchisees to grow sales and improve profitability. Franchisees also have access to a team of qualified retail accountants, who work to ensure that stores’ administration, stock control systems and back office procedures are operating effectively and efficiently.


The Clark Rubber store network is growing, and opportunities are now available right around Australia for new franchisees to join the team. Whether you’re looking for a new challenge or you’re an experienced business owner, Clark Rubber offers everything you need to build your own business.

– Price On Application –

 Clark Rubber

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Fifo Capital

 Fifo Capital


Fifo Capital is the leading supplier of alternative finance to businesses in Australia. We are not a broker – we act like a mini bank and step in where most of the major banks can’t help.

Created by innovative industry professionals who saw a gap in the market, Fifo Capital has assisted business by lending a massive $400m.

The key driver behind our success is undoubtedly the people. The management team have all come with a pedigree in the SME lending industry and have a combined 100 years+ of experience behind them. This experience is directly in the SME lending space and not just ancillary business experience. For you to operate successfully in this space – the advice and systems you receive are critical.

Our target market is huge and expanding. With banks becoming increasingly focused on lending to the private mortgage market – the SME lending space is expanding rapidly – currently the opportunity stands at >$100m. Here’s an interesting article from Smart Company regarding the plight of businesses seeking finance in July 2015 titled: SMEs forced to use credit cards, personal loans for finance: Small Business Commissioner.

There are a number of products to the Fifo Capital brand:

  • Invoice Finance
  • Commercial Loans (Smart Loan)
  • Credit Repayment Plans (Flexi-Pay)

The product mix is set to expand as the opportunities present themselves. All of these products are tried and tested and drive huge returns to our franchisees.

We see our business more as a community of business professionals. It would be rare for you to hear the word “franchisee” we prefer to call each other “Business Partners”.

Using your own capital you would lend funds using our systems and processes. For bigger deals – we create internal syndicates which every business partner has the opportunity of investing in. Syndication is an exciting way to learn and be part of some dynamic lending scenarios.

Our invoice finance product is backed by insurance (which is optional) and this coupled with our robust systems keeps the risks extremely low. We are the only franchise system that has this risk protection tool.

We have a fully manned credit help desk who will guide you through every step of making your decisions.

Fifo Capital - I make it happen

So why should I join Fifo Capital?

  • Be part of the Market Leader
  • Get out of the Rat-Race
  • Huge returns
  • Very low risk – advances can be insured
  • Access to industry experts
  • Work from home
  • Very low overheads
  • No stock to manage
  • No Staff to manage
  • No premises to manage
  • Flexible working environment
  • Best in class training and Support

Fifo Capital was awarded the 30th fastest growing company in 2013 by Smart Company. It is THE ONLY franchise system where all the senior managers come with a pedigree in business finance – you are in very safe hands.

Why us?

The success of most franchise systems depends on the credibility, commitment and experience of the people behind it. Some people have a great idea but have they actually lived and breathed what they are promoting?

At Fifo Capital the key operators have all come from very seasoned commercial finance backgrounds: most having worked in very senior positions in large banks or finance companies. There is a combined 100 years + of experience in the senior management team and what’s more, everyone at manager level at Fifo is a shareholder in the business which locks in their focus and determination.

The leaders at Fifo have a huge level of experience and energy and that’s what has driven a staggering $400m of loans to business!

The Market

The opportunity is huge. Banks are fixated on traditional forms of finance and they almost always insist on property security. There are numerous, safe ways to fund businesses without the need for hard security and that’s where Fifo Capital fits in.

Fifo Capital has a very dynamic marketing department who undertake a number of high profile digital marketing strategies to attract business to the network.

To fund this, there is a marketing fund and all business partners are required to contribute $175 per month.

The Returns

Using our Smartloan product and systems you can easily make $150,000 per annum with a $500,000 loan at 30% per annum.

Invoice Finance can drive a $140,000 return if you purchased $200,000 of invoices monthly at a debt turn of 40 days and a standard fee of 6.25% (net of royalties).

Don’t worry if you don’t have that amount of capital – it is possible to borrow internally from other business partners however you will need a minimum of $200K to get started.

Skills Required

A successful franchisee requires 2 essential skills:

  1. The ability to confidently market the Fifo Capital products in the business community and also to prospective clients 
  2. To have a cool head and work diligently with Fifo Capital’s support team.

There is no other similar franchise system in Australia that can drive these levels of returns in such a low risk environment coupled with the amazing lifestyle benefits and driven by industry professionals.


– Price On Application –


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Under Wraps

Under Wraps - 'It's all good!'

it’s not just about sandwiches…

In recent years rising health consciousness, a fast paced lifestyle and time-pressed consumers has driven demand for fresh and healthy fast food and beverage choices.

According to the 2015 IBISWorld Industry Sandwich Shops in Australia Report, growing public awareness regarding health and diet has provided a boost for the Sandwich Shops industry over the past five years. Along with strong industry growth, the range of products on offer has also increased.

It is no longer just about the average sub sandwich – in an effort to entice customers into shops, operators provide a range of different sandwich options, together with other foods and beverages.

Although sub sandwiches account for the largest share of industry revenue, the popularity of these sandwiches is predominantly driven by the success of franchise giant Subway and the increased popularity of foreign-cuisine sandwiches, with Vietnamese banh mi becoming particularly popular. As a result, this product segment has increased as a share of revenue over the past five years – the trend is expected to continue.

Wraps account for the third-largest share of industry revenue with this segment benefitting from increasing health consciousness among consumers. The smaller volume of wraps, when compared with other bread types, has contributed to the success of this segment, as many consumers are conscious of their carbohydrate consumption. Changing lifestyle trends have also supported this segment, as consumers are living a greater portion of their lives on the go. As a result, the convenience and portability of wraps has helped this segment to increase as a share of revenue over the past five years.

Over the next five years, the industry will be bolstered by continued strong demand for quick and healthy food options – industry revenue is forecast to grow by an annualised 1.6% in the five years through 2020-21, to reach $1.8 billion.

Modern times bring with it a strong drive toward healthy food alternatives with new products and players continually entering the market. 

Indeed, the Australian fast food industry continues to grow at a strong rate so there has never been a better time to expand the Under Wraps success than now. 

Under Wraps 'It's all good!'

we’ve got it all Under Wraps…

Under Wraps is an Australian family owned business and has been successfully operating in the heart of Queensland’s Port Douglas since 2003.

Due to increased visibility, awareness and convenience, the Under Wraps brand has cultivated a strong following locally and combines both regular patronage and increasing profits.

With the media continually pushing consumers towards leading a healthier lifestyle, Under Wraps is pioneering the change in the Fast Food industry with a focus towards all good and healthy food options. At Under Wraps, ‘it’s all good!’.

Under Wraps is all about providing our customers with great tasting ‘real food’ that’s ‘real fresh’ in upbeat and conveniently located shops. We have taken into account the growing trend towards healthier eating choices and combined a constantly evolving sandwich, salad and juice menu offering.

At the heart of our kitchen is an ethos for using fresh, seasonal ingredients. Not only does our menu range from classic to adventurous sandwiches, salads and juices to leave our customers both well fed and energised, the Under Wraps health bar range includes super foods, ingredients and supplements to help promote a healthy lifestyle as well as support special dietary needs.

movers & shakers…

“At Under Wraps, we believe that good Franchisees are those who are good at picking trends. Our business model is supported by a sustainable and long-term shift in people’s attitudes towards healthy food and healthy living. Are you prepared to profit from this trend? 

“Not only have we a great product but we move with the times – since 2013 we are on the SUPER FOODS trend and also provide a wide range of foods and supplements in our range of foods and drinks – we have also created most of our menu gluten free & Paleo as this is a massive market trend”.
Wayne Stapleton

The Under Wraps Franchisor management team has a ‘hands-on’ approach to ensuring the ongoing success of the Under Wraps franchise network – this entails all aspects of franchise development, expansion and operations including, but not limited to:

*  Franchisee Induction
*  Training & Support

*  Franchisee Conferences
*  Franchise Business Development & Expansion
*  Strategic Planning
*  Site Sourcing, Selection & Negotiation
*  Store Fit Out/Design/Setup
*  Special Project Management

We believe that people are the most important ingredient in our success. Under Wraps seeks passionate Franchisees that will be dedicated to the company vision and philosophy and committed to the success of their very own Under Wraps franchised business. Under Wraps has brought together the finest ingredients – people, professionalism, market research, products, customer service, store design, proven state-of-the-art systems and documentation and corporate branding – and packaged them up as a cool and fresh franchise opportunity set for national and international expansion.As an Under Wraps Franchisee, you can expect:

*  proven business systems
*  complete turnkey operation
*  contemporary store design & fitout
exclusive territory
*  comprehensive initial training
opening assistance
*  ongoing mentoring and support
marketing & advertising assistance
corporate website listing
groovy uniforms
and a whole lot more!

The Under Wraps Franchise opportunity is a health inspired fast food business offering the confident entrepreneur the option of a single or multi-unit Kiosk, Food Court and/or Cafe store operation.


Franchise Application

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Good Feet

 Good Feet - Your Arch Support Store Franchise


Be part of the Good Feet® international expansion

Good Feet® Master Franchise/Licence & Distributorship opportunities are available! See yourself as a Good Feet® Master Franchisee/Licensee or Area Developer? Good Feet® is rapidly expanding around the world – here is your opportunity to discover business success in your country with a Good Feet® Master Franchise/Licence or Distributorship.

With the exception of the following established countries/areas, the world is your oyster!

  • Australia & New Zealand
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Bahrain
  • Lebanon
  • Qatar
  • Kuwait
  • U.A.E

Good Feet® Master Franchise/Licence:

Be a Master Franchisee/Licensee and develop in your country. You will share in start-up costs and continuous fee income monthly along with the rights to distribution of Good Feet® products exclusively to the franchise stores in your country.

  • Partner with Good Feet to establish retail stores in your country
  • Made in the USA
  • High prices and product margins
  • Few competitors

 Do you have management capabilities to support and serve at retail these health and wellness products?
Are you interested in helping people enjoy a quality lifestyle?

For Master Franchisee/Licensee Partners, Good Feet® seek people with:

  • Executive level management experience
  • Sales and operational experience
  • Retail experience preferred
  • Keen interest and capabilities to earn high income.

As a Master Franchisee, you will open a local Good Feet® store to sell products, use the location to attract potential franchisees and establish Good Feet® franchises, have an office there to meet with prospective Franchisees, train new Franchisees and warehouse products sent by Good Feet® Corporate to sell to your Franchisees.

Good Feet® Distributor:

The Distributor agreement is offered for markets where there are limited opportunities to sell unit franchises by a Good Feet® Master operator. Certain countries are better fit for a distributorship to allow the brand to grow with less governmental intrusion.

Does your country qualify? If yes, then a Good Feet ® Distributorship will provide you with ownership of the exclusive rights to distribute Good Feet® products into countries where you will have the ability to serve multiple wholesale, retail and the direct consumer markets through your distribution.



Currently Good Feet® is a growing international franchised retailer of personally fitted, pre-fabricated arch supports with over 107 franchises located throughout the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Korea, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Puerto Rico. According to Gary Sanchez, Director of Marketing, “many of our existing franchisees are rapidly expanding their stores to other markets. In fact, over 20 franchisees are now multiple store owners. One of our franchise owners leads this trend now owning 13 U.S. based Good Feet® locations! [The company’s] franchisees are grabbing up these markets as they see this as smart business investment, and are positioning themselves in front of a recognized, high-growth, consumer market trend”].

Starting out as a small family-owned business in 1992, the first Good Feet® Store opened in San Diego, California in 1995 to help people who, like the company’s founder, suffered tremendous foot and back pain that was so crippling their quality of life had deteriorated.

Good Feet® Worldwide is now an international franchised retailer of personally fitted, pre-fabricated arch supports. Good Feet® Worldwide has an excellent promotional viewpoint, because their products are researched and proudly created in America, with size options for everyone.


Good Feet® is a retail arch support store that sells custom fit arch supports that are designed to alleviate and even eliminate foot related pain.

As America’s #1 arch support store®, Good Feet® has been providing quality products since 1995. Our uniquely designed pre-fabricated arch supports are designed to support the feet, eliminate or alleviate foot pain, evenly distribute weight and take pressure off of areas that need it most.

