The heat is on! Along with the hottest fashions labels and design concepts from across the world taking Australia by storm, our thirst for new ideas and directions undoubtedly always leads to the adoption of the sexiest trends exported from international markets. In fact, there is one industry direction that has never looked more attractive to the Australian business market, and that is franchising.

FRANCHISING – your questions answered!

Franchising can be a wonderful thing we’ve all heard the statistics, seen the success stories, read about the innovators, and watched as small organisations have become international heavyweights. Franchising is indeed a most powerful tool, and it provides those wishing to own their own business, a helping hand to guide them through what is essentially, a steep learning curve.

The modern, full business format franchise boom, as we know it today, began after the Second World War. The greatest benefit offered was that it could command the same market recognition and economies of scale as the large competitors simply by uniting many small businesses within one chain. Coca Cola, McDonalds, KFC and Hertz are some of the better known examples of long established franchise chains.  In fact, McDonalds itself is probably one of the greatest demonstrations of how a simple product, the hamburger, can be developed into an enormous business empire. Today, you can buy a McDonalds hamburger almost anywhere in the world. That SUCCESS has been achieved through FRANCHISING!

In Australia, the franchising industry continues to grow. Changing lifestyles and consumer demands have allowed many new franchise groups to grow and prosper. Franchising has a presence in nearly every Australian industry. And yet, the concept of franchising is simple. The Franchisee has the opportunity to sell proven products or services while enjoying the benefits offered by experienced management whose income is, in turn, dependent upon the success of individual Franchisees. Although the Franchisor supplies the Franchisee with the know-how and brand identification on a continuing basis, the Franchisee also enjoys the right to profit. In this way, franchising offers the Franchisor an opportunity to expand its market through motivated individuals.

Why do people choose franchising? Simple … because IT WORKS.

Leading the field is knowing what’s out there … Recognised nationally and internationally, Franchise Central has provided many of Australia’s leading franchise groups with franchise Development, Recruitment, Management, Finance solutions and more – many of these systems which have been nurtured from conception, to becoming National and International franchise successes. Similarly, the team at Franchise Central has also assisted and advised thousands of people in becoming successful owner/operators of successful and proven franchises.

Indeed, Franchise Central offers a wide range of tailored franchise consultancy services providing clients with total franchise solutions. We bring to the table a proven track record of specialised professional services developed over many years and can assist clients to design, develop and prepare their franchise system & documentation package ready to launch into the franchise market.

Depending on client requirements, Franchise Central also offer professional services on a contract (temporary and/or ongoing) or on an ad hoc basis.

Essentially, Franchise Central divide their approach to franchising into five stages – these are:

  1. Franchise Assessment & Franchise Development Feasibility Study
  2. Franchise Development & Franchise Setup
  3. Franchisee Marketing, Recruitment & Expansion
  4. Franchise Finance to Franchisors & Franchisees
  5. Franchise Management

Franchise Central’s strength is derived in the ability to FOCUS and work closely with clients and their respective requirements. The team has a strong local knowledge and representation throughout Australia for clients, thereby giving clients an immediate response and acting for all their expansion needs under one collaborated system and banner.

Thinking of FRANCHISING MY business?

The management team at Franchise Central work closely and effectively in developing and educating new and existing clients. Of course there are many issues to consider when franchising your business. Franchise Central can examine and determine whether your business is viable for franchising and will guide you through the labyrinth providing you with the positives and negatives that may impact your business before embarking on the franchising alternative. Once your objectives are set and clear for the franchise system, Franchise Central can prepare the complete system and structure, including commercially realistic and legally binding agreements, for you to effectively build a better business system and develop a strong and profitable network of franchise operators.

Are you ready to GROW YOUR BUSINESS?

If your business is profitable and well presented, you should consider the franchising alternative and experience for yourself, how your business concept can grow into a well-recognised franchise group.

With over 25 Years experience, national and international knowledge, and a passion for success are the hallmarks of a winner. The team behind Franchise Central are recognised as Australian industry leaders in the sector of franchising with the proven ability and professionalism to help you bring your goals into realisation.

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If you have questions, Franchise Central has answers!
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