Fibonacci Coffee


Founded by Boaz Keeda in 1999 and later by his brothers Noam and Haggai Keeda, Fibonacci Coffee initially started as a coffee-cart-hire service which rapidly transformed to a lucrative espresso bar operation.

Being part of the industry and witnessing how the ‘rules of the game’ form and affect people’s lives, the Keeda brothers embarked on a journey to change the coffee industry from the inside.

In 2009, Tal Avni joined forces with the Keeda brothers to establish the group operation and business model that is now known as ‘Fibonacci Coffee’.

Today, Fibonacci Coffee has well established the ability to create a vibrant and lively atmosphere in any location. With growing patronage, Fibonacci Coffee is recognised as a market leader amongst coffee companies and boutique espresso bars in Sydney, Australia.

Now you can start your own Fibonacci Coffee franchised business or re-brand your existing business and reap the rewards. Fibonacci Coffee offers multiple platforms to choose from – the Kiosk (bar), the In-Line (full kitchen) and Licensed Café/Bar. Depending on the model chosen, the entry point can range from $150K – $650K.

The Fibonacci Coffee Franchise


Systemised Turn Key Operation

You will be provided with the Fibonacci Coffee Operational Manual/s and the required Training & Tools that will improve your daily operations by keeping you abreast of how to reduce expenses and wastage and effectively, increase profitability.

Extensive Training

Whether or not you are a complete newbie to the industry, Fibonacci Coffee provides you with extensive training in all aspects of running and managing your very own Fibonacci Coffee franchised business.

After all, Franchising is about ‘being in business for yourself, but not by yourself’!

With proven systems and operational standards in place, the Fibonacci Coffee extensive initial and ongoing training ensures that with application, you are in the best position to go about your business minus the common costly mistakes of ineffective time management and wastage.

On-going Support (Training, Mentoring, Marketing and R&D)

You are not alone – the Fibonacci Coffee management team is ever present to answer any questions you may have and help guide you as and when you are faced with challenges.

No Royalties or Licensing / Franchising/ Marketing Fees

Yes, it’s true! You get to keep more of your hard earned money while still enjoying all the benefits and advantages of being part of the Fibonacci Coffee Franchisee network! Traditionally, other like franchises incur very high fees.

Benefit from other Locations Experience

Whether it is a new product service, or procedures, as a Fibonacci Coffee Franchisee you avail yourself to the benefits of learning from both the success and failure of other cafés of the past that tried to do what you are about to do.

Group Buying Power = Volume Discounts

Being part of the Fibonacci Coffee Franchisee network means you get to benefit from group buying power and enjoy discounts others cannot access as individual cafés. Effectively, this means stronger profit margins!

Marketing Support

Fibonacci Coffee has systematised and effective marketing strategies in place to show you what it takes to make your Fibonacci Coffee franchised business successful. All the promotions and strategies are laid out and designed to maximise the return on your investment.

Promotional Tools

As part of the package, you get professionally designed Flyers, Business Cards, Loyalty cards etc. – Fibonacci Coffee saves you the time and money from the customary bulk buying and design outlay price.

Exit Strategy

Branding brings with it recognition. Being part of the Fibonacci Coffee Franchisee network brings with it the potential to increase the value of your Fibonacci Coffee franchised business and make it easier to sell.

Growth Opportunities

After you run one Fibonacci Coffee franchised business, you might just find that you wish to expand and open more locations. Our team will be able to assist you with finding and evaluating a new location along with the setup and training required.

Flexible Product Mix

With a variety of approved suppliers Fibonacci Coffee Franchisees have the peace of mind of knowing that Fibonacci Coffee have done their homework and checked these suppliers out. Fibonacci Coffee ensures that each of our approved suppliers comply with the Fibonacci Coffee quality standards and price policies.

As a Fibonacci Coffee Franchisee, you can even add your own ‘signature dishes’ and/or introduce a supplier yourself – if Fibonacci Coffee approves the supplier, the whole group benefits – at Fibonacci Coffee it’s a one for all and all for one philosophy!

Brand Recognition

With a strong demand for Fibonacci Coffee product and service offering, it is easier to lean on and benefit from a winning brand. The more Fibonacci Coffee grows, the more you will benefit from greater buying power and the shared experience of more Fibonacci Coffee franchised businesses.

Fibonacci Coffee

Fibonacci Coffee


Along with diverse and delectable bites and dishes, our signature Fibonacci Coffee blends are PREMIUM ‘A’ GRADE and sure to impress even the most discerning of coffee connoisseurs.

Fibonacci PERFETTO Blend
Pure, Flawless, Complete…

A strong and well-rounded coffee that shows off a diverse range of premium origins, seasonally adjusted to ensure fresh crop, consistent flavour and quality. As espresso it is full-bodied, earthy with a clove like spice and has rich and toasty aroma. In milk it is wholesome, with Brazil nut flavour and strong cocoa finish.

Fibonacci VALIDO Blend
Strong, Effectual, Sound…

A rich spicy aroma that is reminiscent of star anise or a field of sweet molasses grasses. In the cup is another very full bodied coffee with notes of dark honey and rich smooth dark chocolate. In the milk is a strong yet smooth coffee where the dark chocolate balances out with the milk to create the taste of milk chocolate and a lingering caramel toffee finish.

 Fibonacci Coffee


The Fibonacci Coffee vision is focussed and driven towards expanding the operations Australia wide and the world by providing aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life with a first rate franchise business in the Espresso Café/Bar arena.

In light of rapid expansion and easing the entry into the Fibonacci Coffee franchised business, Fibonacci Coffee offers a low initial entry outlay to enter into the business with payment plan options to best suit entrepreneur minded individuals seeking to reap the rewards of being part of the Fibonacci Coffee group and a lucrative Espresso Café/Bar franchise like no other – JOIN US IN THE JOURNEY!

– Price On Application –

Fibonacci Coffee Franchise Enquiry

Franchise Application

If you are interested in learning more about the FIBONACCI COFFEE Franchise, contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL on 1300 558 278 and/or submit the enquiry form below.

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