In addition, our products are designed to align the body by placing the feet, the body’s foundation into an “Ideal” position. With proper support, posture and alignment, foot pain, knee pain and back pain is a thing of the past for hundreds of thousands of customers.



With such a large portion of the population worldwide experiencing foot pain, the need for Good Feet® products is increasing exponentially. Rising health care costs as well as the overwhelming self-help treatment desires of today’s savvy consumers are also major factors affecting buying decisions.

Good Feet® is a low investment franchise opportunity that sells products that generate high margins. Good Feet® provides you marketing materials and trains you to educate the consumer about our products which leads to highly qualified traffic. Our experienced sales associates are able to convert traffic at a high percentage and with a high average sales ticket.

The most common foot pain problems are caused by wearing improper footwear, walking on hard surfaces for long periods of time, improper arch support, sports injuries or being overweight.

Doctors and researchers agree that people can experience discomfort in their feet, legs, hips and back due to foot problems. If your feet are not properly balancing your body weight, the rest of your skeletal structure can become misaligned.

Good Feet® Arch Supports are designed to assist in placing your feet in an ideal foot position, where your feet are more correctly aligned and your body weight more evenly distributed. This can relieve pain and pressure in your feet, hips, even your back.

America’s #1 Arch Support Store®

With 25+ styles and over 350 sizes, Good Feet® is America’s #1 arch support store®. With Good Feet® Arch Supports, your feet, back, and whole body can be comfortable all day- no matter your shoe style, lifestyle or activity.

Franchisee Testimonials

“We became franchisees in June 2001. We now have four stores in the Portland area and love what we do. No one touches the quality and quantity of products and services we offer. We would recommend owning a Good Feet® store to anyone.”

-| Dan & Sue Austad |-

“I have been a Good Feet® franchisee for years, and I wake up every day knowing I will help people feel better. This is a great business model moving into the future as more of our population is growing older and entering our prime demographic.”

-| Jeff Ando |-



You can feel confident in owning a Good Feet® franchise. With nearly two decades of industry experience, quality products made right here in the USA and corporate support every step of the way, Good Feet® is a solid business system.

  • Comprehensive Training
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Materials and Assistance
  • Business Operations Support
  • Exclusive protected territories
  • Internal franchisee intranet which provides 24/7 learning tools and business resources
  • Multi-franchise opportunities
  • Low Investment Costs
  • 20 Years in Business
  • Few Competitors
  • Large Target Market
  • Made in the USA
  • High Price Points
  • High Product Margins
  • We Help People Feel Better




What type of prior experience does a franchise need to have?

Strong business acumen and/or experience as a previous business ownership are valuable, as is a retail / consumer focused mentality. Franchisees should be able and willing to learn key concepts such as financial analysis, operations, customer service, employee hiring and training. However, Good Feet® don’t expect franchisees to have experience in our industry.

Is financing available?

No, Good Feet® does not offer direct financing to franchisees. We are able to provide references to qualified financing or lending agencies that support the franchise industry.

What is the term of the franchise agreement?

The initial term of a Good Feet® franchise agreement is ten years, with a subsequent renewal option of ten years.

Are there ongoing fees paid to the franchisor?

Franchisees currently do not pay a royalty to the franchisor. They do pay a nominal monthly Advertising & Marketing fee per store per month.

What will I receive as part of the Good Feet® franchise system?

Franchisees and their key managers will receive classroom training for approximately two weeks. They will also have access to the Good Feet® media library and to the Good Feet® trademarks, approved suppliers and proprietary information technology systems.

How much will the Good Feet® franchise investment cost me?

The total initial investment depends on a number of factors including construction costs, and the franchisee’s working capital reserve during their first three months of operation. Good Feet® recommend a total liquid capital required of a minimum $50,000 however this may vary according to country and/or the franchisee’s particular circumstances.

– Price On Application –


Franchise Application

If you are interested in learning more about the GOOD FEET® Master Franchise/Licence or Distributorship, contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL on 1300 558 278 and/or submit the enquiry below.

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ACCC helping franchising sector to get ready for the new code

Are you ready for the new franchising code? *   

From 1 January 2015, the current Franchising Code of Conduct will be replaced with a new Franchising Code. The new Code is available on the ComLaw website.

The ACCC has released guidance material on the new Code to help franchisors, current and prospective franchisees and their professional advisers to make sense of the new Code.

The new guidance material is available at www.accc.gov.au/franchisingcode and includes updated versions of the franchisor compliance manual and the franchisee manual.

For further information, including on how the ACCC will be enforcing the new Code, please read the full ACCC media release.

For those of you who were not able to attend the live webinar on 9 December 2014 you can watch the video of the event by clicking on this link. If you would like to review the slides used during the webinar presentation, you can see them by clicking on this link.

Need to update your documentation to comply with the new Franchising Code? Contact Franchise Central.

Tutor Doctor Opens First Franchise Location in Australia

Tutor Doctor Opens First Franchise Location in Australia *  

Convenient, Effective Learning System Now Available to Australian Families.

Van Nuys, CA – According to recent report, the tutoring industry in Australia has grown by nearly 40 percent within the past five years and is valued at $6 billion. Tutor Doctor, the fastest growing “in-home” private tutoring franchise worldwide, has entered Australia for the first time with plans under way for one location in Sydney and a second location opening in Melbourne by the end of 2014.     

Leading the brand’s expansion in Australia is Hugh Moore, owner of the new Sydney franchise. Hugh has 17 years of experience working in finance for various investment banks in Sydney, London and Singapore. Hugh’s immediate goal will be to build a team of high-quality tutors with a passion and patience for teaching while also informing locals about the Tutor Doctor brand and the company’s rapidly expanding one-to-one tutoring service designed to help students in all subjects at all levels.

“I decided to be one of the first to open a Tutor Doctor franchise in Australia because I was impressed by the personalised and comprehensive service that the Tutor Doctor model offers,” said Moore. “The Tutor Doctor advantages are numerous: one-to-one learning in the home, a detailed matching process to ensure the student and the tutor are the right fit and an end-to-end service from the initial consultation to ongoing progress reports. With more than a decade of experience globally, Tutor Doctor has a proven track record tutoring students in various countries and I am confident that our business will thrive in Australia.”

The Tutor Doctor program begins with an in-depth academic and learning style assessment in order to create a custom program and to find the right match between the tutor and student. Tutor Doctor also works with the students’ current teacher to ensure that they are meeting both the student’s and teacher’s expectations. Throughout the process, parents will receive ongoing communication and support from Tutor Doctor. Earlier this year, Tutor Doctor rolled out a new program called the Academic Game Plan – a plan that works with students individually to help them develop strong organizational, planning and goal setting skills. Together with the one-to-one tutoring model, students are able to build both the confidence and study skills necessary to succeed in school and in life.

In addition to providing school-age students with tutoring in various subjects, many families also hire Tutor Doctor to help students get ahead and prepare for more advanced challenges, such as honours classes that could help them get into a preferred college or university. Tutor Doctor has also proven valuable for the rapidly growing home-schooled population, as well as for seniors wanting to learn technology skills.

“Australia is a perfect match and an untapped market for the Tutor Doctor model and we couldn’t be more thrilled for Hugh to launch operations in Sydney this month,” said Frank Milner, President of Tutor Doctor. “Our business model in Australia will be very similar to the U.S. and U.K. model with the advantage that there is a strong Asian population in Australia that has historically showed a higher usage of tutoring services. It’s a phenomenal opportunity for us because there is no other company like Tutor Doctor currently operating in Australia.”

Furthermore, Mohan Dhall, CEO of the Australian Tutoring Association (ATA), was a keynote speaker at a previous Tutor Doctor Annual Conference in New Orleans and, as a result of Tutor Doctor expanding into the country, the company has recently became a member of the ATA.

For further information on the Tutor Doctor franchise, CLICK HERE or call Franchise Central on 1300 558 278.

Tutor Doctor

Join the WORLD'S #1 one-to-one in-home tutoring franchise!



Frank Milner - Tutor Doctor President“It’s one thing to make a dollar – but another thing to also make a difference.”
Frank Milner | Tutor Doctor President

Tutor Doctor is all about making a difference, it’s that simple. Tutor Doctor franchise owners are self-starters who have a profound impact on the lives of their students and families. At Tutor Doctor, we believe that every person can learn, but they may learn differently. We help each student to discover their learning style and work with them one-to-one to find a solution that helps them achieve their dreams. Tutor Doctor is driven by the entrepreneurial spirit of all of our franchisees and a desire to help students achieve their greatest potential.

With over 400 franchised territories around the world, Tutor Doctor is not only the #1 in-home one-to-one tutoring franchise but the fastest growing franchise of its kind worldwide.

As a franchisee, Tutor Doctor is committed to helping you find the right solution for your situation – from our initial training to our many programs designed to help franchisees succeed.


Today, Tutor Doctor is a multi-national tutoring company with over 400 franchised territories worldwide.Founder John Hooi didn’t think that the only solution for kids who were struggling with school was more school. His initial tutoring service was so successful, that he decided to commence offering franchises in 2003, and from there, the Tutor Doctor brand was born.In 2007, Tutor Doctor was acquired by its current owners, who enhanced the business model and re-launched an enhanced version in 2008 with Frank Milner, the current president, at the helm. While the world was experiencing one of the worst recessions in history, Tutor Doctor was growing.

With a presence on 5 continents in 16 countries and over 18,000 tutors worldwide, Tutor Doctor is enjoying one of the fastest international expansions of any educational company in the history of franchising.

Why is Tutor Doctor so successful? 

Forbes Magazine predicts that the global private tutoring market is projected to surpass $102.8 billion by 2018. Tutor Doctor has taken this opportunity to create a business model that holds quality, convenience, and personalised care at its core.

Tutor Doctor Webmercial



Have you ever considered a business…

  • In a multi-billion dollar high-growth industry?
  • Where a turn-key proven system is provided?
  • That capitalises on the latest technologies?
  • With no employees, inventory, and minimal overhead?
  • That offers the flexibility to work from home and in your own hours?
  • That’s recession proof with virtually unlimited income potential? 

Essentially, a Tutor Doctor franchise is a white collar management business targeting the ever expanding home tutoring market. As a Tutor Doctor franchisee you can enjoy a rewarding lifestyle business maintaining your own roster of tutors using Tutor Doctor’s proven tutor management systems – no teaching and/or tutoring experience required!

The Big Apple System and eTutoring Platform
The Tutor Doctor Big Apple System and eTutoring Platform means that as a Franchisee you will discover:

  • How you can make informed decisions by using real-time reporting tools built into the Big Apple system;
  • How the Big Apple integrates with the Tutor Doctor Accounting module and helps you track your business financial performance;
  • How easy it is to create a student profile and track payments, tutoring hours and assigned tutors;
  • How effective the Big Apple system lets you manage your tutors, regardless of the amount of tutors in your roster; and,
  • Much more!

Franchise Buyer Australia interview with Rogelio Martinez of Tutor Doctor



Jen & Margot

  1. Make a difference in the lives of children and help them succeed.
  2. Work from home and fit in with your lifestyle.
  3. The private Tutoring industry will surpass 102.8 Billion Dollars by 2018.
  4. A growing customer base and recurring revenue model.
  5. Low overhead and Investment with high earning potential.
  6. Strong, supportive and global network of franchisees for mentoring and support.
  7. One of the fastest growing franchises, recognised as an industry leader.
  8. Extensive training and support to help you succeed.
  9. The Tutor Doctor model produces great results for students.
  10. Our customers love us – 95% of families using Tutor Doctor would recommend us to others.
Jon-Anthony LuiLearn why hundreds of people in all walks of life have chosen to help students and children in their communities reach their full potential.

“It was easy to fall in love with Tutor Doctor because of the positive impact they have on students and families.”

Jon-Anthony Lui | Franchisee Ontario, CA.

CLICK HERE to watch Jon-Anthony’s Tutor Doctor Growing Business video.

This is your opportunity to provide a much-needed service and change the lives of children in your community!

Are you ready to be a Tutor Doctor franchise owner?

– Price On Application –

Discover the

Franchise Application

If you are interested in learning more about the TUTOR DOCTOR Franchise, contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL on 1300 558 278 and/or submit the enquiry form below.

Send an enquiry to Tutor Doctor



Malaysia Franchising Open for Business

Malaysia Franchising Open for Business *  

Franchise Central is doing its bit to grow relations and open two way opportunity channels between Australia and Malaysia.

