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COFFEETREAT welcomes the opportunity to train and support potential franchisees about the franchise system, and how to build a simple and rewarding business.

Becoming a franchise partner in the COFFEETREAT team is much like joining a supporting family. Therefore, it goes without saying that the ideal candidate should be dedicated and success driven. Communication and personal/ professional presentation skills as well as leadership qualities are desired. It is also important that potential franchisees should have a strong passion for the coffee sector as well as have the ability and desire to build their own business with a shared vision.

The ideal COFFEETREAT franchisee does not require any formal qualifications however, they should be receptive, customer focused and success driven. A strong commitment to learning the system while working within it and enjoying the café hospitality environment. A COFFEETREAT takeaway café has a Unique VIBE where you can quickly serve people on the go.

COFFEETREAT recognises that two of the most fundamental elements required for the success of a franchise are training and support. We provide training in the skills required to run your franchise business. COFFEETREAT is dedicated to ensuring you are prepared with thorough initial and ongoing training and support.

Be the leader of your own success!

A COFFEETREAT franchise is easy and fun to operate. It is imperative that we also keep abreast of changing times and requirements. The COFFEETREAT friendly and capable Training and Development Team will assist with your on-going training and development needs as well as introduce new products you will be able to incorporate as part of your business growth and staff management.

All in all, the system is designed for you to operate your own business with COFFEETREAT providing reasonable assistance to help you to initially establish and then further develop your business throughout the term of your franchise.

Exciting Regional Victoria Takeaway Café Franchise Opportunities

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