With over 20 stores established in WA and ready for national expansion, Pastacup is redefining the fast food industry by bringing healthy, tasty, handmade goodness to its consistently growing and loyal Pastacup customers.

All Pastacup pasta is made fresh, by hand, everyday, the old fashioned way using 100% durum wheat and eggs whilst the sauces are meticulously put together following traditional, tried and tested authentic recipes.

It’s all very smart and very simple – and the brainchild of dynamic and driven entrepreneurs Stuart Bernstein and partner Siri Solumsmoen who are determined to make Pastacup a real player in the fast food landscape Australia wide and beyond.

“From the onset we sourced state-of-the-art Italian pasta-making equipment and then spent hours and hours testing recipes… we just knew we were onto something…”
– Stuart Bernstein –

Finding the right type of takeaway cup was also a crucial factor of the chain’s convenience factor along with the matter of educating customers that pasta could be a lunch item as well as a standard dinner option.

The Pastacup business was designed to be franchisable from the start, creating a systemised and proven way of producing each type of pasta, each type of sauce, and how to fit out the store. This means that whether the Pastacup customer chose fusilli with the cutely named Angry Sausage sauce (tomatoes, Italian sausage, capsicum, olives and chilli) in Currambine or cannelloni with spinach and ricotta in Busselton, it all tastes the same – consistency is, after all, the standard by which successful fast food outlets live or die.



Pastacup is the only multi-outlet business in the pasta space that actually hand makes the product in front of the customers in every store, every day.

Most other restaurants and take-out pasta shops use packet pasta that bears little difference to the pasta cooked at home. Pastacup have industrial pasta making machinery in the front of every store and as such are able to produce a product that:

a)  is truly unique;
b)  is healthier;
c)  allows unlimited amounts of variety; and,
d) creates an incredible in-store theatrical experience.

In addition, while many other pasta stores have capitulated and started to sell pizza, Pastacup remains true to its ideal of becoming known as the pasta experts.

Each Pastacup store reflects a comforting, earthy vibe, with each type of pasta displayed in rustic boxes in front of the kitchen. The cooks enjoy putting on a show and ‘grow’ the pasta with pizzazz before the customer’s using state-of-the-art Italian pasta-making equipment, while making sauces to order.

Pastacup finds that the pasta shapes all have different personalities, that they hold the sauces differently. With over 23 ‘characters’ aptly named on the menu, it’s a fun theatrical experience for customers to watch their creation being hand made before the very eyes!



Along with diverse and delectable bites and dishes, Pastacup’s menu is sure to impress even the most discerning of pasta connoisseurs.

It’s a simple process – Pastacup customers choose their pasta, sauce and size of cup they’d like to take it away in. Sauces fall into the ‘Tomatoey’, ‘Creamy’ and ‘Bit of Both’ categories. There are other combos and dishes to choose from including risottos, a killer parmigiana and lasagne just like Nonna makes.

Even if customers can’t find a sauce that tickles their fancy, it’s possible to ask for something bespoke – after all everything’s hand made to order which also means there’s very little waste.

Pastacup doesn’t forsake vegetarians either – many of the sauces are ‘vegie’! And again thanks to the flexibility of putting together their own sauce variations, all discerning tastebuds and/or diet requirements can be tailored to suit even the fussiest child or friend in tow!



Indeed, Pastacup is a growing tribe of passionate pastafarians enthusiastically shaping the future by hand. Using the freshest ingredients, Pastacup is redefining fast food by bringing healthy, tasty, handmade goodness from the stove to the cup to the loyal mouths of our multitudes of customers.

Pastacup is beautifully positioned to take advantage of the growing premium healthy market – the Pastacup primary goals are to ‘own’ this space, along with ‘owning’ the take out pasta market.

Pastacup understands that marketing is king and consistently measures, monitors and revises all marketing efforts and strategies with the customer preference in main focus and constantly explores new and different avenues to reach the Pastacup customer alongside carefully chosen and proven successful marketing strategies.

Each Franchisee undertakes the Pastacup Training which incorporates a strong ‘hands-on’ focus rather than classroom training. The 6 week training program covers the entire business operations of owning and operating a Pastacup franchised business – Pastacup makes sure each Franchisee is good to go, go, go from the moment the door opens!

“We believe the future is made by hand”
– Siri Solumsmoen –

Pastacup is looking to take the Pastacup franchisee network forward to the next level and are considering applicants that will bring a level of enthusiasm energy, drive and love to the Pastacup overall business. Essentially, Pastacup franchisees must reflect the style and feel of the Pastacup fresh, vibrant, healthy and modern brand.

Here’s a franchise opportunity with a refreshingly old-fashioned view of the march of progress from a business with a classic favourite at its heart. With over 20 established stores, Pastacup is a growing family with a view to expand the brand around Australia and internationally.

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Franchise Application

If you are interested in learning more about the PASTACUP Franchise or Master Franchise, contact FRANCHISE CENTRAL on 1300 558 278 and/or submit the enquiry form below.

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