Nick James and Dato Sri Mustapa

In recent times, the Malaysian government placed focus on the growth of the country’s franchise industry with specific goals set for the industry to contribute 9.4% to the country’s GDP and to become a leading franchise hub in the South East Asia region by the year 2020.

With opportunities plentiful for international franchise expansion in Malaysia, there is currently a strong push by the Malaysian government to attract more international franchises.

Franchise Central’s senior franchise consultant Mr. Nick James, recently had in depth discussions with The Hon. Dato Sri Mustapa Mohamed, Minister of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia, on his recent visit to Melbourne from Kuala Lumpur.

Discussions centred on boosting trade competitiveness, business opportunities in Malaysia and in particular, establishing co-operative relationships to partner with Malaysian businesses seeking to expand via Franchising in Malaysia and also in assisting Malaysian investors to select and invest in premium Australian franchise businesses.

Dato Sri Mustapa expressed that it was essential that such a business relationship would be with a firm that has a proven track record of building better businesses in Australasia.

Mr. James firmly agreed that seeking assistance from successful and rewarding professional partners where growth and a mutually fruitful relationship is a core responsibility is paramount to success and longevity.

“A successful partnership is one where all contribute and all are rewarded over many years.

“With a population of just under 30 million, Malaysia’s middle class is rapidly growing which in turn, is fuelling demand for quality businesses and franchises to service and supply this demand.

“With proven success in assisting and guiding franchises and businesses to develop their systems, brands and markets from Singapore and Australia into Malaysia, Franchise Central is well placed to foster this relationship,” said Mr. James.

There has been great engagement and collaboration between Australia and Malaysia for many years and investment continues to grow steadily between both countries.

When it comes to prioritising the franchising and education sectors in collaboration with Malaysian authorities and Franchise Central as a two way traffic partnership, the Minister says, “We are open for business!”

Dato Sri Mustapa emphasised that dealing with Franchise Central would give Malaysian investors many options in choosing a business career in self employment whether it be in Malaysia or Australia.

“The Malaysian government has taken a pro-business initiative to assist franchises and investors to initiate and grow franchises. There is a very strong demand to own your own business in Malaysia”, said Mr. James.

The Minister expressed that he felt a common bond with Mr. James as he too, has been pro-franchising for his country and has led many delegations over the years to Australia seeking professional franchise consultants and franchises.

“Over the years, the Malaysian people have cultivated a strong connection with Australians and welcome Australian opportunities to expand into Malaysia’s growing consumer market – at Franchise Central, we encourage our clients and other franchisors who wish us to represent them to enter into the strong and affluent Malaysian franchise sector as part of their international franchise expansion plans,” said Mr. James.

Thinking of expanding your brand internationally? For further information, contact Franchise Central.


P & B Commercial Lawyers


Legal Services of Melbourne’s Leading Boutique Law Firms

P&B Law is a Melbourne law firm, established in 1994. Our solicitors provide legal services in Melbourne and across Australia covering the areas of:

property law

business law

disputes and litigation

business succession

Learn more about other legal services our St.Kilda Road solicitors provide.


The Value of Communication

Good communication with our clients is of the highest importance to us. We can be contacted by telephone, facsimile or email. In addition we have established an instant communication solution via our website. If you require legal services in any of our areas of expertise, please contact us.

Our Legal Service Guarantee

P&B Law always ensures the highest professional service according to our stringent mission statement.

As our client you can expect:

Access to exemplary legal advice in a confidential, friendly and comfortable atmosphere;
A common sense approach to legal services and negotiations on your behalf;
A letter confirming your initial instructions. We detail what you want to achieve by retaining us as your legal advisers. We provide you with an indication of the expected professional fees, based upon those instructions;
Prompt personal service;
Regular communication by telephone and mail advising of the progress of your matter;
As part of our continuing client commitment we endeavour to keep you updated with those changes in the law we believe affect you.

Legal Services by Our Melbourne Practice

legal-services-melbourneWe provide legal advice in three major areas: property law, business law, disputes and litigation. Other legal services include wills and business succession. If you have any questions regarding our legal services – please contact us.

Property Law

Property Conveyancing: the legal services of processing the transfer of the legal title in real estate from one person to another.

Property Development & Subdivision: legal documents for land developers.

We also provide legal advice for Melbourne clients requiring help with general real estate law.

Private Mortgage Lending.

Business Law

Business Consulting: long and lasting solutions for our clients. We pride ourselves in our business law department in helping our clients with their business law problems.

Business & Company Transfers: we help achieve the best deal available during the business transfer process. We provide legal advice and expertise during transfer negotiations and guide our customers through the legal transaction.

Business & Investment Structuring: legal advice in business’ control, taxation, protection of family assets and exposure to creditors.

Commercial Documentation: We draw standard legal documents to best suit the needs of our business clients.

Intellectual Property Law Consulting: legal assistance on copyright law, trademark law, design law, confidential information and other intellectual property rights.

Franchising & Licensing

Franchising & Licensing: We offer a comprehensive system of legal documents for a franchisor-franchisee relationship.

Liquor Licensing: We have strong working knowledge of all aspects of liquor law.

Employment Law: We prepare contracts of employment in simple English, which are enforceable in a dispute.

Disputes and Litigation

Commercial Litigation: effectively resolve business disputes. We will develop the best strategy and method to manage your disputes. Our solicitors will work with you to control litigation financing and litigation funding.

Employees and Workplace Relations: We provide legal advice to implement policies and workplace practices.

Legal Wills and Business Succession Plans

Other services include legal wills and business succession planning.

How to Contact Us

6th Floor East, 608 St. Kilda Road,
Melbourne, VIC 3004

PO Box 6828
St Kilda Road Central, Victoria 8008

(03) 9692 9888

(03) 9692 9899


Send an enquiry to P & B Commercial Lawyers






One of Australia’s LARGEST retail networks in the surveillance & security industry, servicing both the retail and commercial sectors.

If you are looking for a unique franchise in a boom industry then this could be an opportunity for you. OzSpy is currently offering the best terms ever to get you into our system as we are currently geared for growth. We offer guaranteed income, easy finance, great training (much you can do from home), instant earnings potential and fantastic support.

OzSpy is currently looking for talented and driven franchisees with the ability to seize the opportunity to join our industry and share in our success. To continue the success and growth, OzSpy have strategised growth plans with limited number of store opportunities within Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

We are the only franchise chain with modern interactive showrooms where customers can see side by side demonstrations of CCTV and Surveillance Equipment.

We are the only franchise chain that offers a full range of CCTV and Surveillance Equipment.

Our retail stores are used as an attractant for clients in the commercial sector where our franchisees can easily compete on CCTV installations with exceptional returns

Easy Finance and Income Guarantee!



OzSpy_image6The OzSpy Security Solutions franchise system is a strong and growing brand that has immense loyalty from Australian consumers and associated industries alike. With solid growth since the day of conception, excellent range, quality products and fantastic service, OzSpy has a realfocus on the future. OzSpy is now in the mature stage with all systems in place and models proven, now is the time to jump onboard and ride the wave as the Australian security industry booms.

We offer supreme quality and affordability in everything we sell. With a product range of well over 350 products it is hard to imagine a need we can not satisfy.

Alarm systems

CCTV systems

Security cameras

Hidden cameras

Mini spy cameras

Phone recorders

Listening devices

GPS trackers

Our franchise model allows franchisees with little or no experience in the technical fields to own and prosper in an electronics environment.

We achieve this by:

Selling retail honed products that are simple, affordable and effective.

Utilising sub contractors for technical work (Optional depending on franchisees skill level)

Providing simple, effective training to bring franchisees up to the basic levels required within our model.

Providing rapid support when our franchisee is confronted by a difficult question.

Providing mediums for information sharing between franchisees.

Providing an intranet environment with access to support areas.


OzSpy_image4With an OzSpy franchise there are massive opportunities as each franchisee enjoys retail sales, trade sales, wholesale sales, CCTV installations and alarm installations, which may be domestic, commercial, industrial, tenders or government contracts. You also get 100% of profits from online sales in your area as credits from head office, not to mention we buy directly from international manufacturers with bulk buying power giving you access to fantastic margins unlike anything else available in Australia.

When you combine this with exceptional training and support, you can see why we can guarantee earnings. All we need are smart, motivated people who have a drive to create wealth and the recipe is complete.

The OzSpy system is designed to generate significant profits and reward consistent sales performance with a remuneration structure second to none:

6 months Income Guarantee

Up to $10k marketing injection by OzSpy

In-house finance available

Buying power and access to an extensive product range and big brand names

Designer retail space

Training and support


Our franchise model allows franchisees with little or no experience in the technical fields to own and prosper in an electronics environment.

You do not need CCTV experience, we will teach you (fundamental management skills are an advantage)

Shop fit out is managed by you but overseen by us, saving you heaps.

Point of sale systems are included in price.

Training is included in price (much of which is via correspondence whilst you are organising your shop).

Accounting package, uniforms and stationery are included in price.

Massive earnings potential.

Hours are standard trading hours with little or no after hours work.

Ideally suited to couples or partnerships, however single operators can function very well within model.

Entire process can take as little as under 8 weeks before you are making money in your own OzSpy franchise.

We are seeking applicants that:

Have an interest in computers and confidence using them.

Have an understanding or experience in running a business.

Are motivated and set goals

Have an interest in improving the lives of their customers.


 There are four levels of franchises available from OzSpy, they are based mainly on population.

Population in Territory

License Fee

Training Fee

Starter Pack Fee

Fit-out (Est) (self managed)


Over 200k












Under 100k






Under 40k






Total Investment 190k 140k 110k 90k

*Pricing excludes GST, fit out to be managed by franchisee



Marketing Assistance

Easy Finance (up to)

Income Guarantee Rebates (up to)













*Marketing assistance is a once off injection into your area. Income guarantee is split over a 6 month period and paid monthly where BEP is not achieved.

OzSpy may offer significant discounts for level C & D territories when integrating into an existing profitable synergetic business.

For more information about An OzSpy Franchise please contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL

If you would like to be considered for this franchise, please submit the enquiry form below. Alternatively, to download the Franchise Application for Consideration CLICK HERE.


Send an enquiry to Ozspy




My Botique



Australia’s No.1 Cosmetic Clinic Brand

modelFace_001My Botique ‘Cosmetic Injection Specialist’ is Australia’s Number 1 Cosmetic Clinic brand. Established in 2009 by a highly motivated team of entrepreneurs, MB has taken the Clinic Industry by storm. My Botique ‘Cosmetic Injection Specialist’ provides a world class service in cosmetic injections, laser therapy, skin therapy and body treatments.

My Botique ‘Cosmetic Injection Specialist’ has already opened three successful clinics employing over 20 highly trained professionals, and you too could indulge in this luxurious and lucrative opportunity

Over 10,000 patients have been treated in the last 18 months and a growth in sales of over 30%, My Botique ‘Cosmetic Injection Specialist’ is truly “The Future of Aesthetics

My Botique Unparalled Service

My Botique ‘Cosmetic Injection Specialist’ has the most experienced team of staff and partners than any other clinic group in Australia. We deliver high quality, affordable, non-surgical procedures in 5-star luxury clinics.

Our alliance with Allergan, Galderma, Syneron and Ipsen offers our clients the widest range of products to give you the choice they deserve.

Although My Botique ‘Cosmetic Injection Specialist’ has access to some of the best clinical trainers in the world, we have gone one step further and created the My Botique ‘Cosmetic Injection Specialist’ Academy. We offer a comprehensive step by step training program for doctors, nurses and skin therapist eager to join the industry.

Being part of the My Botique ‘Cosmetic Injection Specialist’ group gives you access to the very best and most current services available today. Equal to our focus on training is our business development system. Our KPI management system is not only unique, but also completely focused on performance and income which is unparalleled in the industry.

My Botique Cosmetic Injection Specialist Defying All Odds!

Despite the global financial crisis, the Australian Franchise sector has out performed and exceeded expectations in the global economy.

In 2010, Australians spent over $580 million on non-surgical cosmetic treatment, most of it on Anti-Wrinkle injections.

The beauty industry is definitely looking up, with a 30% growth in Australia and 40% growth internationally in cosmetic treatment.

studio_foyer1This is a great opportunity for those that love aesthetics and business, are willing to adapt to an amazing and profitable system, and want to be part of a Global Mega Trend to share the success of My Botique ‘Cosmetic Injection Specialist’.

