Global Expansion

It’s at your fingertips…

Take a step closer to launching your business in the global arena. Backed by a professional network of franchise consultants worldwide, Franchise Central provides expert and practical advice for businesses looking to develop and expand into international markets.

www.franchisecentral.com.au promotes franchising and franchise opportunities worldwide, providing franchisors with the opportunity to promote brand awareness in a global market, and franchisees with the ability to contact companies direct.

If you are seriously interested in attracting franchisees and master franchisors for both your local region and the overseas market please contact Franchise Central, we would be more than happy to help you plan your global expansion needs.

Design and Marketing

How much of the market are you missing out on through an outdated or inappropriate image? Want to be regarded as a more energetic and modern company but think your current image is holding you back?

Franchise Central have sourced the right professionals to provide you with a total Creative Design & Marketing Solutions for your business.

Signage – Logo design & Corporate ID – Advertising Campaigns – Franchise and Retail Design – Exhibition & Display – Print Media & POS – Web Design – Brochures & Package Design – Industrial Design

In this increasingly competitive market place your image is more important that ever before. Why should a customer pick you over someone else? A brand is more than just a logo or name, brands represent emotions, cultures, ideals and aspirations. It’s serious stuff!

By offering a total design solution, Franchise Central have the know-how, to guide new and existing franchises from logo conceptualisation, advertising campaigns, point of sale, media planning, style guides, signage, large format printing, space planning, website development, retail design to industrial design – our expertise will make your franchise unique and give you the edge.

Media Kits

Franchise Central’s Media Kits allow us, as an experienced third party to evaluate your current advertising strategy and design a program that is fast to implement, easy to track and accurate when measuring effectiveness. Your business has an accurate budget forecast, monthly planners and professionally designed media formats to use.

Package includes:

  • 3 advertisement layout designs (Line, Placement, Banner adds)
  • Franchise Directors profile for marketing agencies
  • Media format analysis and recommendations based on locations and budget
  • Calendar of events and budget for a specific period (6 months recommended)
  • Minimum of one professionally written media release

Stationary Design

Using your corporate image, Franchise Central’s Business Services Assist program can enhance your current stationary design, or design new and vibrant image concepts to enable your business to promote a professional and dynamic image in future years. From these templates, we can then extend and create point of sale cards, shelf tickets and signs etc that can be used throughout the business still in keeping with your chosen corporate image.

 Package includes:

  • Drawing and design of 3-5 concepts for approval
  • Design and build of templates in the correct electronic format for printers (Letterhead, envelopes, with compliments, business cards, shelf tickets/signage)
  • Microsoft Word version for local use

Branding Style Guides

Style Guides are imperative to the launch on any franchise network, or simply expansion of company stores to ensure a constant theme is portrayed – this is your business fingerprint! Containing information such as your current corporate logo, finalisation of correct corporate colours, font styles, layout/design and sizes to allow marketing agencies, printers, contractors (painting/signage) and shopfitters an accurate profile of your business to ensure the correct use of your valuable business image and standard.

Package includes:

  • Design and production of your company logo and graphic elements (5 concepts included)
  • Recommendations for company specific colour codes, font styles, layouts and standards
  • Generic templates utilising your styles that can be used for shelf tickets and signage
  • Guidelines outlining the use of company styles and elements

Corporate Videos

Want to give your business that professional edge? The Film industry is no longer restricted to the multimillionaires in Hollywood. Corporate video production is at your fingertips. A well produced video should last your business at least five years and it doesn’t need to be an extravagant, long or expensive video. The most effective business videos are short, concise, clear and to the point.

We aim to provide innovative, interesting and informative content, to give your organisation the right image. Corporate Videos can be used to communicate your organisation to prospective franchisees, staff or investors. Training videos are a cost effective alternative, designed to educate and maintain a high level of retention. Let our professional video production and editing team find the right solution for you.


