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Fifo Capital is the leading supplier of alternative finance to businesses in Australia. We are not a broker – we act like a mini bank and step in where most of the major banks can’t help.

Created by innovative industry professionals who saw a gap in the market, Fifo Capital has assisted business by lending a massive $400m.

The key driver behind our success is undoubtedly the people. The management team have all come with a pedigree in the SME lending industry and have a combined 100 years+ of experience behind them. This experience is directly in the SME lending space and not just ancillary business experience. For you to operate successfully in this space – the advice and systems you receive are critical.

Our target market is huge and expanding. With banks becoming increasingly focused on lending to the private mortgage market – the SME lending space is expanding rapidly – currently the opportunity stands at >$100m. Here’s an interesting article from Smart Company regarding the plight of businesses seeking finance in July 2015 titled: SMEs forced to use credit cards, personal loans for finance: Small Business Commissioner.

There are a number of products to the Fifo Capital brand:

  • Invoice Finance
  • Commercial Loans (Smart Loan)
  • Credit Repayment Plans (Flexi-Pay)

The product mix is set to expand as the opportunities present themselves. All of these products are tried and tested and drive huge returns to our franchisees.

We see our business more as a community of business professionals. It would be rare for you to hear the word “franchisee” we prefer to call each other “Business Partners”.

Using your own capital you would lend funds using our systems and processes. For bigger deals – we create internal syndicates which every business partner has the opportunity of investing in. Syndication is an exciting way to learn and be part of some dynamic lending scenarios.

Our invoice finance product is backed by insurance (which is optional) and this coupled with our robust systems keeps the risks extremely low. We are the only franchise system that has this risk protection tool.

We have a fully manned credit help desk who will guide you through every step of making your decisions.

Fifo Capital - I make it happen

So why should I join Fifo Capital?

  • Be part of the Market Leader
  • Get out of the Rat-Race
  • Huge returns
  • Very low risk – advances can be insured
  • Access to industry experts
  • Work from home
  • Very low overheads
  • No stock to manage
  • No Staff to manage
  • No premises to manage
  • Flexible working environment
  • Best in class training and Support

Fifo Capital was awarded the 30th fastest growing company in 2013 by Smart Company. It is THE ONLY franchise system where all the senior managers come with a pedigree in business finance – you are in very safe hands.

Why us?

The success of most franchise systems depends on the credibility, commitment and experience of the people behind it. Some people have a great idea but have they actually lived and breathed what they are promoting?

At Fifo Capital the key operators have all come from very seasoned commercial finance backgrounds: most having worked in very senior positions in large banks or finance companies. There is a combined 100 years + of experience in the senior management team and what’s more, everyone at manager level at Fifo is a shareholder in the business which locks in their focus and determination.

The leaders at Fifo have a huge level of experience and energy and that’s what has driven a staggering $400m of loans to business!

The Market

The opportunity is huge. Banks are fixated on traditional forms of finance and they almost always insist on property security. There are numerous, safe ways to fund businesses without the need for hard security and that’s where Fifo Capital fits in.

Fifo Capital has a very dynamic marketing department who undertake a number of high profile digital marketing strategies to attract business to the network.

To fund this, there is a marketing fund and all business partners are required to contribute $175 per month.

The Returns

Using our Smartloan product and systems you can easily make $150,000 per annum with a $500,000 loan at 30% per annum.

Invoice Finance can drive a $140,000 return if you purchased $200,000 of invoices monthly at a debt turn of 40 days and a standard fee of 6.25% (net of royalties).

Don’t worry if you don’t have that amount of capital – it is possible to borrow internally from other business partners however you will need a minimum of $200K to get started.

Skills Required

A successful franchisee requires 2 essential skills:

  1. The ability to confidently market the Fifo Capital products in the business community and also to prospective clients 
  2. To have a cool head and work diligently with Fifo Capital’s support team.

There is no other similar franchise system in Australia that can drive these levels of returns in such a low risk environment coupled with the amazing lifestyle benefits and driven by industry professionals.


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If you are interested in learning more about the FIFO CAPITAL Franchise, submit the enquiry form below.

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