Relax with a My Botique ‘Cosmetic Injection Specialist’ franchise today!

So what will you get when you become part of the leading cosmetic clinic brand ?

• Low start-up costs
• Comprehensive business training
• A profitable clinic system
• A ready made database and cash flow
• Digital marketing campaigns
• State advertising campaigns
• Access to the MB Academy
• Initial & Ongoing Training

We’re looking for franchisees who have:

• Medical / Professionals who understands investing in a burgeoning market – AESTHETICS
• Passion and energy to be aligned with a No.1 Cosmetic Clinic Brand
• Good work ethic
• Excellent management and leadership skills
• A willingness to learn and undergo My Botique ‘Cosmetic Injection Specialist’ training.

ESTIMATED INVESTMENT: Details On Application

If you would like to be considered for this franchise, please submit the enquiry form below. Alternatively, to download the Franchise Application for Consideration CLICK HERE.


Send an enquiry to My Botique




Jim’s Pool Care


Are you self motivated and hard working? Do you deserve a better return on your hard work and want to enjoy a better lifestyle?It’s time to become YOUR OWN BOSS and TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FUTURE!

jim's-pool-Care-Mobile-Pool-ShopsJim’s Pool Care provides you with the opportunity to work outdoors, to work your own hours, to be your own boss and to build your business exponentially.

The Jim’s brand is recognised by 94% of Australian adults and coupled with the accrued business acumen and proven systems, your business will have an enormous head start over your competitors.

You may have already identified that your main reason for considering becoming a Jim’s Pool Care franchisee is to either change your lifestyle or to increase your income or both. Taking control of your destiny is a big move and we are here to help you on that journey.

We look forward to helping you reach your goals, with full training and ongoing support. So if you are prepared to put in the hard work and ongoing effort required to grow a successful business, then we want to hear from you today.

A Truly Lifestyle Business

A Jim’s Pool Care franchise is a mobile based business that embraces SIMPLICITY, FLEXIBILITY & GREAT LIFESTYLE! Here are just some of the reasons why you should consider investing in a Jim’s Pool Care Mobile Pool Shops franchised business:

● You become your own boss; Lifestyle,-Income-&-Support

● You control your working day and have the flexibility to choose when you work;

● You get more time to spend with family, friends and doing the things you enjoy;

● You get to join a growing team and become part of Australia’s largest home services brand and franchise, the Jim’s Group, with more than 3200 franchisees;

● You will have access to a great range of successful franchisees that are willing and able to help you;

● You will charge for your time plus chemicals and equipment so your income isn’t capped; and,

● You get a step by step start-up guide, full training and ongoing support plus an income guarantee to help get your business started.

Outstanding Marketing Support

We provide all high level marketing and branding such as website, Google, yellow pages. We also help you conduct an initial local marketing campaign and have a library of ready to go marketing resources such as flyers, letters and stationery for new Franchisees to utilise in their local area. This means more time for you to focus on your customers and grow your business.

Full Training Provided

There will be 2 Days Jim’s Group Business training. Initial Pool Care Training is 3 weeks Intensive followed by a 30 Day in the field work book with in field support.

Melbourne has grown dramatically over the last 10 years and the demand for home services continues to increase – indeed, more and more time poor people with disposable income need us!

Selected territories are now available in the Melbourne East & Melbourne West areas.


Are you:

● Motivated and passionate about customer service?

● Willing and able to follow systems and processes?

● Ready for a change and prepared to invest in yourself?

Then contact Franchise Central today to find out more, have a confidential chat and to receive a detailed information pack.

Estimated Investment Range: 49K + Franchise VEHICLE

If you would like to be considered for this franchise, please submit the enquiry form below. Alternatively, to download the Franchise Application for Consideration CLICK HERE.


Send an enquiry to Jim's Pool Care




Vulcano Gelato



The fast food industry in Australia continues to grow at a strong rate so there has never been a better time to expand the Vulcano Gelato success than now. Modern times bring with it a strong drive toward healthy food alternatives with new products and players continually entering the market. In Italian, gelato means ice cream and in Australia, we certainly love our ice cream! So much so that according to IBISWorld Industry Market Research 2010, we are the third largest consumer of ice cream in the world with an annual average per capita consumption of 18 litres per year trailing the USA with 23 litres and New Zealand with 20 litres. With statistics such as these and the current health trend in mind, Vulcano Gelato franchises are sure to be erupting in all locations!


Vulcano Gelato offers a truly unique and authentic Italian gelato that is made fresh daily using a recipe established in 1960 pre-packaged and imported exclusively for Vulcano Gelato from Vulcano Sicily, Italy. In fact, the only ingredients sourced locally and added to this phenomenal base include, but are not limited to, the fresh fruits and sugars.

Of course, a multitude of other additions from chocolate to pistachios also allows for an extensive and versatile flavour selection – the pinnacle being the secret recipe to our iconic and signature ‘Vulcano’ flavour.

Like all our gelato, this one guarantees an unsurpassable ‘eruption of flavour’ that dances on the tongue with a wicked tempo. Seriously, gelato has never been this hot!

As director of the Franchisor, Gino Maniaci is a young vibrant business man who grew up in the family business – ‘Ritrovo (Bar) Remigio’ – established by his grandfather in 1960 as a thriving seasonal cafe/bar style business on the breathtakingly beautiful island of Vulcano located off the coast of Sicily, Italy. It was here at Ritrovo Remigio that the secret base recipe of the world renowned gelato served in Vulcano Gelato today was inspired and cultivated.

In 2008, Gino opened the first Vulcano Gelato in Melbourne’s destinational suburb of Rye to extraordinary results. A seasonal destination; in the warmer months it is nothing to witness lines extending 100 metres long of families, lovers, the young and the old alike waiting patiently … willingly … and in sheer anticipation for the Vulcano Gelato experience!



Our Iconic Signature Star Gelato Delights


Our very own iconic ‘namesake’ signature flavour and an eruption of layered flavours to blow your mind. Luscious, naughty and unpredictable, Vulcano will tantalise … tease … rumble and build you up to an orgasmic explosion! Gelato never tasted this hot.

Taste of Sicily

The Godfather of gelato … if we say any more, we’ll have to kill you!

Cioccolato Fondente

A dark, mysterious and very, very exotic Italian … now here’s a smooth dark chocolate demon to send you over the edge. And don’t let the fact that it has zero milk fool you – its packing high voltage cocoa beans! Strictly for those that like it a little dangerous.


Spellbinding, to say the least … and everyone loves a little bit of magic. With a shot of the infamous Italian liquor Strega (aka ‘the witch’) in the brew, this one has been known to cast a bewitching spell of pure euphoria.

Just Some of Our Famous Favourites

Bacio Bianco

Creamy, dreamy white chocolate with whole hazelnuts … don’t be fooled! There is nothing innocent about this ‘white kiss’ – once it touches your lips you will never be the same.


A whole new love affair with chocolate …pure Italian style … smooth, sophisticated and unsurpassable.


Toasted hazelnuts from Italy that will have you whipped into a frenzy – a great one to go nuts over!


99% fat free made with freshly squeezed lemon juice to knock your socks off! There is nothing quite like it … totally mouth watering!


For the kooky cookie cruncher in all of us this one is packed with cookies so you can crunch to your heart’s content!


For the espresso lover this one is made using freshly brewed espresso coffee – creamy like you wouldn’t believe with the unexpected bursting of the odd roasted coffee bean, you are sure to be pleasantly surprised. gelato In fact, over 45 other delectable gelato flavours make up our repertoire plus a multitude of other spectacular titillating treat sensations made fresh daily to specific secret recipes including granita, brioche con gelato, coffee & cocoa concoctions, creamy dreamy considerations like our devilish panna, take home packs, gelato cakes and mini choc tops.

Sharing the passion

We believe that people are the most important ingredient in our success. Therefore, Vulcano Gelato seeks passionate Franchisees that will be dedicated to the company vision and philosophy and committed to the success of their very own Vulcano Gelato franchised business. True to form, Vulcano Gelato has brought together the finest ingredients – people, professionalism, market research, products, customer service, store design, proven state-of-the-art systems and documentation and corporate branding – and packaged them up as a cool and fresh franchise opportunity set for national and international expansion.

● Do you love people and possess a keen customer service focus?

● Are you friendly, energetic and enthusiastic?

● Do you have an innate passion for gelato?

● Are you willing to work within the Vulcano Gelato system?

● Do you have an genuine appreciation for life?

● Are you able to meet operational standards and follow procedures?

● Are you determined to achieve and succeed?

● Do you relate well with staff/employees and lead by example?

● Do you want to make your mark in the multi-billion dollar ice cream industry?

If you can answer with a resounding YES to all of those questions, then Vulcano Gelato WANTS YOU!

the multiple store investor’s dream

Vulcano Gelato is currently reaping the rewards of good business planning, store design and a superior product range. The model has been refined to allow the owner of multiple franchises to operate stores at several locations with supervision and to maintain profitability at the same time. Of course, it is important to note that what you put in is what you get back out, and there is no business that can make money without care, drive, focus and attention to detail. Vulcano Gelato gives you the model to allow you the owner and/or operator to decide what level of business you wish to operate. This makes the Vulcano Gelato franchise an excellent business investment vehicle.


The benefits of franchising with Vulcano Gelato are pretty evident. Vulcano Gelato is a growing success and will continue to be for years to come. After all, the ice cream industry is here to stay! Some of the Franchise Benefits at a Glance …

● Proven Business Systems

● Super Cool Store Setup & Design

● Complete Turnkey Business

● State-of-the-Art Equipment

● Groovy Uniforms

● Exclusive Territory

● Opening Promotion Assistance

● Comprehensive Training

● Ongoing Mentoring & Support

● Group Buying Power

● Marketing & Merchandising Assistance

● Strategic Marketing

● Tailored Opening Promotion

● Corporate Website Listing

● Franchise Operations Manual

● Multiple Stores – The Investor’s Dream

● And Much More!

For more information about a Vulcano Gelato Franchise contact Franchise Central today!

Estimated Investment: $257K – $352K

Franchise Application or please submit the enquiry form below.

Send an enquiry to Vulcano Gelato




Consulting & Development

Franchise Central has a variety of services to help you grow your business into a successful and profitable franchise system

  • Franchise/Business Feasability Study
    Frachise Central can examine and determine whether your business is viable for franchising. There are many issues to consider and examine. Franchise Central will guide you through the maze and provide you with the positives and negatives that may impact your business before embarking on the franchise alternative.
  • Franchise System Development and Documents
    Once your objectives are set and clear for the franchise system, Frachise Central can prepare the complete system and structure for you to effectively manage and develop a network of franchise operators. The necessary documents can be prepared that will reflect both a commercially realistic and legally binding agreements while complying with the Federal Government Mandatory Code of Conduct. This will require the preparation of
    * Franchise Profile (marketing) brochures
    * Franchise Disclosure Documents
    * Franchise & License Agreements
    * Franchise Recruitment, Selection Procedures & Paperwork
  • Operations & Procedure Manuals
    These manuals detail the daily operations and requirements of the business are critical to the success of any franchise. These documents are essential and critical to the effective training and management of franchisees. Franchise Central documentation is in simply English and complies with Best Practice standards and the Code of Conduct.
  • Initial & Ongoing Training
    Getting started on the right foot and continuing to develop the quality and skills of your group can never be over emphasized. Franchise Central provide the necessary training programs and assistance to help develop your human resources within your network. Whether it is on an individual franchise basis or involvement in your regular franchise group meetings.
  • Franchisee Performance Evaluation
    Franchise Central can assist in the ongoing evaluation of individual franchisees and the performance of their franchise business.
  • Review and Evaluation of Existing Businesses and Franchises
    Existing franchises have requested Franchise Central on many occasions to become involved in updating, reviewing and advising on their existing franchisor/franchisee businesses. Thereby, maintaining the integrity of the franchise businesses.

G.J. Gardner Homes

GJ_web_HeaderG.J. Gardner Homes is a well established, world class building company that is currently designing and building homes and dreams alike for home buyers across the globe. G.J. Gardner Homes now have franchises operating in America, Australia, New Zealandand South Africa. With innovative and exciting styling, G.J. Gardner Homes are easy to spot and quick to impress. This can be directly accredited to the architects who are committed to originating concepts and styles that suit each home buyer on the market while maintaining the highest level of quality.

