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Why Become a Franchisor?


Imagine having your business franchised. In two to three months you have a franchise system that is COMPLETE, PROVEN and of INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS. The aim of a franchisor is to build their empire and brand effectively, to the point where they can step back and let the franchisees continue to achieve financial and business growth. Enjoy the lifestyle and income you have always wanted.

Some advantages you can benefit from as Franchisor of your own system:

  • The franchisor is not concerned with the day to day operation of the business
  • The franchisor’s organization is compact and can earn profits without the involvement of high capital risk
  • The network has the ability to grow rapidly
  • The franchisor has fewer staff and fewer staff problems
  • Provides motivated owner/operator. It is generally recognized that franchisees have greater motivation to succeed than company employees do
  • It provides a wide and secure outlet for the products and services
  • It enables the franchisor to service national customers using his network of franchisees
  • Continuous income from royalties which are based on the franchisees gross sales and/or fixed fees
  • Additional income from upfront fees
  • Cost effective advertising and promotional activities
  • The benefit of stronger purchasing and volume discounts
  • New marketing concepts. Many franchisors claim that 90% of their marketing innovations originate from motivated franchisees that all have the best interest of the Franchise Sysem at heart


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