What would you do with an extra $1000 per week?

Pay off your mortgage / Buy a house / Buy a new car / Take yourself and your loved ones on that holiday / Pay off credit cards…????

The Gold Club can help you achieve these and more…


The Gold Club Complete Business System

THIS IS NOT A FRANCHISE. The Gold Club offers an electroplating service that is simple to operate totally mobile and portable and provides brilliant colour and durability in…

* 24CT GOLD (cyanide free) 
* and much more!

Due to increased demand for the service, from a wide variety of clients, it became apparent that the market for electroplating was far greater than first envisaged. The Gold Club philosophy is aimed to primarily provide clientele with an invaluable, cost-effective method of electroplating a variety of items without removal! For instance…


Car Badges & Grilles

Bathroom & Household Fixtures & Fittings


TGC_bannerFittings such as taps, showerheads, doorknobs, etc. In fact, just about anything can be electroplated in any chosen metal – even golf clubs, musical instruments, costume jewellery, antiques, frames – the list is endless!

Special skills and techniques have enabled The Gold Club to develop a quality enhancement system which has become an indispensable part of both the new and used car market and which has enormous appeal to the general public in all manner of applications. A substantial investment has been made to prepare for the next phase of The Gold Club’s growth, ensuring that the appropriate training and development structures and procedures are in place to enable The Gold Club to expand its position even more so throughout Australia.

With a massive market potential, high profits, low overheads, home based, chemically NON dangerous and much, much more – The Gold Club is an ideal part-time/full-time business.

 It’s so AMAZING, you have to see it in action to believe it!!!

  • In uncertain times such as these, gold has throughout history been the best store of security and value.  The Gold Club patented pulse gold plating systems will allow you to enjoy the profits and security of gold by having your own gold plating system.
  • The Gold Club plating systems will plate up to 3 times as many cars in the same time as any of our competitors’ systems!!!
  • Our equipment is unique.  Our equipment is the only gold plating machine on the market with patented electronics.
  • Pulse Plating Technology – Pulse Power makes gold plating harder and more durable without the need to use dangerous gold chemical with  cyanide and arsenic.
  • Pulse plating produces a harder gold finish giving your plating longer durability over the competitors.  In addition to providing a superior gold finish, our Pulse Platers are the most powerful and easiest to use on the market.
  • Cordless operation, built in-direct to circuit board battery connections give you the freedom of going cordless or using plug in AC outlets.  No extra invertor needed.
  • Our Mobile Plating Cart gets your chemicals up off the ground away from your ankles, up close to your work.  Our plating systems are the only self contained gold plating systems.  All other systems forces you to drag multiple pieces of equipment around a car.

chicwithwheelIt’s That Simple
To Be In Business For Yourself!


You too, could be earning in excess of

$1000 Per Week



Estimated Total Investment : Under $10,000

Approx. Guide: $10,000 Loan. $65p/w over 48 months

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