“Functional designs with very impressive street appeal that are both practical and liveable, without compromising on our quality and building methods, is what G.J. Gardner Homes strive to provide.”  Greg Gardner

The Benefits of Joining With G.J. Gardner Homes

Buying Power

‘At 2000 homes every year and growing – we are one of the biggest customers to some of the world’s largest suppliers of construction materials.’ Greg Gardner

It is no secret that the bigger you get the better buying power in the market you can demand. G.J. Gardner Homes combines the power of its many franchised offices to offer significant buying power to all Franchises.


G.J. Gardner Homes use their capacity and knowledge to produce appropriate marketing plans that certainly make an impact. The sheer size of the company unlocks potential that taps into markets on a global scale. The power of franchising creates a higher and quicker brand awareness than would normally be the case.


G.J. Gardner Homes Marketing entails the following (which may be area specific):

• Advertising in Print, Radio and T.V. mediums GJG_image_5

• Web site

• Portable displays for exhibitions

• Thank you cards and envelopes

• Brochures

• Stationary

• Clothing

• Posters

• Site Signs

• Banners

Advertising Delivery

Advertising is delivered onto the market at both national and local levels. G.J. Gardner Homes employs a top level advertising agency to ensure the most current marketing and advertising trends are employed, yet Franchisees still have a level of creativity in creating advertisements which apply to their local area. Advertisements and marketing are directed both at branding and retail in the appropriate areas and within the current campaign so as a Franchisee, one can benefit from effective, up to date, national and local brand recognition and retail advertising.


GJG_image_4G.J. Gardner Homes have developed a state of the art interactive web page that allows home buyers to find out about the homes with a huge range to suit most budgets and individual needs. Please view the website at www.gjgardner.com Behind the website is a comprehensive intranet Franchisees use to share both management and marketing material.

Designs/ Plans

G.J. Gardner Homes offers Franchisees over 100 home designs in which a selection can be chosen to suit the local market requirement.

The designs are innovative and localised and are created to be just as diverse as any given territory with metro, country living and costal themes, ensuring the designs satisfy the desires of each local market.

G.J. Gardner Homes have won over fifty various housing industry awards ranging from ‘Best Display Home’ to ‘Best Finished Home’.

Due to the company’s business structure and unique software, G.J. Gardner Homes are able to be flexible in order to cater for individual needs. From adding a room or removing several rooms, G.J. Gardner Homes can incorporate specialist suppliers and trades to build exactly what the customer has in mind. All working drawings/plans are also available to all Franchisees via G.J. Gardner Homes Intranet Website.

Upon commencement, every Franchisee receives G.J. Gardner Homes working drawing plans and a full supply of quality colour customer hand out brochures.

Designs/ Plans

GJG_image_3G.J. Gardner Homes offers Franchisees over 100 home designs in which a selection can be chosen to suit the local market requirement.

The designs are innovative and localised and are created to be just as diverse as any given territory with metro, country living and costal themes, ensuring the designs satisfy the desires of each local market.

G.J. Gardner Homes have won over fifty various housing industry awards ranging from ‘Best Display Home’ to ‘Best Finished Home’.

Due to the company’s business structure and unique software, G.J. Gardner Homes are able to be flexible in order to cater for individual needs. From adding a room or removing several rooms, G.J. Gardner Homes can incorporate specialist suppliers and trades to build exactly what the customer has in mind. All working drawings/plans are also available to all Franchisees via G.J. Gardner Homes Intranet Website.

Upon commencement, every Franchisee receives G.J. Gardner Homes working drawing plans and a full supply of quality colour customer hand out brochures.

Passive Income

Passive IncomeMany builders feel they have to do everything in their business. They try to be all things to all people.

Joining G.J. Gardner Homes means we put systems and procedures in place so that the Franchisee’s time is used to their best advantage. We ensure that people (both the staff and Franchisee) are trained in our systems so the office runs effectively and efficiently.

What this means is more time for the Franchisee to do the things they like to do. It also means that once the Franchise is up and running effectively the Franchisee can have a Manager take their place and run the business on a day to day basis and leave the Franchisee to just oversee the business and focus on doing the things they are passionate about.

The G.J. Gardner Homes Team

With over ninety offices across Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the U.S.A, the G.J. Gardner Homes brand is now a house hold name in some states. G.J. Gardner Homes are the leading builder in New Zealand, building almost 50% or more homes than their closest competitor and with only three more franchise areas available; it’s only going to be another year before all of the opportunities are gone. Also with most of the east coast of Australia now almost sold there are only a limited number of areas available in Queensland Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania and Western Australia. Future growth areas are going to be South Africa where we expect to establish fifty offices within three to five years and America where we are planning 300 offices within ten years.

Exclusive Territories

One key ingredient in the ongoing success of G.J. Gardner Homes is that each franchise has an exclusive territory in which to operate. This ensures the business will grow and develop goodwill in the area and add value to the Franchisee’s business.

My Area is Different!

GJG_image_8You may ask, will it work in my area? The answer is very simple…Yes. G.J. Gardner Homes’ systems have been proven and refined over 20 years (and allow our Franchisees to build whatever the local area demands – from brick, timber, steel, concrete block, glass) and joined with the expertise the company can provide in the areas of sales, marketing, business development, business management and team building and support, G.J. Gardner Homes have the proven ability to make Franchisees succeed.

Asset to Sell

A common complaint amongst builders is that they work their entire life but have nothing to sell when they retire. We have set about changing this. By investing in a G.J. Gardner Homes franchise you are investing in your future and helping to build a business that can later be sold.

G.J. Gardner Homes’ goal for Franchisees is to allow Franchisees to build a valuable and saleable asset that will continue to grow in value.

What Makes G.J. Gardner Homes So Successful?


• Excellent Value of the Homes home1

• Longstanding Reputation

• Choice of Products and Finishes

• The Speed of Construction

• The Professionalism of Staff and Systems

• Innovation of Designs, Products and Finishes

• Five Star Performance Guarantee

• Quality of Marketing Materials

• Fixed Contract Time and Price

• Comprehensive Systems

• Commitment to the Customer

• Continual system improvements home2

• Flexibility of our Designs

• Wide Range of Designs

• People Development training

• The Fully Integrated Software

• Sales focused web site

• National & State Preferred Suppliers

• No “gimmicks” best price up front sales policy

Become a part of G.J. Gardner Homes – the franchised building company that is expanding across the globe. Discover the incredible benefits of being a part of a team that is dedicated to your success. Enjoy your work, your lifestyle and your cash flow.
With over 25,000 homes worth of experience – we know what we are doing!

For more information about a G.J. Gardner Homes Franchise please contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL

Estimated Investment Range: 50k+

If you would like to be considered for this franchise, please submit the enquiry form below. Alternatively, to download the Franchise Application for Consideration CLICK HERE.


Send an enquiry to G.J. Gardner Homes




The Coffee Club



coffee-pic1It all started with a spur of the moment idea late one night in Brisbane. Emmanuel Drivas and Emmanuel Kokoris had enjoyed dinner together. Now they decided it was time for a coffee. The question was “where?’ and they couldn’t come up with an answer. Then it hit them: if they were searching for a place to enjoy coffee, there were probably plenty of others in the same boat. Research, long days and late nights followed as the pair planned a new business venture: The Coffee Club.

Their idea was to create more than just a place where people could go for a coffee. It was to provide meeting places that were casual yet sophisticated, stylish yet affordable. In short, their plan was to meet an untapped need in the Australian hospitality marketplace.

At first The Coffee Club opened in 1989 in Brisbane’s magnificent Eagle Street Pier complex on the banks of the Brisbane River. The founding Directors’ hard work paid off, because it met with instant success.

Following soon after, The Coffee Club expanded and today they are found all over Australia providing good food, great service, and excellent coffee. All offer superior service and an ambience which sets them apart from most other cafes. Customers love the friendly waiters, the wide choice of breakfasts, lunches and dinners and the sophisticated all day dining. Most are licensed, adding another dimension to The Coffee Club‘s appeal.

So when people ask “Where will I meet you?” and the answer is “The Coffee Club”, it’s no accident!



coffee-pic2It’s a question asked by thousands of Australians every day. And more and more, the answer is The Coffee Club, as our Kiosks, Clubs and Cafe Bar Restaurants make their presence felt all around Australia and New Zealand.

What’s the secret of The Coffee Club‘s success? Part of the answer lies in providing customers with exactly what they want. So if someone wants breakfast at 4 o’clock in the afternoon, it’s no problem at The Coffee Club Cafe Bar Restaurants. For those who want lunch well after sunset, they’ve come to the right place. After all, people don’t think about business lunches like they used to any more. Why should we?

At The Coffee Club Cafe Bar Restaurants, people meet to enjoy quality food and a glass of wine – or perhaps an affogatto or a melloccino. They know they can return to the workplace relaxed, ready for the demands of a busy working schedule

While good food, great service and excellent coffee are integral parts of The Coffee Club brand, there’s far more to it. The dacor, the affordability and consistent dedication to excellence have made The Coffee Club a great place to meet friends – or to take ‘time out’ and indulge in a little people watching.

At The Coffee Club, customers can choose from a superb range of light meals, gourmet sandwiches, coffees, beverages and cakes.

Coffee is in our name – so we’d better get it right!

coffee-pic3Before you go any further, here’s something you should try: experience our excellent coffee. You’ll quickly appreciate the extra care that goes into every cup. We start by sourcing the very best coffee beans. The Coffee Club blend will help guarantee that you receive that same delicious cup every time. Making customers feel at home

The essence of clubs has always been a sense of belonging. So we go out of our way to make customers feel right at home wherever they find The Coffee Club. We help bring out the best in your staff so high service standards are guaranteed. We provide superior shop design and fitout. And above all, we ensure that the international selection of fresh foods, fresh coffees and teas never disappoints.

No wonder so many people are asking the question “where will I meet you?” and answering The Coffee Club of course!


It’s a well documented fact that franchise businesses are far more likely to succeed than stand-alone ventures. coffee-pic4

But what makes The Coffee Club franchise system better than others? – At The Coffee Club, we continually strive to be a leader in the franchising and retail hospitality industries. We are constantly refining the way we go about our business. We’re always looking for better ways to do things.

There’s another important difference. We believe the days of the ‘Big Brother’ head office are over. So we have developed a consultative business model where franchisor and franchisees work together to create an even better enterprise. It’s a comprehensive system that is firmly grounded in the principles of contemporary business planning, as we strive for ‘best practice’ in the retail hospitality sector.

coffee-pic6At the centre of it all are what we call The Six Building Blocks of The Coffee Club Franchise System:

1.      Mission & Core Values
2.      People
3.      Marketing
4.      Operations
5.      Property
6.      Financial Management

Franchisees are trained in each of these areas using contemporary teaching methods which emphasise ‘learning by doing’ and detailed manuals developed by the company. As a franchisee, you’ll also be supported by a team of franchise consultants. Members have been hand picked on the basis of their retail hospitality experience coupled with tertiary training.

The Coffee Club franchise system is really all about the benefits that flow when like-minded people work together to achieve favourable outcomes. While our key responsibility as franchisor is to build The Coffee Club brand, we are equally committed to considering each franchisee’s individual needs.

Ultimately, however, everything we do, we do in our customers’ interests. That’s why they choose to meet at The Coffee Club in the first place. It’s essential that they keep on doing so.


coffee-pic51.  Franchise businesses have a greater survival rate than new independent businesses. Franchising is about risk reduction and safety – you don’t have to guess about the most effective way to build your business because there is already a successful system to use.

2.  The Coffee Club provides a proven business model, a brand identity and trademark that have value in consumers’ eyes. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to be successful. You provide capital, management, talent and energy to expand the brand faster than we as franchisor can on our own.

3.   The Coffee Club has learned how to meet market demand for good food, great service and excellent coffee.

4.   When you invest in The Coffee Club franchise, we provide all operating systems, technical expertise, marketing systems, management methods and all relevant information to make your business a success.

5.   Such is the degree of systemisation that almost every aspect of the business is covered and nothing is left to chance.

6.   We commit to provide you with initial and ongoing training and support throughout the life of the franchise agreement. Our training program ensures that you can implement our training systems easily.

