Using technology as an enabler through our self-membership management system and on-demand digital classes, you’re in control of your membership options. Train how you want, when you want.
Affordably priced and very well equipped, we welcome all levels of gym goers, from the new-to-fitness customer, to the more serious fitness lover.


The fitness industry has experienced exponential growth since inception. The development of new facilities and concepts has spurned a year-on-year increase of new participants around the world. And as the heightened awareness of the benefits of living a healthy lifestyle become more prevalent in everyday lives, the demand for affordable fitness and healthy eating has never been greater. Data supports that gym users and non-users consistently state ‘price’ as a fundamental consideration or barrier to participation.

Go2Fit is the latest addition to the Evolution Wellness portfolio, a game-changer in the high value, low price fitness category. Evolution Wellness is the owner and operator of some of Asia’s best-known fitness brands, with more than 170+ properties across 6 countries.


Price consideration has consistently ranked in the top ten reasons why people do not join a gym. A lack of time is still the #1 reason and location ranks high. Go2Fit aims to address these and other barriers to fitness. We are a community gym with a variety of gym sizes providing locations that are both in business districts and suburb. We are the high-value, low-priced solution for both members and our partners, offering an attractively low investment and very low operational costs coupled with low membership prices that offer incredible value for money.



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Un-paralleled Business Support –

  • BUSINESS PLAN – The only way to know the success you can achieve is to have an achievable business plan supported by real data from industry experts
  • LEASE REVIEW – We’ll provide the guidelines that will help to agree to a lease is consistent with industry norms
  • LAYOUT – Our layout plans will provide a real perspective of what your gym will look like, determine how much equipment you need and provide the information your contractor needs
  • SALES TRAINING – Everything you and your team need to know about selling gym memberships in the digital age!
  • OPERATIONAL TRAINING – We provide comprehensive, in-club training to ensure you get the best from a streamlined operating model
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT – A great tool that will help you to ensure alignment of all the moving parts necessary to build your business
  • PROCUREMENT – Our pre-negotiated equipment supply agreements guarantee you get the best possible deal
  • ONGOING OPERATIONAL SUPPORT -Our support team have been in the industry for a long time, with global experience that can help you,
    regardless of where you are, in every aspect of your business
  • MARKETING SUPPORT – Go2Fit provides a suite of marketing tools and templates to help you create and maintain a successful business and keep you ’on-brand’ Getting off to a great start is essential and our extensive launch plan will help you to create awareness of your new business and achieve
    sales before you even open


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