Franchise Central gets into bed with Beds for Backs * 

Australia’s leading franchise consultancy Franchise Central and specialist bedding retailer Beds for Backs have joined forces to expand the Beds for Backs franchise opportunity in Australia.

Sleep has been scientifically proven to be integral to good physical health, restoration of ailments and injury and mental health. Beds for Backs make it their business to design and construct a range of health beds that do justice to the physical realities and importance of sleep.

Developed in consultation with leading Australian health professionals and universities, Beds for Backs has become renown as the ‘sleep science’ specialists in the orthopaedic bedding industry by offering uniquely tailored, made to order bed solutions for sleep health.

“Beds for Backs products are truly unique and proudly patented and trademarked – there exists no other orthopaedic bed or bedding system anywhere in the world that can be individually personalised to optimise spinal alignment and sleep health”, Beds for Backs Franchise Operations Manager Evan Drakos said.

With a history of over 23 Years in the franchising industry, the Franchise Central senior franchise consultant team has been instrumental in the development and expansion of similar franchise models in both Australia and overseas. “We are delighted to be part of the franchise roll out – we believe Beds for Backs and Franchise Central are a fantastic fit,” said senior franchise consultant Nick James (above left).

The Australian Tax Office (ATO) has also deemed a number of the Beds for Backs ‘Health Beds’ orthopaedic beds to have fulfilled the stringent criteria required to be classified as an ‘essential medical aid’. Under the GST Act, this grants the Beds for Backs ERGO-posture health bed range exemption from GST charges which in turn benefits both the franchisee as well as the customer. Customers can also take advantage of adding the cost of their Beds for Backs health bed as part of their out of pocket medical expenses. If their total financial year spend exceeds the applicable amount, then they can claim back a 20 percent rebate.

“Beds for Backs presents a unique offering to both franchise investors as well as customers – the GST exempt orthopaedic bed line is just one of the reasons that makes the Bed for Backs franchise a winner in anyone’s books”, said Mr James.

Franchise Central has had numerous discussions with leading professionals about the Beds for Backs orthopaedic bed phenomenon and the response has been strong with a number of new stores opening in the near future.

“If you are looking for a clean, profitable and health conscious franchise that is simple to run as a franchisee or as an investor, then I look forward to hearing from you”, said Mr James.

Mr Drakos explained that he was attracted to Franchise Central’s proven and successful track record in building many of Australia’s successful franchise brands over the years as well as receiving glowing references from past and present clients.

“I did some extensive research in choosing a franchise consultancy and recruitment company. Franchisors like John Lazarou of The Coffee Club spoke very highly of both Mary James and Nick James. Once I met with them both, choosing Franchise Central was a very easy decision. We are definitely on the same wavelength and are already seeing some initial results which will be announced shortly”.

Beds for Backs currently operate retail showrooms in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney. Expansion plans for Beds for Backs include growth in other capital cities and major regional areas.

“We seek franchisees looking to ‘get into bed’ (yes, yes, pun intended) with the Beds for Backs winning franchise system and are thrilled to be working with Franchise Central in achieving our franchise expansion goals – we look forward to expanding with quality franchisees whilst doing our best to improve our customer’s health”, concluded Mr Drakos.