7.   Our group buying power will cut your operating costs compared with independent businesses.

8.   Our tested marketing programs will ensure your business grows faster and has a greater chance of achieving forecast results sooner.


The Coffee Club Australia

Phill Tucker
Phone: (07) 3010 3000

The Coffee Club New Zealand

Brad Jacobs
Phone 09 304 0008

The Coffee Club International

Emmanuel Kokoris
Phone: +61 7 3010 3000

Send an enquiry to The Coffee Club






Handshake and teamworkBBX is a barter trading company. The origins of barter, exchanging one article for another without using money, go back thousands of years and was the means by which all commercial transactions were conducted before the introduction of notes & coins, and later cheques, credit/debit cards, etc. to facilitate sales and purchase transactions.

The system of bartering is alive and well today but has become much more sophisticated, with trade exchanges acting as the regulators and the generators of trade between member businesses (merchants) in what is essentially a cashless trading economy of its own. A separate, unique micro (barter) economy operating within a traditional macro (cash) economy.

A trade exchange uses trade dollars, which have par or equal book value with the local currency, to assign value to transactions that take place between members. The exchange acts as a third party record keeper, similar to a bank, and trade is open and promoted between all exchange members rather than simply direct exchanging between two parties.

The role of a Franchisee is to recruit new members to the trading system and service their needs on a day-to-day basis. Opportunities exist in metropolitan areas of all Australian States and Territories plus the major NZ Cities and Provinces, as well as Master Franchise possibilities throughout South East Asia and other parts of the world.



● Commenced in 1993 (the industry commenced in Australia in 1989). Acquired a number of industry competitors in recent years.
● Listed on the ASX in August 2005 – the only listed trade exchange in Australasia.
● Employs 60 plus staff from 7 company-owned offices in Australia and New Zealand and also operates a current franchise network of 13 offices.
● Current membership base (businesses/merchants) of over 6,000 businesses in Australia and New Zealand.
● BBX can add 5%-15% to the turnover of a member’s business, creating significant bottom line profit, and providing significant earning potential for the franchisee.
● Trade activity of these member businesses totalled over $190 million in the 2007/8 financial year. This is BBX-generated business, on top of their normal income.
● In the past two years operations have commenced in India with four franchises already established, and in South America the BBX Costa Rican franchise has also commenced operations.. Other master franchise territories currently under negotiation/consideration.

BBX Office Locations Including New Zealand


























Financial Details:

Estimated Investment – $65,000

For more information about a BBX Franchise please contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL

Franchise Application for Consideration Click Here To Download

If you would like to be considered for this franchise, please feel free to contact Franchise Central.  Alternatively, you may download, print and fill out the Franchise Application for Consideration and mail to the Business Development Manager in the state nearest to you:


Franchise Central – Australia Wide 1300 558 278

Send an enquiry to BBX




Alloy Motor Accessories



‘We are the custom aluminium

manufacturing & repair specialists!’

Queensland based company; AMA ALLOY MOTOR ACCESSORIES (‘AMA’) are leaders in the manufacture of motor accessories specifically designed for Australian conditions that can withstand the harshest elements and are custom made to meet the exact requirements of the customer. The extensive range of tray products on offer by AMA franchises covers every need imaginable for tradesmen, couriers, truckers, 4WD enthusiasts and beyond – in fact, for any type of vehicle they may drive. Successfully operating since the early 1980s in the manufacture and supply of an extensive range of alloy motor accessory products for new and recent vehicle models, the AMA collection not only includes an extensive range of spectacular alloy Trays but also Trailers, Tow Bars, Grille Guards, Roo Bars, Bull Bars, Roll Bars, Ladder Racks, Roof Racks, Roof Baskets, Side Steps and fitted accessories – just to name a few!

With tray manufacturing down to a fine art, AMA products are produced to exacting standards providing uniformity of size and form. This means the Customer can create on request a co-ordinated tray look and finish specific to their requirements. Indeed, custom designed tray solutions are an integral part of the AMA specialist service.

The AMA franchise is a unique opportunity to begin a tray building, supply and fit business never before offered as a franchise in Australia.


The Franchise model has been designed to replicate AMA’s proven and successful business operations however, with a particular focus on tray building, supply and fit.  In a nutshell, AMA is a retail premises based franchised business specialising in the build, supply and fit of quality alloy trays with a variety of add-on options – some of which can include:

● Mesh Window Protectors AMA_traycar
● Trundle Drawers
● In-Tray Welded Boxes
● Under Tray Tool Boxes
● Square Headers
● Rear Ladder Racks
● Conduit Holders
● Header Boards
● Colour Coded Paint and Assorted Finishes

AMA franchisees also have the added benefit of providing some additional motor accessories and related products to customers thereby driving the add-on sales value even further.

As an AMA Franchisee here’s what you get:

● Franchise Core Products
● Franchise Add-On Products
● Exclusive Territory
● Exclusive Design & Brand
● Turnkey Operation
● Franchise & Retail Training
● Ongoing Support
● Marketing Assistance
● Proven Business System
● Store Design & Set Up
● Promotional Work
● Franchise Operations Manual
● Group Buying Power
● National Website Listing


Are you Interested?

AMA is seeking business minded people that will share the AMA vision, take pride in and be committed to succeeding in their own franchise.

You do not need to have any particular background experience as full training and support is provided by the Franchisor. A background or a passion in the automotive industry is certainly an advantage!

As an AMA Franchisee, you will be responsible and devoted to the management of your AMA franchise. If this sounds like you, AMA encourages you to be a part of our dynamic team.



Financial Details:

Estimated Investment – From $150K

For more information about Alloy Motor Accessories Franchise please contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL

Franchise Application for Consideration Click Here To Download

If you would like to be considered for this franchise, please feel free to contact Franchise Central.  Alternatively, you may download, print and fill out the Franchise Application for Consideration and mail to the Business Development Manager in the state nearest to you:


Franchise Central – Australia Wide 1300 558 278


Send an enquiry to Alloy Motor Accessories




Accounting Solutions Australia (ASA)

ASA_Banner10We are chartered accountants, registered tax agents, business advisors, financial planners, loans specialists and superannuation consultants. With more than 40 years experience in various sections of the finance industry in Australia, England, Malaysia and other Asian countries, our multicultural background will make you feel more confident when dealing with us.Indeed, Accounting Solutions Australia (‘ASA’) provides Individual, Business and Company clients with a ‘One Stop Financial Shop’!With a full range of Accounting, Taxation, Financial Services and other related Advisory/Consulting Services, our core philosophy is that all ASA clients benefit from the integration of various skills and expertise under the one umbrella to achieve optimum outcomes in areas such as:

● Tax Planning

● Business Structuring

● Retirement Planning

● Superannuation

● Wealth Creation

● Lending

● Finance

The ASA team of professionals continually strive for the highest standard while being proud of the success of an ethical code of practice.


ASA_Banner16We focus on understanding our clients’ business and/or personal objectives. Our approach is based on establishing and maintaining long term relationships to provide the best expert advice.

Individual Services

ASA are specialists in preparing all types of Individual Tax Returns including complex returns including:

● Rental properties & negative gearing

● Rental properties & negative gearing

● Other investment income including managed funds

● Capital Gains

● Business Income & BAS

● Tax Return Amendments (as may be required)

Other services include but are not limited to:

● Tax Planning, Private Rulings and ATO Liaison

● Loans

● Financial Planning

● Self Managed Super Fund

● Family & Unit Trusts

Business & Company Services

ASA offer a full range oif Business and Advisory services including but not limited to:

● Preparation of Financial Reports and Tax returns for Companies, Trusts, Sole Traders & Partnerships and Self Managed Superannuation Funds

● GST advice and Preparation of BAS

● Audit of Self Managed Super Funds and Non Profit Organisations

● Bookkeeping

● Payroll Outsourcing Services

● Business Plan, Cash Flow Forecast and Budgets

● Incorporations of Companies, Trust, Self Managed Super Fund

● ABN, GST, Business Name Registrations


Loans and Financial Planning

ASA offer very competitive loan options for individuals and companies. We will evaluate your individual needs and source the most appropriate loan product which gives you the maximum taxation benefit as well. We have access to over 35 banks and financial institutions and will ensure the right loan for you including but not limited to:

● Refinance of existing home loans

● Home Loans

● Property Investment Loans including Line of Credits

● Car Loans

● Commercial

● Equipment Finance

● Purchase of Franchises (conditions apply)

We also offer provide a free Financial Health Check in which a qualified Financial Planner will assess your current loans and financial situation and provide recommendations.

With access to over 35 Banks and Financial Institutions and strategically placed Alliance Partners in the Lending and Financial Planning services sectors, our clients benefit from an extensive range of services.

Contact-Us-TODAY!ASA_Banner17 Find all your Accounting, Taxation, Financial and other related Advisory/Consulting requirements under the one umbrella and achieve your optimum outcomes with a minimum of fuss.

Send an enquiry to Accounting Solutions Australia







Chi Link Massage & Acupuncture Centres are a blissful escape from the constraints of daily life – a heavenly retreat, where balance and wellness can be restored. Chi Link offers a truly unique experience and destination where customers can expect unparalleled service.

Specialising in ancient and contemporary inspired treatments combined with Traditional Chinese Medicine (‘TCM’) to promote inner peace, Chi Link takes the most discerning customer on a journey of pure sensory delights culminating in a genuine sense of good health and wellness.

Providing an extensive range of specialised Massage techniques, TCM, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Related Saleable Products (ie: Medicinal Herbs, Tea Leaves, Tea Sets, Massage Oils, Aromatherapy Oils & Burners, etc.) and, in selected stores, a range of Face & Body Beauty treatments, our customers are able to relax, energise and assist their body in improving its physical and psychological power.

Indeed, Chi Link offers a comprehensive selection of treatments and is a ‘one stop haven’ to relax, calm, heal, stimulate and improve the mood culminating in a ‘Zen’ experience for the entire body and soul.


An Australian first, Chi Link has introduced the concept by providing well furnished and equipped Massage & Acupuncture Centres into modern spacious shopping centre based stores; thus, providing customers with a full range of natural therapies and healing treatments in very convenient locations.

The Chi Link franchise system promotes growing a valuable asset for your future along with providing you with a good income and quality lifestyle.

CL_Facial03 CL_Acupuncture01 CL_Massage(6cm)CL_NailCare


In traditional Chinese culture, qì (also chi or ch’i) is an active principle forming part of any living thing. Qi is frequently translated as ‘life energy’, ‘life force’, or ‘energy flow’. Qi is the central underlying principle of both traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts.

“Qi is the basic material of all that exists. It animates life and furnishes functional power of events. Qi is the root of the human body; its quality and movement determine human health. There is a normal or healthy amount of qi in every person, and health manifests in its balance and harmony, its moderation and smoothness of flow.” – Livia Kohn, Health and Long Life: The Chinese Way.

The Chi Link name and brand has been developed on these very fundamentals and serves as testament to the collective treatment and therapy services we provide.

Chi Link therapists and practitioners are specially trained professionals that assist in the improvement of circulation, unblocking and increasing energy flows, releasing toxins from the skin, stimulating the immune system and totally relaxing the customer.

Chi Link Massage & Acupunture Centres also dispense prescriptions in natural medicines and other natural health care products. As well as being a HiCAPS provider – customers can make immediate health fund claims for Acupuncture and Remedial Massage treatments – Chi Link also provides written receipts for majority of health funds.


CL_Facial11 CL_Lymph00


Since the launch of Chi Link, the demand for our treatments has grown at a rapid pace. Chi Link and our dedicated, professional and friendly staff are very much focused on providing customers with a great ambience.

In a few short years, we have built strong relationships with customers who have returned for further treatments – many of which have recommended their friends, family and colleagues.

Outstanding marketing, word of mouth and referral business is further testimony to our success and serves as the very backbone of our philosophy and commitment to our customers.

As part of the multibillion dollar health and wellness industry, Chi Link is making its mark with national and international franchise expansion.

CL_Cupping03 CL_Indulgence CL_TCM(6cm) CL_TCM(6cm)B


We currently have 14 stores (and growing) operating successfully! Chi Link is looking for Franchisees that will be dedicated to the company vision and philosophy and committed to the success of their very own Chi Link franchised business.