Corporate Brochures

Utilising Franchise Central’s graphic design services allows your business a low cost, professional way to create and produce corporate brochures, from a simple one-page flyer, to a printed and bound corporate 12 page brochure. Franchise Central’s Business Services Assist can provide copywriting for your content, graphic design and photography, through to the compilation and printing of the finished product. Your finalised documents are provided to you in a professional electronic version for your printer, or as a simple to view Adobe Acrobat file for e-mail use or Internet site publishing, Franchise Central can provide more than just competitive rates.

Web Site Planning & Development

Home computers, businesses, mobile phones, iPads, e-cafe’s, laptops, etc…. the internet is everywhere! To give your franchise or business the strongest online presence you need a website that can attract, inform, re-attract and interest your target market. Our experts can develop the right web site for your company, strengthening your image and brand whilst providing your customers with the valuable information they need.

Geo-Demographic Mapping

We can provide you provides an immediate, low cost service to see where your business’ customers live and how to reach more people just like them. Take the guess work out of “where and how to market”, so you know where to locate your stores and spend your advertising dollars for maximum sales and return. We use a combination of advanced geo-demographic mapping, ABS Census data and information on your customers, to produce full colour maps that reveal exactly where to focus your outlets and marketing effort for greatest sales results.

Franchise Management

Franchise Central and our team of advisors can provide you with a total Franchise Management Solution. We can assist franchisees via the provision of tools, skills, processes and management techniques to manage, control and grow your business more efficiently and effectively, allowing you to focus your energies on working on the business, instead of in it.

Ensure Your Franchise Is a Success Story!

Wouldn’t you like to start your franchise in the right direction, be in full control of your business, freeing up time to work on the business, instead of in the business? Increase your effectiveness as a business manager and let Franchise Central provide you with the right solution for your business. We can provide any combination of the following tools, systems, products and solutions to ensure the commercial success of your franchise:

  • Business strategy, planning and implementation
  • Financial budgets & plans and cash flow management
  • Sales budgets, sales reporting and financial management
  • Profit driver analysis and profit improvements programs
  • Activity based coating, resource planning & cost reduction
  • Organisational design, development and staff performance
  • Business mentoring, coaching and change management

It is essential for every business to have the right combination of strategy, skills, system & process in place for it to work at its optimum level. Now that you have started operations, what about your skills as a business manager, people manager, and financial controller, and what about business improvement and optimisation techniques? This is where you could really benefit from Franchise Central’s Management Solutions. We can help you design, develop, implement and optimise your business processes, so your business can maximise its production output, employee efficiency and gross margins, while reducing commercial risk.

Maximise Profits While Minimising Commercial Risk

Many franchisees have finally found what they have always wanted, being able to work for themselves, running and building up a business of their own. From our experience, many franchisees start operating with very little business or financial management experience, which was more often than not, only 3 or 4 weeks of training the franchisor provided. Is this right way to start? Do you think that the commercial risks of failure are high? The primary aim of our franchise development and management programs is to focus on minimising commercial risks and maximising the objectives you’ve set for yourself and your franchise. Employ our services, implement our solutions and profit from our expertise.

  • Minimise the commercial risk of failure,
  • Maximise the financial success of your business,
  • Increase your efficiency, sales margins and profits,
  • Reduce your costs and increase your bottom line,
  • Become a more effective and efficient franchise manager,
  • Up-skill yourself with the right tools, techniques and strategies and
  • You don’t need to do it all yourself, so work on the business, instead of in it!

Evaluation and Consulting

Our team of experts are positioned to provide leading edge information and advice to all clients throughout Australia and internationally. The methods and practices that have been developed by our team, have since been made mandatory by federal government legislation.

Franchise Central can proudly say that our management team has been doing it right since 1989. The mandatory code now imposed by the government is effectively instructing the rest of the field to follow this standard of excellence that we employ.

We take a professional approach in sharing our expertise and experiences with you. Together, Franchise Central and its clients build franchise systems appropriate to the business.

Who are our Clients?

* Intending Franchisors wishing to develop a franchise concept / system and expand via franchising
* Existing Franchisors wishing to engage a professionally focused firm to recruit and negotiate on its behalf for new franchisees
* Intending Franchisees requiring; assistance, approval and advice about franchising and potential franchise opportunities.
* Existing franchises wishing to market and regrant/sell their franchises.