Malaysia Franchising Open for Business *  

Franchise Central is doing its bit to grow relations and open two way opportunity channels between Australia and Malaysia.

Nick James and Dato Sri Mustapa

In recent times, the Malaysian government placed focus on the growth of the country’s franchise industry with specific goals set for the industry to contribute 9.4% to the country’s GDP and to become a leading franchise hub in the South East Asia region by the year 2020.

With opportunities plentiful for international franchise expansion in Malaysia, there is currently a strong push by the Malaysian government to attract more international franchises.

Franchise Central’s senior franchise consultant Mr. Nick James, recently had in depth discussions with The Hon. Dato Sri Mustapa Mohamed, Minister of International Trade and Industry, Malaysia, on his recent visit to Melbourne from Kuala Lumpur.

Discussions centred on boosting trade competitiveness, business opportunities in Malaysia and in particular, establishing co-operative relationships to partner with Malaysian businesses seeking to expand via Franchising in Malaysia and also in assisting Malaysian investors to select and invest in premium Australian franchise businesses.

Dato Sri Mustapa expressed that it was essential that such a business relationship would be with a firm that has a proven track record of building better businesses in Australasia.

Mr. James firmly agreed that seeking assistance from successful and rewarding professional partners where growth and a mutually fruitful relationship is a core responsibility is paramount to success and longevity.

“A successful partnership is one where all contribute and all are rewarded over many years.

“With a population of just under 30 million, Malaysia’s middle class is rapidly growing which in turn, is fuelling demand for quality businesses and franchises to service and supply this demand.

“With proven success in assisting and guiding franchises and businesses to develop their systems, brands and markets from Singapore and Australia into Malaysia, Franchise Central is well placed to foster this relationship,” said Mr. James.

There has been great engagement and collaboration between Australia and Malaysia for many years and investment continues to grow steadily between both countries.

When it comes to prioritising the franchising and education sectors in collaboration with Malaysian authorities and Franchise Central as a two way traffic partnership, the Minister says, “We are open for business!”

Dato Sri Mustapa emphasised that dealing with Franchise Central would give Malaysian investors many options in choosing a business career in self employment whether it be in Malaysia or Australia.

“The Malaysian government has taken a pro-business initiative to assist franchises and investors to initiate and grow franchises. There is a very strong demand to own your own business in Malaysia”, said Mr. James.

The Minister expressed that he felt a common bond with Mr. James as he too, has been pro-franchising for his country and has led many delegations over the years to Australia seeking professional franchise consultants and franchises.

“Over the years, the Malaysian people have cultivated a strong connection with Australians and welcome Australian opportunities to expand into Malaysia’s growing consumer market – at Franchise Central, we encourage our clients and other franchisors who wish us to represent them to enter into the strong and affluent Malaysian franchise sector as part of their international franchise expansion plans,” said Mr. James.

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