Franchise Benefits include:

● Unique Health & Wellness Franchise

● Proven Business Systems

● Ambient Store Design & Setup

● Complete Turnkey Business

● Multiple Stores – An Investor’s Dream Opportunity!

● High End & Exclusive Saleable Products

● Exclusive Territory

● Opening Promotion Assistance

● Comprehensive Training

● Ongoing Mentoring & Support

● Group Buying Power

● Marketing & Merchandising Assistance

● Corporate Website Listing

● Franchise Operations Manual


CL_EarCandling01 CL_Reflexology07


The benefits of franchising with CHI LINK are evident. CHI LINK is a growing success. Indeed, the health and wellness revolution is here to stay and is well on its way to being the next trillion dollar industry.

Discover how you can become part of the exciting world of health and wellness – contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL today for more information!

CHI_subHeaderImageEstimated-(New)-Franchise-Investment-$175---$287KIf you would like to be considered for this franchise, please submit the enquiry form below. Alternatively, to download the Franchise Application for Consideration form, please CLICK HERE.




got-this  want-this


BumperTech is a van based mobile service repair business specialising in automotive paint repairs – including bumper bar damage, minor panel repairs, stone chips, scrapes and scratches, colour coding of door mirrors, door moulds and more, to domestic and commercial customers.

Here’s a unique chance to build an ideal stress free family business. BumperTech provides you with total freedom and is not only ideal for the entrepreneurial minded but at the same time, an exceptional part–time business for the retired or semi-retired.

BumperTech provides you not only with the rights to use the BumperTech name, trademarks and image, but a complete and proven system of doing business.

The initial and ongoing support of BumperTech coupled with your own efforts means the possibilities are limitless.



As a BumperTech franchise operator, you will be responsible for operating your franchise in an exclusive territory.

The amount of services you offer is up to you. You can choose to employ other people to work the business as you handle the management and marketing sides. Alternatively, you can be a sole owner/operator – the franchise has been designed to give the Franchisee total freedom!

The BumperTech business is mobile which in effect means that it also goes hand in hand with low overheads – there are no leases, landlords and unacceptable rent increases to contend with.

Being mobile also means we save our customers the hassle of taking time out of their day to take their car to a traditional panel shop – we go to them whether it’s at their home or workplace and can complete most repairs within 2-3 hours.

BumperTech provides customers with comprehensive, convenient and professional services at very competitive prices.

BT_John1  BT_John2


BumperTech offers ON-SITE, NO OBLIGATION, FREE QUOTES! The BumperTech on-site repair services include:

● Bumper Scuffs

● Stone Chips

● Scrapes & Scratches

● Minor  Collision Damage

● Paint Repairs

● Colour Coding

● Alloy Wheels

BT_Work1 BT_Work2


The ongoing success of BumperTech depends not only on the quality of our skilled management team and our services, but also on our choice of franchisees.

Extensive and ongoing support and training is provided. Of course, you have to be a people’s person with an outgoing personality and have attention to detail. A trade background and/or an alignment with the automotive industry (panel beating, spray painting, etc.), is a huge advantage.



Whilst you will need to have plenty of drive and commitment and the ability to build and manage your own client base, consider the following benefits:

● Simple Setup

● Exclusive Territory

● Proven Business Systems

● Opening Promotion Assistance

● Initial & Ongoing Training

● Ongoing Mentoring & Support

● Marketing & Advertising  Assistance

● Corporate Website Listing

● Franchise Operations Manual

● And Much More


By joining the BumperTech franchise network you benefit from a proven system of doing business. All that is required from you is to incorporate and sustain the system and along with BumperTech’s initial and ongoing training and assistance, build your own business success.

The next step, should you wish to be part of BumperTech franchise network, is to contact Franchise Central – we look forward to hearing from you!


– Price On Application –

Franchise Application

If you are interested in learning more about the BUMPERTECH Franchise, contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL on 1300 558 278 and/or submit the enquiry form below.


Send an enquiry to Bumpertech




The Gold Club


What would you do with an extra $1000 per week?

Pay off your mortgage / Buy a house / Buy a new car / Take yourself and your loved ones on that holiday / Pay off credit cards…????

The Gold Club can help you achieve these and more…


The Gold Club Complete Business System

THIS IS NOT A FRANCHISE. The Gold Club offers an electroplating service that is simple to operate totally mobile and portable and provides brilliant colour and durability in…

* 24CT GOLD (cyanide free) 
* and much more!

Due to increased demand for the service, from a wide variety of clients, it became apparent that the market for electroplating was far greater than first envisaged. The Gold Club philosophy is aimed to primarily provide clientele with an invaluable, cost-effective method of electroplating a variety of items without removal! For instance…


Car Badges & Grilles

Bathroom & Household Fixtures & Fittings


TGC_bannerFittings such as taps, showerheads, doorknobs, etc. In fact, just about anything can be electroplated in any chosen metal – even golf clubs, musical instruments, costume jewellery, antiques, frames – the list is endless!

Special skills and techniques have enabled The Gold Club to develop a quality enhancement system which has become an indispensable part of both the new and used car market and which has enormous appeal to the general public in all manner of applications. A substantial investment has been made to prepare for the next phase of The Gold Club’s growth, ensuring that the appropriate training and development structures and procedures are in place to enable The Gold Club to expand its position even more so throughout Australia.

With a massive market potential, high profits, low overheads, home based, chemically NON dangerous and much, much more – The Gold Club is an ideal part-time/full-time business.

 It’s so AMAZING, you have to see it in action to believe it!!!

  • In uncertain times such as these, gold has throughout history been the best store of security and value.  The Gold Club patented pulse gold plating systems will allow you to enjoy the profits and security of gold by having your own gold plating system.
  • The Gold Club plating systems will plate up to 3 times as many cars in the same time as any of our competitors’ systems!!!
  • Our equipment is unique.  Our equipment is the only gold plating machine on the market with patented electronics.
  • Pulse Plating Technology – Pulse Power makes gold plating harder and more durable without the need to use dangerous gold chemical with  cyanide and arsenic.
  • Pulse plating produces a harder gold finish giving your plating longer durability over the competitors.  In addition to providing a superior gold finish, our Pulse Platers are the most powerful and easiest to use on the market.
  • Cordless operation, built in-direct to circuit board battery connections give you the freedom of going cordless or using plug in AC outlets.  No extra invertor needed.
  • Our Mobile Plating Cart gets your chemicals up off the ground away from your ankles, up close to your work.  Our plating systems are the only self contained gold plating systems.  All other systems forces you to drag multiple pieces of equipment around a car.

chicwithwheelIt’s That Simple
To Be In Business For Yourself!


You too, could be earning in excess of

$1000 Per Week



Estimated Total Investment : Under $10,000

Approx. Guide: $10,000 Loan. $65p/w over 48 months


Send an enquiry to The Gold Club




Accounting Solutions Australia

ASA_Banner10Here is your opportunity to enjoy the benefits of professional business success whilst assisting your clients to build and manage a better financial future.Accounting Solutions Australia (‘ASA’) is a strong solid organisation that is expanding further through franchising.The ASA franchise system promotes growing a valuable asset for your future along with providing you with a good income and quality lifestyle.
ASA_Banner11Operated under the Franchise, ASA is a professional service based business providing a full range of Accounting, Taxation, Financial Services and other related Advisory/Consulting Services. The potential to build on this established and well respected name within the financial services industry remains consistently strong.The opportunity being presented to you is to enter this industry without having to start from scratch. As an ASA Franchisee, you will have the backing of one of Australia’s most innovative, professional and reputable Accountancy practices.
The ASA franchise model is designed for Accountants who envisage working in the industry in business on a full-time basis in an approved commercial office environment either immediately, or via a phasing in period of part-time to full-time over a maximum period of 18 months. During the phasing in period, you can quite effectively explore the home-based and/or mobile services alternative.Whether you are seeking to develop a new practice or re-energise an existing practice, you can rest assured that ASA will provide you with substantial initial and ongoing training and support systems to facilitate the development of a contemporary and continuously evolving business whilst at the same time, you reap the rewards of personal and professional growth.ASA continually strives for the highest standard while being proud of the success of a proven system and an ethical code of practice.Your ASA Accountancy practice will provide Individual, Business and Company clients with a ‘One-Stop Financial Shop’ – the core philosophy is that all ASA clients benefit from the integration of various skills and expertise under the one umbrella to achieve optimum outcomes in areas such as:

● Tax Planning

● Business Structuring

● Retirement Planning

● Superannuation

● Wealth Creation

● Lending

● Finance

Great-Flexibility-to-CapitaliseASA_Banner13Indeed, ASA has done the hard work for you. With access to over 35 Banks and Financial Institutions and strategically placed Alliance Partners in the Lending and Financial Planning services sectors, you have great flexibility to capitalise on the range of services you can provide as well as in relation to building your income revenue stream.
ASA_Banner14Ideal ASA candidates can be qualified or partially qualified Accountants with or without a current Tax Agent Registration. If you do not hold a current Tax Agent Registration, you will be required to enter into a business arrangement with the Franchisor in order to comply with the requirements of the Tax Practitioners Board (www.tpb.gov.au) and thus, effectively operate the business.It is important to note that achieving Tax Agent eligibility is determined purely by the Tax Practitioners Board – not the Franchisor – and this will depend on a series of factors which are specific to each individual. The bonus of the ASA business arrangement allows for Non-Tax Agents to work toward meeting the Tax Practitioners Board requirements and effectively achieving Tax Agent Registration.Both full-time and part-time franchisee candidates will be considered however, you must be committed to and have a business plan to operate full-time from an approved commercial office based environment within 18 months of commencing your franchise.Essentially, the ideal ASA candidate should be dedicated and success driven.Outstanding communication and personal/professional presentation skills as well as strong organisational and leadership qualities are paramount. You should also have a strong passion for the financial industry, keen business acumen as well as have the ability and desire to build your own lucrative business with a shared vision.
Let’s-Sum-Up-the-BenefitsASA_Banner15Whilst you will need to have plenty of drive and commitment and the ability to build and manage your own client base, consider the following benefits:

● Brand Recognition

● Proven Business Systems

● Exclusive Territory

● Comprehensive Initial And Ongoing Training & Support

● Ongoing Mentoring & Support

● Marketing & Advertising Assistance

● Strategic Corporate Marketing

● Corporate Website Listing

● Initial Work From Home Phase In (18 Months) Period

● Office Setup Assistance

● Ongoing Professional Development

● Outstanding Operational Systems & Manuals

● Business Development Strategies

● Access To Over 35 Banks & Financial Institutions

● Established ASA Alliance Partners

● Financial Rewards Of Value Add Revenue Streams

● Build A Strong, Consistent Income

● Build A Valuable Asset For Your Future

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New mobile automotive paint repair franchise set to lead the way

New mobile automotive paint repair franchise set to lead the way * 

Franchise Central’s Nick James and BumperTech John Cowan taste the first morsels of franchising success with the launch of BumperTech, a new mobile automotive paint repair franchise opportunity.


Franchise Central senior franchise consultant Mr. Nick James caught up with BumperTech Franchisor Mr. John Cowan in Queensland’s sunny Gold Coast to present the completed franchise system documentation package and talk strategy for launching and expanding the franchise network.

“We recently completed the BumperTech franchise system development and with new and existing franchise territories now available, we look forward to expanding the BumperTech franchise network. Ideally BumperTech would like to concentrate on the Queensland market first up with the Sunshine Coast area available for franchising however, enquiries from all states of Australia are welcome”, Mr. James said.

BumperTech Franchisor Mr. John Cowan says that the BumperTech business has established a well recognised mobile automotive paint repair reputation in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane areas with a steady and rapid growth of new and returning customers.

“We are inundated with work! Although we currently operate several mobile units in the Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane areas, franchising presented itself as the best way to expand the BumperTech business”, said Mr. Cowan.

Mr. Cowan said that he spoke with several franchise specialists before choosing Franchise Central. He believes that when choosing a franchise specialist it is paramount that ‘you get a gut feeling’ of synergy and trust before investing in what is fundamentally a partnership to help grow your business.

“The great thing about the people at Franchise Central is that they are down to earth, personable and very much on the ball when it comes to all things franchising. At first contact with Nick James and then Mary James, I knew instantly that they understood where we were at. Once we received the Franchise Central proposal and franchise feasibility, it was a no brainer. Although during the franchise development stage we worked predominantly with Mary, the Franchise Central crew have made the whole franchising process fairly simple”, said Mr. Cowan.

