Grant Aggett- Franchisor on right with Adam Taylor on left
Grant Aggett- Franchisor on right with Adam Taylor on left

Congratulations to new Thyme Gardening Services franchisee Adam Taylor for the successful granting of his franchise in Warrandyte (and surrounding suburbs) of Melbourne.

Successfully recruited by Franchise Central’s Managing Director Nick James, has already hit the ground running in his training.

Adam says, “I’m looking forward to providing the Thyme Gardening Services in my area. I believe this new journey i have embarked on with Thyme will see me growing as my own boss and building my own crew of gardeners to service my customers gardening requirements.

In particular the first few days have been physically exhilarating to say the least, I’m feeling stronger and look forward to this new journey in my life being a healthier and rewarding one for myself and my family”.

“It is refreshing to see how franchisees are able to deal directly with Grant Aggett, the franchisor of Thyme Gardening Services in their training, setup and development of their franchise business, Grant comes across as a very experienced business owner and down to earth, always with a smile and a great sense of humour always re-assuring people that deal with him”, says Nick James.

Franchise Central’s Nick James says, “Adam’s a great fit for the franchise and growth of the Thyme Gardening Services brand in the Melbourne’s outer eastern suburbs.

With over 20 years successful gardening and landscaping by the Thyme business in Melbourne and Adam’s passion, experience and commitment to follow the system and drive to build a successful business, we wish them both all the success”. 

If you also have a keen interest in the mobility and flexibility of a business that offers you the outdoors, dealing with both domestic and commercial customers, gardening, being you’re own boss and maybe building your own crew to manage, then ask Nick James from Franchise Central for a detailed information pack and options that maybe available for you.

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