BumperTech works on the philosophy that customers shouldn’t have to go through the hassle of lodging a claim with their insurance company, pay the excess, tarnish their rating one and then have to wait for their car to be assessed and go through the inconvenience of being without whilst it gets repaired. Quite often the damage to be repaired costs far less than the average insurance excess thus, making these kinds of repairs not worth the time or effort to claim. This is where BumperTech fits in beautifully.

“We save our customers time, money and the inconvenience of going through their insurance company. Being mobile also means we save our customers the hassle of taking time out of their day to take their car to a traditional panel shop – we go to them whether it’s at their home or workplace – and can complete most repairs within 2-3 hours. Of course, we also make it our business to always stay cost competitive as well as offer a 5 year guarantee on the work done”, said Mr Cowan.

Considering the 2011 Census indicated an average of 1.7 motor vehicles per home in Australia with 35.8% having one registered motor vehicle, 36.1% having two and 16.5% having three or more, the BumperTech mobile automotive paint repair franchise allows for a generous exclusive territory.

BumperTech currently operate mobile units in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Gold Coast and Brisbane areas. Expansion plans for BumperTech include growth in other Australian capital cities and major regional areas.

“The ideal BumperTech franchisee has to be a people’s person with an outgoing personality and have attention to detail. A trade background and/or an alignment with the automotive industry (panel beating, spray painting, etc.), is a huge advantage. We seek franchisees that possess the desire to succeed, a confident manner, good communication skills, customer service focus and the willingness to work along with enthusiasm in what is essentially, a people orientated mobile lifestyle business”, concluded Mr. James.

If you would like to know more about a BumperTech franchise CLICK HERE.

Franchise Central gets into bed with Beds for Backs

Franchise Central gets into bed with Beds for Backs * 

Australia’s leading franchise consultancy Franchise Central and specialist bedding retailer Beds for Backs have joined forces to expand the Beds for Backs franchise opportunity in Australia.

Sleep has been scientifically proven to be integral to good physical health, restoration of ailments and injury and mental health. Beds for Backs make it their business to design and construct a range of health beds that do justice to the physical realities and importance of sleep.

Developed in consultation with leading Australian health professionals and universities, Beds for Backs has become renown as the ‘sleep science’ specialists in the orthopaedic bedding industry by offering uniquely tailored, made to order bed solutions for sleep health.

“Beds for Backs products are truly unique and proudly patented and trademarked – there exists no other orthopaedic bed or bedding system anywhere in the world that can be individually personalised to optimise spinal alignment and sleep health”, Beds for Backs Franchise Operations Manager Evan Drakos said.

With a history of over 23 Years in the franchising industry, the Franchise Central senior franchise consultant team has been instrumental in the development and expansion of similar franchise models in both Australia and overseas. “We are delighted to be part of the franchise roll out – we believe Beds for Backs and Franchise Central are a fantastic fit,” said senior franchise consultant Nick James (above left).

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has also deemed a number of the Beds for Backs ‘Health Beds’ orthopaedic beds to have fulfilled the stringent criteria required to be classified as an ‘essential medical aid’. Under the GST Act, this grants the Beds for Backs ERGO-posture health bed range exemption from GST charges which in turn benefits both the franchisee as well as the customer. Customers can also take advantage of adding the cost of their Beds for Backs health bed as part of their out of pocket medical expenses. If their total financial year spend exceeds the applicable amount, then they can claim back a 20 percent rebate.

“Beds for Backs presents a unique offering to both franchise investors as well as customers – the GST exempt orthopaedic bed line is just one of the reasons that makes the Bed for Backs franchise a winner in anyone’s books”, said Mr James.

Franchise Central has had numerous discussions with leading professionals about the Beds for Backs orthopaedic bed phenomenon and the response has been strong with a number of new stores opening in the near future.

“If you are looking for a clean, profitable and health conscious franchise that is simple to run as a franchisee or as an investor, then I look forward to hearing from you”, said Mr James.

Mr Drakos explained that he was attracted to Franchise Central’s proven and successful track record in building many of Australia’s successful franchise brands over the years as well as receiving glowing references from past and present clients.

“I did some extensive research in choosing a franchise consultancy and recruitment company. Franchisors like John Lazarou of The Coffee Club spoke very highly of both Mary James and Nick James. Once I met with them both, choosing Franchise Central was a very easy decision. We are definitely on the same wavelength and are already seeing some initial results which will be announced shortly”.

Beds for Backs currently operate retail showrooms in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Expansion plans for Beds for Backs include growth in other capital cities and major regional areas.

“We seek franchisees looking to ‘get into bed’ (yes, yes, pun intended) with the Beds for Backs winning franchise system and are thrilled to be working with Franchise Central in achieving our franchise expansion goals – we look forward to expanding with quality franchisees whilst doing our best to improve our customer’s health”, concluded Mr Drakos.

Top 5 Basics for a SUCCESSFUL RETAIL SALES Advertising Campaign

A successful retail sales advertising campaign begins with careful consideration and then making sure that you have the top 5 basic elements in place.


Keep your message simple but interesting; always relevant to your customers. Use their language at all times!


First check your competitors prices, and overall offering; than make sure you have a super special offer, with a specific time limit as deadlines always create a sense of urgency.


Make sure you use a medium that targets your heavy users in large numbers. Where ever possible, get on TV; use other mediums to support TV.


Buy as much frequency as your budget can possibly allow; one advertisement will never work. Advertising needs frequency of message; you’ll need to impact your heavy users a little but the boarder target will need to hear your message at least THREE TIMES before they get it!


Closely measure your responses in detail, so you can create bigger and better results every month. You need to know exactly what is, and is not, producing profitable results for your investment.


Franchise Central to exhibit at the 2012 Brisbane Reinvent Your Career Expo as the major sponsor for the franchising sector

2012 Brisbane Reinvent Your Career Expo

Franchise Central to exhibit at the 2012 Brisbane Reinvent Your Career Expo as the major sponsor for the franchising sector

Franchise Central is looking forward to yet again exhibiting as the major sponsor for the franchising sector at the upcoming Reinvent Your Career Expo to be held at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre during the weekend of 24th and 25th March 2012.

It is a well known fact amongst industry professionals that franchising is a proven and successful way of running your own business. Although becoming a Franchisee is a popular choice for those looking for greener pastures when undertaking a career change, many are not aware of the sheer potential and amazing range of opportunities in franchising! We look forward to presenting the franchise alternative to ‘real age’ people who are looking to reinvent their career at Reinvent Your Career Expos”, says Franchise Central’s Managing Director, Mary James.

Reinvent Your Career’s CEO, Nicholas Ricciuti explains that ‘real age’ people are, “Workers of any age with experience in their current vocation, suddenly realising that they are either happy with their career, thus choosing to upgrade their status, or adversely decide to change it by actively uncovering options that allow them to move toward self fulfilment.”

Indeed, the Reinvent Your Career Expo is ‘The Careers Event for Adults’. With over 20,000 people expected to attend in 2012, Reinvent Your Career Expos are Australia’s largest and only intentional adult careers and employment events that are held annually in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Reinvent Your Career Expos are where you will find expo visitors and thus, potential Franchisees, looking to reinvent their career, have the opportunity to get the information they need and discover how easy it is to enter the franchise industry. It is here where these ‘paid’ and therefore, ‘pre-qualified serious adults’ can also talk about their options face to face with some of Australia’s leading franchise experts, Franchisors and Related Service Providers whilst at the same time, check out some of the fantastic franchise opportunities on offer”, says Mary James.

At each upcoming Reinvent Your Career Expo, Franchise Central will also be offering visitors with FREE subscription to Franchise Magazine Online (a readily available FREE online publication at www.franchisemagazineonline.com.au) as a valuable resource of franchising information they can refer to when contemplating a career change.

“It is only elementary that when it comes to targeting potential Franchisees, savvy Franchisors and Related Service Providers for that matter, should seriously consider exhibiting at the Reinvent Your Career Expo. We invite those interested to contact us and discover cost effect options on how they can get a piece of the action – either by participating on our stand or getting a stand of their own. After all, we are all about bringing the best together”, concluded Mary James.

Can you afford not to be there? NOW IS YOUR CHANCE!


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The Top 10 Tips for Effective Advertising

The goal of advertising is to cost-effectively reach a large audience and attract customers. If done correctly, advertising can enhance the success of your business.


An advertising campaign should be geared to your niche market. It is a common mistake to create generic ads that do not speak the language or grab the attention of your potential customers.

One of the keys to all advertising is to accentuate the pros of your company, those factors that give you your competitive edge. Too many ads are clever but fail to sell the benefits of the product or service.

You can recognize the McDonald’s arches while whizzing by on the highway. Likewise, there are plenty of products that you recognize by their packaging or logo. Image counts when it comes to advertising and promoting your business. Too many advertisers do not work to build a consistent image.

There are ways to save money, but typically advertising is not the place to cut corners. It will affect sales, and that affects the bottom line. Successful advertising may cost some money, but that is because it works.

Your favorite magazine, radio station, or even television program might not be a favorite of your audience. Know what they read, watch, and listen to, and advertise in media that reaches your target market.

If you budget $5,000 per month for advertising, you’ve made it very easy from a bookkeeping perspective. However, if like most businesses you have seasonal highs and lows, you are spending too much money advertising during down times and not enough when you want to attract customers. Too many entrepreneurs do not budget according to their seasonal advertising needs.

It is all too common for business owners to choose the best place to advertise based on price and potential rate of returns and then stop. As is the case with investing, you do not want to put all of your eggs in one basket. However own one medium before branching out into the next.

No product or service will appeal to everyone. Many business owners, including corporate executives, try to come up with ways to reach every market. Typically, this does not work. It can spell disaster for small businesses, who cannot afford to spread themselves too thin. Therefore, find your market and be everything you can be to that audience.

If you have the time or money to invest in focus groups, you should test your ads on other people. Do they understand and accept the message that you are trying to convey?

It is very easy to ask new customers or clients where they heard about you. As simple as this is, many entrepreneurs do not bother to do so. It is advantageous to know which ads generate business.

The Coffee Club in China

Nick James of Franchise Central says ‘Ni Hao!’ as he enjoys the taste of home at The Coffee Club in China!

Nick@TCCJust before Franchise Central took its position at the 23rd China Guangzhou International Franchise Expo to promote franchise and master franchise opportunities for both the Asian and Australian markets, Franchise Consultant Nick James took time out to enjoy the taste of home at The Coffee Club.

“Those that know me know that when asked, ´Where will I meet you?´, I make no hesitation – The Coffee Club! No matter where I travel, I make it a point to enjoy the country´s culture and cuisine. China is no different in that I had been enjoying some of China’s most exotic culinary delights for days and was thrilled to be able to sit down and enjoy the taste of home right there at The Coffee Club in the bustling Yuexiu District in Guangzhou,” says Nick James.

As Australia´s largest cafe group, The Coffee Club recently entered the emerging Chinese coffee drinking market, opening a cafe in the Yuexiu District in Guangzhou in June 2011.

John Lazarou, Director of The Coffee Club, said that it was the perfect time for the business to enter China, with a strong coffee culture growing in the country despite most Chinese traditionally drinking tea.

“With over 1.3 billion people, a growing middle class and general elevation of living standards, many tea drinkers are starting to switch to coffee to feel more cultured,” Mr Lazarou said.

“Coffee drinking is seen by Chinese as a sign of western sophistication and therefore a luxurious commodity- with aspirant young professionals seeking it as part of a modern lifestyle.

“Reports indicated back in2006 that Chinese coffee drinkers consumed over 45,000 tonnes of coffee beans, with some analysts expecting it to increase by 15 per cent a year,” hesaid.*

The first cafe is located in a vibrant economic corridor, seen as a major transport hub with nearby Hong Kong. The Coffee Club has sold a major franchise licence to the Guangzhou Golden Swan Enterprise Group CO., LTD, which plan to open a further 30 cafes over the next3 years.

“At the moment many Chinese coffee drinkers concentrate on where they are drinking coffee, and who they are drinking it with,” Mr Lazarou said.

“Whilst some of the older generation have not developed a taste for it yet, the younger generation has developed a strong taste for quality coffee,” he said.

*Figures quoted in Asia Times http://www.atimes.com/atimes/China_Business/MC11Cb02.htm



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